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In the rural areas of Pakistan, the access to quality Health-Care is unavailable. OSDI's initiatives in the health sector aim to fill in the gaps where there is lack of adequate Health-Care in the under-privileged communities. To serve the purpose several health projects have been initiated over the time-period in the respective communities as per the need of the community. Below mentioned are the primary objectives of the Health-Care project:

  • Improving overall health of individuals living in our focus villages by providing access to primary health-care facilities, and counteracting existing communicable, non-communicable and water borne diseases
  • Effectively reducing health costs and the prevalence of diseases
  • Minimizing unexpected health expenses that drain people's ability to afford the basic necessities of life. Increasing awareness about the importance of proper hygiene, preventive measures and proper medical care through various social mobilization tools

Primary Healthcare Centres (PHC)
These are set-up to provide quality first hand Health-Care facilities to the ailing people. The PHC has qualified doctors, subsidized medicines and basic health infrastructure in the identified rural communities. These centers have the capacity to cater to the Health-Care needs of the entire population of these villages.
General Medical Camps (GMC)
These mobile camps are being set-up in villages where basic health-care facilities are non-existent. The primary purpose of the project is the provision of basic health-care to local communities and creating awareness in matters regarding health and hygiene. The GMCs are staffed with a qualified team of doctors, paramedics and supporting staff for diagnosing and treatment of commonly occurring illnesses. Free medication is also given to patients in case of need.
Hepatitis B & C prevention and Control Program
In collaboration with the Chief Minister's Initiative for Hepatitis Free Sindh, the Hepatitis B & C Prevention and Control Program was initiated in OSDI's focused villages. It has been designed to first screen the entire population for the infection and subsequently to facilitate treatment of Hepatitis positive patients and vaccinate the remaining community.
Maternal & Child Health-Care Program
This program was initiated in collaboration with the PPHI (People's Primary Health Initiative) to ensure the expecting mothers and the newly born/unborn child's health during and after the delivery. The mothers are informed to get their babies timely vaccinated and take care of their health and personal hygiene.

Malaria Prevention & Control Program
The focused villages of OSDI are sprayed occasionally against mosquitoes; alongwith the mutual alliance of DHQ. The community is constantly briefed about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure healthy living.
Measles Vaccination Campaign
These campaigns are organized to create awareness amongst people against this viral disease and precautionary measures to control it. OSDI provides vaccinations to children upto 15 years of age to prevent them from measles.
Polio Inoculations
Almost 4,000 children were vaccinated during the National Immunization Days (NIDs) against Polio every month. OSDI's appointed dispensers and Lady Health Workers facilitated the DHQ team during these days by going from door to door to ensure every child in the village was inoculated against the virus.
School Based De-worming (SBDW)
SBDW sessions are done to provide students with de-worming syrups and inform them about the necessity for health and hygiene in addition to general education. These sessions include general medical check-ups along with distribution of milk and energy biscuits for the children.
Such measures are taken to highlight the importance of health education, which not only aims to shape the children into healthier, more productive citizens but also will encourage active participation within their communities in the coming years.

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