OSDIs' Corporate Social Responsibility Function

Gather information on CSR related activities in Pakistan.
Promotion of CSR awareness and CSR related activities in Pakistan.
To create partnerships with the corporate sector engaged in CSR activities and collaborate with them to carry out poverty alleviation in the rural areas of Pakistan.
Through OSDI case studies we emphasize on projects in Education, Healthcare and Livelihood programs in rural Pakistan.
To standardize OSDI's projects so that similar sustainable approach can be used by the corporate sector to carry out their CSR activities.
Effectively channelize Social Development related funds towards high impact programs in relation to CSR.
Supervision of projects initiated by OSDI.

Pakistan International Container Terminal – CSR

Pakistan International Container Limited embraces responsibility for the impact of its activities on the environment, consumers, employers, communities and all other stakeholders of the public sphere. PICT considers, CSR as an integral part of our business model and strongly adhere to the principle that in order for a business to grow it must monitor and ensure its adherence to ethical standards and international norms. We choose to implement strategies and processes that will produce an overall beneficial impact on society because we feel a responsibility towards the environment in which we operate and our immediate workforce.

i)          Adoption of FIVE Schools:

In November 2009, Pakistan International Container Ltd. (PICT) adopted five schools at  Hatim Ali Alvi Campus in Keamari. The schools are the Hatim Ali Alvi school, the R.B.Shiva Ram school, M.Khan Gazi Khan Girls Primary school, M.Khan Gazi Khan Boys Primary school and Abdullah Gabool school. All the schools hold primary classes from Grades 1-V. The Hatim Ali Alvi school holds classes upto the 8th grade.PICT is carrying out both qualitative and quantitative improvements in the school so that the children can benefit as much as possible

Infrastructure Development:

A major renovation process was initiated in which the roof of the Hatim Ali building which required reconstruction was repaired. A total of 23 fans, 130 desks and a 60 liter water cooler were purchased for the schools. A play area was also constructed to provide a friendly environment for the students.

Teachers Trainings:

We realize however, that reconstruction of the physical environment, alone does not lead to better standards of education. We held two teacher training workshops at the school in March for a total of 43 teachers. The duration of each workshop was 15 hours. We have been monitoring the progress of these schools to see the extent to which they are incorporating new methods into their teaching practices and in the coming months we will be focusing on improving the teaching standards in these schools


In November 2009, before the schools were adopted, the total enrollment figure for the five schools was 1244. At the last estimate, before the schools closed for the summer vacation, the total enrollment figure in the schools was 1409. This indicates a total increase in enrollment of 165 new students since the adoption of the school.

ii)         Health Education Series:

According to the World Health Organization report of 2010, under nutrition is the underlying cause in about one-third of all child deaths. Over the past year, a rise in food prices combined with falling incomes has led to an increased risk of malnutrition amongst children in Pakistan. Diarrhea continues to be a leading cause of death for children under 5 years of age in Pakistan. In addition to this, a very high percentage of women in die each year in this country due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Maternal mortality shows a very large gap between the rich and poor population of a country.  Keeping these statistics and facts in mind, a health education series was designed to specifically address the health of the new born infant and care of the mother during pregnancy. The lecture series was carried out at the Behbud clinic in Shirin Jinnah colony and the topics covered include pre- and post- natal care, proper nutrition and hygiene for infants and small children upto 6 years, prevention of diarrhea and the milestones in a child’s development etc.

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