Livestock Development Program (LDP)

Livestock is a significant measure of any rural household’s assets. Apart from crop cultivation, livestock rearing is the other major source of livelihood for farmers. Not only does the livestock serve as a ready source of dairy nutrition for the household but it can also be sold off for a sizeable profit bringing a much welcome boost to the farmer’s income.

Despite the multiple benefits of livestock rearing, farmers in Pakistan are unable to afford it mainly due to a lack of access to affordable financing and adequate savings. The purpose of this program is to provide micro-credit for the purchase of livestock animals such as goats, oxen, cows, and sheep. By encouraging asset creation through herd increases, livestock animals serve as a safety net against economic vulnerability. This program encourages skill development and capacity building of rural farmers by making them aware of better animal rearing practices such as feeding, hygiene, de-worming, veterinary services, and shelter.

Under this project, 288 beneficiary families have been financed 871 livestock till 2016.







Total Animal Financed









The Livestock Development Program has the following objectives:

  • Training on better practices on feeding, health, medication, veterinary services, and shelter in order to improve health of livestock animals in rural areas
  • Maximizing animal fattening with special compound fodder to fetch maximum prices during sale of livestock
  • Increasing income of livestock farmers to facilitate asset creation in order to ensure economic sustainability
  • Providing female goats for herd increase and milk production to multiply assets and provide food security
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