"A CSR Initiative of Pakistan Intermodal Limited"

In order to bring food security to vulnerable female-headed households, OSDI provides livestock to some of the most deprived focused families for asset creation and daily dairy consumption. These animals which include either cows or goats can be used for milk production and herd increase to create a safety net against extreme poverty. The milk produced from these animals is used for domestic consumption in the form of milk, yoghurt, butter etc.

Considering the lack of employment opportunities for women in rural areas, livestock provides a means of improved nutritional intake and reduces expenditure. Subsequently, household costs are reduced by not having to purchase milk, while owning female livestock results in herd increase and a much needed income boost.

The Livestock Distribution has the following objectives:

  • Improving and widening nutritional intake with dairy products
  • Accumulating savings by reducing expenses
  • Creating assets with herd increase that can serve as a safety net in times of an economic crisis

Poultry Farming Project:
Under this project, 2400 poultry birds were distributed in the district of Matiari in the year 2013. From which 517 were roasters and 1,843 were hens. OSDI collaborated with Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation to finance this project.

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