"A CSR Initiative of Pakistan Intermodal Limited"

The aim of the actions of OSDI is to empower people of rural communities to improve their quality of life, which translates into families being secure in terms of their income generation, food and nutritional intake, health conditions and their ability to guarantee suitable opportunities for the next generation as well as building a steady safety net to protect their assets. Throughout the interventions of OSDI, the aim is to improve the income of households and support them to create and retain assets, to foster financial capability in order to sustain themselves out of poverty.

In the Livelihood Assistance Programme (LAP), farmers are guided to generate more profitable agricultural yields under Agriculture Development Project (ADP). Livestock Development Project (LDP) aims to facilitate the land less farmers with livestock animals so they may be able to generate income through breeding and milking of livestock. Further extending our support, educated and unemployed vulnerable youth are encouraged to participate in Small Rural Enterprise Project (SREP) in which they are facilitated to initiate small businesses. Achieving sustainable income is a factor that helps the households to break out from the cycle of poverty. The farmers are guided to invest their increased income wisely, in order to create a multiple layer of protection. Throughout the LAP, the participants are guided to invest the increased income in productive assets.

In addition to supporting households to increase their income, OSDI also facilitates their access to basic services: affordable health-care, education, clean water and sanitation, all of which are the elements of the Community Development Program (CDP). Besides this, families are also encouraged to grow plants under natural resource management and usage of renewable energy is highlighted since majority of the rural areas do not have access to electricity. Lowering of monthly expenses enables the vulnerable households to increase their savings which can be further utilized in asset creation.

Food Security Program (FSP) further strengthens the safety net around families because once they have sufficient amount of fresh vegetables and fruits easily accessible within their households these families become food secure. Having food reserves and livestock animals' guarantees that the focused families have food security as well as some assets they can turn into cash if needed. With an increase in income levels and lowering of month expenditures the susceptible households are able to gradually mover out from the poverty cycle and improve their living conditions.

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