Flood Relief

The recent heavy rain falls and floods in the country have left thousands homeless and stranded in the catastrophe. In view of the large scale of the calamity, OSDI immediately planned out an emergency relief operation to help the affected in Sindh and Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa province. Pakistan International Container Terminal has contributed generously to OSDI to support the relief operation.

In Sindh, since OSDI is currently working in seven villages of district Shikarpur and Khairpur.

The relief activities were immediately directed to these two areas. Most of the villages in Shikarpur have been flooded severely including our focused villages of Malhee, Gul Burrioro and Old Zurkhel. People have lost their livelihoods, crops livestock and belongings and have fled from their homes to higher ground. A huge population of the devastated is gathered at the link road outside of Shikarpur in search of shelter and food. In view of this a camp has been set up besides the road which is currently providing relief to approximately 800 people. 67 tents have been set up and relief packages including necessary essentials like food items, clean drinking water, utensils, medicines and stoves have been distributed among the families. Similarly in Khairpur District, the people of our focused villages of Jan mohd Vandiar, Goth Pir Bux Bhonbharo, Mulko wahan and Kamal Khan lashari have suffered because of heavy rain falls. These households are also being provided relief items specially food for immediate relief. However other villages in the same area, which were closer to Indus river have been swept away because of the heavy floods. Due to the magnanimity of the devastation another camp has been set up near the village Sobhedhero, which is providing relief to approximately 400 people affected by heavy rain and floods. 33 tents have been set up at the camp and relief items have been distributed among the families to provide immediate relief.OSDI has been able to provide relief to more than 1000 people in these areas. Due to the intensity of the disaster at Shikarpur, a second relief operation is being planned to provide relief to 2000 more people. Our relief teams will be setting up 200 more tents and carry out distribution of relief items at our Shikarpur by the end of next week.

In Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa province, OSDI has also provided necessary relief items to help the flood affected at Charsadda.


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