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Water poverty is a major issue in Pakistan. Majority of the people living in the rural areas are left with no choice but to consume unclean water. Having the access to clean drinking water is the fundamental right of every human for a healthy growth and development. Too often, little emphasis is placed on water-borne diseases in the rural areas. Regular sessions on clean drinking water are conducted within the schools to educate the children about its importance and also at community level to stress to create awareness amongst the people. The objectives of OSDI's water project are:

  • Create awareness about the importance of clean drinking water and its effect on health
  • Demonstrating safe water usage practices that will reduce the prevalence of water-borne diseases

Life-straw water filters
Life-straw water filters were distributed among 954 households in nine villages of district Shikarpur, Khairpur and Matiari. Two life-straw water filters were given to a school in Matiari. Water filters were installed on household level in the focus villages identified by OSDI to provide free and easy access to clean drinking water. 6,139 people benefitted from this facility.
Lifesaver Jerry-cans
Lifesaver Jerry Cans are effective water filtration systems that remove bacteria and parasites, ensuring clean drinking water. Their portable nature is best suited to rural communities who do not have any water infrastructure in place. OSDI, in conjunction with Mahvash and Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation, has distributed 71 Lifesaver Jerry Cans in its focused villages to mitigate the incidence of water borne diseases.
Aqua-Tab Distribution Project
Aqua-Tab, a popular brand of water purification tablets, was distributed in all focused communities affected by the floods in 2010. Since then OSDI has distributed 513,591 Aqua-Tabs in the focused communities of Khairpur, Shikarpur, Matiari, Jacobabad and Mardan districts. Under this project, 1,795 households were facilitated to purify their water. Water purification tablets dissolve in water removing all impurities aside. Distribution of water purification tablets further contribute to OSDI's efforts in reducing the occurrence of water borne diseases in remote villages suffering from the dearth of clean water facilities.
Water Boring Project
To provide safe drinking water to the community, a water boring facility has been constructed in District Matiari. Also in the focused district of Khairpur water boring tests have been done.
Water Nearby Homes (WNH) Project
Under this project, the provision of clean water is made easily accessible within the deprived rural communities by installation of solar water pumps (SWPs), water storage tanks, setting up water pipelines, etc. 14 water facilities have been installed in focused communities to help benefit 361 households having the population size of 3789 individuals (till 2021).
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