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Every child has the fundamental right to be educated. OSDI realizes the necessity of education in uplifting the entire rural communities out of inter-generational poverty and debt trap. This project has been designed to provide quality education to children between the ages of 5 and 15 years by equipping them with basic literacy skills and improving the standard of education in areas where there is limited or no access to schools. Upon exit from the focused community the school is then handed over to the relevant district government's education department for smooth functioning. Following projects have been undertaken in Education:.

Temporary Learning Centre (TLC)
Temporary Learning Centers have been set-up in susceptible communities where previously there was no school available. OSDI appoints well-trained and qualified teachers to conduct classes using the modern teaching pedagogies and both formal and informal modes of learning. These TLCs provide access to basic literacy skills such as reading, writing and counting to children who have never had the opportunity to attend any educational facility or school due to the absence of adequate government schools and the inability to afford private schools located at a significant distance.
OSDI Built School
Temporary Learning Centers which function smoothly are later on converted to properly built school infrastructures with spacious and airy classrooms, students and teachers furniture and separate washrooms for both boys and girls.

Supporting Government Schools
OSDI is working in close co-ordination with district Government/s to support the Government Primary Schools in the rural areas. Hiring of local teachers is done to facilitate the students with quality education and efforts are made to improve the absenteeism ratio of students and teachers within these schools. Moreover, all necessary efforts are made to make the schools functional from renovation of the entire infrastructure to social mobilization of the community to educate their young ones without compromising on the quality of education.
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