"A CSR Initiative of Pakistan Intermodal Limited"

Due to lack of infrastructure development in the rural areas the community suffers with numerous problems. The sick cannot be taken to the hospital, exchange of trade becomes a hurdle and the people have to pass by several uneven routes to reach their required destination. A well-developed infrastructure leads to the progressive growth of the community. Since, roads provide an easy access to markets, services and facilitate travelling among villages, OSDI aims to construct link roads to improve farm-to-market access for the isolated communities of rural Pakistan. Moreover, development of infrastructure wherever there is a dire need is done in this project:

Link Road Project
A one and a half kilometers road was constructed in the district of Mardan. The objective of the project was to promote economic and social development for the villagers and provide access to the nearest market and provide transportation services. In the focused community of Mari Muhammad Khan, district Matiari a 700ft. (L) * 10ft. (W) link road was constructed to connect the village with the super highway.
Soil Bank Renovation
In the district of Jacobabad, a soil bank has been repaired by OSDI. The villagers were upset with the flow of dirty water in their fields due to which their crops used to get destroyed. This Soil Bank serves a dual purpose; one is protection of the crop from dirty water and other is protection of fishes.
Renovation and Reconstruction of DHQ Emergency Ward
In district Lasbela, OSDI has renovated and reconstructed the Emergency Ward of District Head Quarter Hospital and provided high tech medical equipment and machines to facilitate the ailing people. Nearly, 250 - 300 patients are daily treated in this ward. A reception area and a waiting area has also been constructed for both males and females separately.
Side Road Project
In the under-privileged community of Sayarani Goth, OSDI has constructed a 2 classrooms based Temporary Learning Center (TLC). This revenue village has around 7-8 small settlements. OSDI has done filling and levelling of the ground to make a side road from the school to the main road which is nearly 2kms away.
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