Small Rural Enterprises Project (SREP)

OSDI has initiated this project to help educated youth of the rural areas to start small businesses. The primary aim is to create more sources of income and increase income levels within the under-privileged areas, essentially promoting the importance of education through widened opportunities. Micro-credit loans are financed too educated, unemployed youth to start small businesses such as grocery or mobile shops, transport services, dairy businesses, fish farming, handicrafts, and stitching opportunities for women.

OSDI assists with the feasibility plan and provides candidates with suitable trainings to develop their business and management skills such as book keeping and finance handling. 20 capable youth have been financed since the inception of this project in the focus districts of Matiari, Khairpur, Shikarpur, Jacobabad and Mardan (till 2016).

The Small Rural Enterprises Project has the following objectives:

  • Creating diverse sources of income for educated youth in rural areas
  • Promoting the importance of education through widened opportunities
  • Providing training on basic business planning, book keeping, and marketing
  • Increasing financial literacy


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