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Hand pump installed in Arab Seray community:

During the previous fiscal year 2017-18; OSDI initiated to facilitate the under-privileged rural community of Arab Seray in district Mardan (KPK) region by giving them an easy access to fresh water under the Water Nearby Homes (WNH) project. There are nearly 38 vulnerable households within this community.

OSDI had a 110ft of bore drilled to access the water from underground. A proper cemented water base was constructed to further strengthen the construction process. Next, a plastic water storage tank was also embedded having the capacity to store 1000 liters of water at a time.

The availability of water was found from 36ft within the surface of the ground. On 24th October 2018 (Wednesday); OSDI completed the water facility by installation of a water hand pump.


Health & Hygiene sessions conducted in District Lasbela:

Lack of rainfall and unavailability of any proper water To mobilize the focused communities of district lasbela (Baluchistan) regarding the importance of health & hygiene in order to live a healthy life; OSDI conducted a three days awareness raising session amongst the community members between 22nd (Monday) – 24th (Wednesday) October 2018. The activity was held across 15 villages/areas of U.C. Wayaro. These areas were Utthal city, Siyarani Goth, Siyarani Baloch Goth, Sukkan, Ahora, Chak Ahora, Janu Goth, Hussain Goth, Ishaq Goth, Ishaq Mandra Goth, Miru Suleiman Goth, Janu Sheikh Goth, Issa Bucheri Goth, Retalara and Faqeera Goth.

During the 19 sessions held in these communities; 375 individuals were trained on keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. OSDI’s health team educated the individuals to take bath daily, brush their teeth twice a day, wash hands before and after every meal, maintain hygiene after sanitation, ensure cooking utensils are clean, etc.

Furthermore, 3 sessions also took place in Government Primary School of Issa Bucheri community, an NCHD supported school in revenue village of Retalara and a Madrassa in Miru Suleiman Goth. The aim was to engage the students so they may focus on their health and hygiene in order to avoid absenteeism from school.

Mr. Rashid – Team Leader (Lasbela), Mr. Hassam (Health Assistant) and 2 social mobilizers from OSDI conducted the H&H sessions successfully.


Adult Literacy Classes in TLC Chib Sheikh:

As a result of our continuous social mobilization within the focused community of Chib Sheikh in district Lasbela (Baluchistan); the village youth have started to show interest towards education. During the day hours minor children attend classes at the OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Center (TLC). Nearly, 57 students which were previously out-of-school children are being equipped with primary education from morning till afternoon.

Adult literacy classes begin at night between 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Currently, 12 young men are regularly attending the classes held in this TLC to learn basic literacy. Most of the young men are farmers, laborers or rickshaw drivers by profession who attend classes after work.

It is due to OSDI’s positive advocacy that these young men have found a ray of hope to improve their lives.


Drip irrigation implemented in Miru Suleiman:

In the focused community of Miru Suleiman, district Lasbela (Baluchistan); OSDI has recently implemented the drip irrigation project. The district team of Lasbela initiated it as a pilot project by setting up the system in 2 selected plots of the community.

First plot was prepared on 13th October 2018 (Saturday) and the other was done with on 16th October 2018 (Tuesday). Soon after the plots preparation OSDI’s team proactively engaged the beneficiaries’ household in vegetables sowing. The size of each plot was 15*20 ft.

On each plot, onion and brinjal seedlings along with seeds of carrot, radish, spinach, coriander and bottle gourd were planted.

Upon maturing of these plants, the beneficiary households can consume fresh and nutritious vegetables within their homes; which shall result in the lowering of monthly kitchen expense. Hence, these beneficiaries would be able to generate some savings.


Distribution of Stationary items in TLC Chib Sheikh:

On 18th October 2018 (Thursday), OSDI invited District Education Officer (DEO) of District Lasbela (Baluchistan) – Mr. Naveed Hashmi to distribute stationary items to the students of OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the focused community of Chib Sheikh.

All the 57 students of this TLC were facilitated with stationary pouches and school bags by OSDI. Each stationary pouch consisted of pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a ruler. Moreover, the slates and ink donated by the teachers of OSDI’s supported Government Boys High School in Wayaro were also given to the students.

Mr. Hashmi conducted a little quiz competition amongst the students to further increase their motivation towards studies. He also distributed cash prizes to the successful achievers.


Installation of Solar Water Project in Kareer Goth:

On 19th September 2018 (Wednesday), the solar water installation work came to its completion in the focused community of Kareer Goth in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The village is located at a distance of almost 55kms from Utthal city; in a rough mountainous region. OSDI initiated the bore upon the request of the local community during the month of March 2018. However, due to some unavoidable reasons the completion work was delayed. Atleast 25 – 30 liters of water is being extracted per minute from this planted water facility now.

Nearly, 20 households of this community shall be facilitated with water. The community size is of approximately 150 individuals.

Prior to OSDI’s intervention the community availed water from a nearby natural spring almost 0.5kms away and in case it dried up; due to lack of rainfall then the village females had to travel atleast 4-5kms away to fetch water from the natural spring available across the mountains. Due to lack of awareness about health and hygiene females not only fetched the water for drinking purpose but also washed their clothes in this spring.

In near future, OSDI plans to implement a drip irrigation system here so the villagers can grow fresh vegetables for consumption under the Kitchen Garden Project (K.G.). A water storage tank shall also be installed soon.


NRM Survey conducted in district Mardan:

During the month of April 2018, OSDI distributed 1,940 plants under the Natural Resource Management (NRM) project to the vulnerable families of district Mardan’s focused communities. Each family was donated with 5 fruit and 5 non-fruit seedlings.

A survey was conducted between 21st (Friday), 22nd (Saturday) and 24th (Monday) September 2018, to observe the growth of the seedlings distributed amongst the beneficiaries. OSDI’s team visited the focused villages of Akhundara, Surkhabi and Shahtori to check the plants given.

Nearly, 80% of the fruit plants given were in healthy condition however, since the plants were still young fruits had not ripen. These plants include orange, java plum, bottle brush and pomegranate. Unfortunately, the remaining 20% fruit plants of guava and loquat could not survive.


OSDI implements Efficient Water Management System:

Lack of rainfall and unavailability of any proper water storage facility has resulted in drop of water levels in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). Due to the prevalent water issues people living in the rural areas cannot grow vegetables or fruits.

To better facilitate the people living in our focused communities OSDI initiated to implement an efficient water management system along with the support of Lok Sanjh Foundation. This pilot project was implemented on 27th (Thursday) and 28th (Friday) September 2018 in the focused villages of Moosa Goth and Miru Suleiman Goth.

Mr. Gulfam Dogar – Program Coordinator (LSF) and senior management of OSDI initiated the project on 6 plots of 300 sq. meters each within these two villages. Vegetable seeds were planted on each plot. OSDI has grown spinach, carrots, coriander, bottle gourd and turnip within the kitchen gardens.

It is the first such facility of its kind in which eatables can be grown on small farmlands which have low water levels. The drip irrigation system has been set-up via line drip in which 100 liters of water drum is connected to gradually fulfill the water supply of the plants. In the initial phase only 5 families per community have been facilitated. The number of households can increase based on the success ratio of the project.


Education Survey Conducted in Baizad Banda:

Nearly 52kms away from Mardan city is the community of Baizad Banda. It is located in a mountainous area. The village comprises of 55 households having the population size of 440 individuals. Since the community does not have any education facility available nearly 112 children amongst the 127 total school-age-going children are deprived of education.

On 26th September 2018 (Friday), OSDI conducted an education survey there. During the survey it was observed that only 15 children are acquiring primary education in this village. The Government Primary School available is at a distance of 4kms near the main road. Baizad Banda itself lacks any infrastructure facility.

People rely mostly on livestock rearing or work as laborers to earn their living. The community has urged a hafiz (who lives at a distance of 20kms away) to educate its children in a mosque. In exchange for his service he is given wheat or maize by the villagers. In future, a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) shall be constructed within this community to have all the out-of-school children enrolled.


Mardan Team conducts BBCM in New Villages:

Expanding the boundaries of our sustainability creating projects in the under-privileged rural communities of district Mardan (KPK); OSDI’s district team conducted one-to-one meetings with elders in new villages. The selection of villages was made from the union councils of Palo Dheri and Bazaar.

Head of District Mardan – Mr. Sajjad Said conducted Broad Based Community Meetings (BBCM) from 20th (Saturday) – 21st (Sunday) September 2018. On the first day, 5 vulnerable communities from U.C. Bazaar were visited along with Mr. Jihaad Ali – Nazim and Mr. Bakht Nazeer – Naib Nazim. The communities visited were Boaday Qabar, Baizad Banda, Parrang Dara, Malandary and Chingay Baba. Altogether, these are 520 households in these villages.

Located at a distance of 15kms from U.C. Bazaar is U.C. Palo Dheri in which BBCM was conducted on the second day. The elders of village Jaleel Abad and village Nangabad were met along with the assistance of Mr. Muzaffar Shah – Nazim and Mr. Habib – Naib Nazim. These communities comprise of nearly 430 households.

Interventions in these communities shall begin after agreement of mutual understanding with the representatives of the local community.


Teachers Training session conducted in Chib Sheikh:

In the focused community of Chib Sheikh, OSDI constructed a two classrooms based Temporary Learning Center (TLC) during this year. Due to our continuous awareness raising meetings with the local community more than 50 out-of-school children were enrolled in this education facility.

Since, the previously appointed two male teachers moved on with their career growth hence, two diligent young teachers were taken onboard to facilitate the students. On 19th September 2018 (Wednesday), a training session was organized by Mr. Muneer – Training Coordinator at UNICEF to educate these young teachers about various teaching pedagogies.

The teachers enthusiastically participated in the learning process. OSDI’s management urged them to apply all the learnt strategies in their classrooms to better aid the students.


GBHS Wayaro donates Stationary items:

Acknowledging the earnest efforts of OSDI, to create positive social change by focusing on provision of quality education within its focused communities. The teachers and staff of Government Boys High School in Wayaro, district Lasbela (Baluchistan) gave a generous donation of stationary items for the students of Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in Chib Sheikh community.

Senior management of GBHBS Wayaro donated slates with pen and ink on 10th September 2018 (Monday). The total quantity provided was 60.

Mr. Rashid Butt shall distribute these stationary items to the young children of OSDI’s built TLC in Chib Sheikh, in the coming days.


Vaccination of livestock continues in District Mardan:

On Monday, 10th September 2018 animals belonging to the individuals of OSDI’s focused communities in Arab Seray and Surkhabi were vaccinated in district Mardan (KPK). Livestock available in all the targeted communities of OSDI has been given a dose of medicine against the life threatening disease called “Ghunddari”.

The well-trained vet of OSDI injected 319 cows, oxens and buffaloes during the previous month. Animals vaccinated in the month of August 2018 were from the targeted communities of Shahturi, Surkhaway, Saeedabad, Akhundara and Beroch.

142 remaining livestock have also been inoculated, now. In total, 461 animals belonging to 113 households have been secured against Ghunddari disease.


OSDI organizes GMC in village Ali:

In the parameters of U.C. Palo Dheri, Tehsil and District Mardan lies the under-privileged village named Ali. It is a big community consisting of 200 households. Majority of the people living in this village are farmers or labors by profession.

In case of any medical assistance the villagers are bound to visit Rustam city which is located at a distance of 3kms. People travel on chingchi rickshaws or motorbikes to reach the hospital. The overall medical expense including the doctor’s consultation fees, medicines and travelling is estimated at above PKR 1000.

Since, the community does not have any primary health-care facility available to treat the ailing people hence, OSDI chose this locality to conduct the Free General Medical Camp (GMC). The main village Hujra was chosen as the GMC location. OSDI upon the approval of the district health department conducted the GMC on 8th September 2018 (Saturday). Altogether, 332 patients were provided with free treatment in which 156 were female and 176 were male patients by OSDI’s appointed qualified doctor and paramedical staff.


Initial Survey conducted in Revenue Village Bocheri:

The revenue village of Bocheri is located in U.C. Wayaro in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). It is located at a distance of 20kms from Utthal city. On 6th September 2018 (Thursday), OSDI’s representatives paid an initial visit to this village to look out for intervention opportunities.

Nearly, 32 – 35 families reside within this community comprising of approximately 210 – 245 individuals. There are 4 nearby villages Mullah Umar Goth, Kareemi Goth, Faqeera Goth and Ramoo Goth. There are 3 dry wells within these communities due to which water is unable in these villages.

The only water facility available is nearly 1km away in another village. Since the village size is more as compared to the number of households present there hence; the females travelling from Bocheri scarcely get a chance to fill in their water pots. Unfortunately, they have to stand in long queues to get their turn in hot temperature. Females use donkeys to carry the water pots.


WMC formed in Revenue Village Chamasara:

After an initial survey held last month by the senior management of OSDI, to identify susceptible communities in the focused district of Lasbela (Baluchistan); a Water Management Committee (WMC) was set-up on 4th September 2018 (Tuesday) for the people of revenue village of Chamasara. The meeting was held at the district Lasbela office of OSDI.

Mr. Rashid Butt - Team Leader District Lasbela, chaired the meeting. Nearly, 22 community elders attended the meeting on behalf of revenue village Chamasara. These representatives included people from Umer Goth, Sajan Goth, Azam Goth and Shero Goth. The revenue village of Chamasara is located in U.C. Kehnwari area.

During the meeting the community was informed about its role and responsibilities to safe water and properly manage its consumption; prior to setting up the water facility by OSDI. The water project would soon be commenced in this locality.


D.C. invites OSDI in coordination meeting:

Upon the call of Honorable Deputy Commissioner Lasbela – Mr. Sikandar Zeeshan, OSDI’s representative – Mr. Rashid Butt participated in the coordination meeting held on 3rd September 2018 (Monday) at D.C. office. It was a senior level meeting in which all the representatives of ngo’s (non-governmental organizations) working in district Lasbela were invited.

Representatives from various ngo’s working in the field of health-care, fisheries, human development and vocational trainings, education, etc. briefed the D.C. regarding their projects and activities. Mr. Zeeshan emphasized that all the ngo must keep the government intact about their activities and plans prior to intervention; in order to have the maximum support from the government.

Ngo’s involved participants from PRP, WANG, HAND, NRSP, CARD, HARD, LIFE, BRAC, Jam Yousuf Welfare Society, IRM and LWT. ADC General Lasbela and Social Welfare Officer Utthal & Hub were also present during the gathering.


DEG Meeting Attended by OSDI’s representative:

On 3rd September 2018 (Monday), OSDI’s representative of district Lasbela (Baluchistan) attended the meeting chaired by Deputy Commissioner Lasbela – Mr. Sikandar Zeeshan in his office. It was the first meeting organized by the DC office.

The meeting aimed at having a briefing by all the representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operational within the district. It was specifically a District Education Group (DEG) meeting.

The Honorable D.C. wanted to acquire information regarding all the ongoing and upcoming projects of each ngo along with knowing about their success stories working in this district. He emphasized on the electricity and sanitation issues to be resolved in government schools. Moreover, he also asked all the NGO’s to focus on WASH (Water and Sanitation, Hygiene) issues in schools.

ADC General Lasbela – Mr. Doostain Hodh, Social Welfare Officer Utthal – Mr. Muneer, DDEO Male – Haji Naveed Hashmi, DDEO Female– Ms. Tanveer Kausar, and Deputy District Officer Hub along with representatives of BRAC, UNICEF, PRP, NCHD and WANG were also present during the meeting.


OSDI participates in Coordination Meeting:

On 1st September 2018 (Saturday), Mr. Rashid Butt – Team Leader of District Lasbela participated in a coordination meeting organized by the District Education Officer (DEO) - Mr. Wahid Shakir. The purpose of this meeting was to have an update regarding the ongoing and upcoming contributions of non-government organizations (NGOs) working within the district to promote the cause of education.

Since, the district government of Lasbela has called on, for an education emergency to ensure 100% enrollment of all out-of-school children; to have them acquire at least primary education. He applauded the efforts of OSDI by appreciating our contributions for the promotion of education and regularly updating him about it.

Mr. Rashid informed him and the attendees about the regular social mobilization campaigns held by OSDI to create awareness amongst the vulnerable focused communities to join hands with us to educate their children. It is due to our advocacy that young adults have also started to attend Basic Literacy classes in OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in Chib Sheikh community. Upon knowing about this latest development, Mr. Shakir said, he would try to get this school recognized and adopted by the government’s education department.

Moreover, he also enquired, “If OSDI would be building new schools in this district?” To this Mr. Butt responded affirmatively. Representatives of UNICEF (ESP), UNICEF (RTSMS), BRAC, NRSP, PRP and WANG were also present on the occasion.


Exploring new Horizons for Intervention:s

Ever since, our intervention in the vulnerable province of Baluchistan, OSDI has eagerly been working to help improve lives of the rural people in the focused communities of district Lasbela. On 29th August 2018 (Wednesday), representatives of OSDI visited the communities of Hussain Goth and Abdul Rehman Goth to conduct the initial survey.

Hussain Goth is situated between 2 revenue villages i.e. Gaddor Goth and Chak Gaddor Goth. The village comprises of nearly 15 – 17 households on each side of the revenue villages. The average distance between each settlement is 1.5kms. The village is deprived of electricity, road, school or solar system for water. There is only one water storage tank that is non-functional since 2006. As the government’s water pipeline in this community is non-functional; the females of this community have to fetch water on camels and donkeys from atleast 3kms distance. The functional government water pipeline is near a school and Hassan Langa Hotel (area name).

Abdul Rehman Goth comprises of 50 – 55 households. It is located in Revenue village Hada Sethar in U.C. Hada Sethar. The government’s water pipeline and the water storage tank in this community is non-functional since long. The village females fetch water on donkeys from a private agro land which is less than half kms away. Currently, there are 50 students acquiring education in a one classroom based government school under the supervision of a single male teacher.


SMC formed in Sayarani Goth:

On 28th August 2018 (Tuesday), OSDI’s district Lasbela team organized a community meeting in the newly selected community of Sayarani Goth to finalize a School Management Committee (SMC). The role of this SMC would be to monitor and take care of the Temporary Learning Center (TLC) that would soon be initiated by OSDI.

Currently, 150 out-of-school children reside in this village who like their ancestors have no access to primary education. However, the community has constructed a temporary one room hut for religious education. Approximately, 60 – 70 children acquire religious education in this madarssa under the guidance of a male teacher.

The only school facility is at a distance of 3kms due to which their parents are reluctant to send them to school. OSDI realizes an entire generation of children cannot go illiterate. Besides, constructing a TLC in this community; well qualified teachers shall also be appointed by OSDI to educate the students and ensure their regularity along with providing advocacy on education to the parents so 100% enrollment of students can be made possible.


Livestock Vaccination against Ghunddari disease:

“Ghunddari” is a life threatening disease in livestock. It begins with high fever and after death of the animal; its meat starts to blacken hence it cannot be slaughtered and consumed. Similar to the previous year, OSDI’s district Mardan team initiated to have the vaccination of livestock done in order to avoid any major losses of the vulnerable people.

OSDI has conducted this activity in collaboration with the district government in which vaccine has been provided by the government and OSDI has facilitated with its veterinary doctor. Besides this, PKR 10 per animal has been charged as a nominal fee for OPD of the animal.

Livestock of the beneficiaries from the targeted communities of Shahturi, Surkhaway, Saeedabad, Akhundara and Beroch have been vaccinated. Since, there are less number of big animals in the community of Akhundara hence, facilitation was extended to the community of Saeedabad as well because they have more animals which are big.

Nearly, 319 cows and buffaloes have been provided with a single dose of medicine. This vaccination strengthens the immunity system on the animal and protects them from falling ill. Prior to conducting the activity the district team of OSDI visited the targeted community a day before to inform the people to keep their animals at home and make themselves available at the time of vaccination.

The animals in Arab Seray community are yet to be vaccinated as due to the rainy season veterinary doctor is currently unavailable.


Plantation Activity in TLC of Chib Sheikh:

Students of OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the vulnerable community of Chib Sheikh, district Lasbela (Baluchistan) participated in the plantation activity within the parameters of their school. The plantation activity took place on 10th August 2018 (Friday).

Teachers of TLC in Chib Sheikh demonstrated the plants cultivation techniques to motivate the students to plant trees in their own homes and surroundings. The activity was a part of the science lesson in which students were briefed about the significance of plants and how they affect our lives.

Three plants of Conocarpus Erectus were placed outside the school. At least 40 students were present on the activity day.


Hingol National Park donates again:

A generous donation of 100 plants have been made by Hingol National Park on 10th August 2018 (Friday). The wildlife preservation park has contributed to support OSDI for the second year in line. Last year the management of HNP provided 200 plants of various species to OSDI.

Upon receiving the plants, Team Leader of district Lasbela – Mr. Rashid Butt contacted the water management committee (WMC) of Moosa Goth to take the donated plants. The committee members were asked to distribute atleast 4 - 5 plants per household.

Conocarpus Erectus also called Buttonwood or Button Mangrove, Tamarind (Imlee), Java plum also called Jambolan (Jamun) and Manila Tamarind (Jungle Jalaibee) are amongst a few plant species donated by HNP. The WMC of Moosa Goth was extremely grateful to receive the plants. They even vowed the plant more trees on their own, collectively.


BBCM conducted in Moosa Goth:

Nearly, 25kms from Utthal city is the vulnerable community of Moosa Goth. It is located within the cluster village of Bohaar. Upon the request of the villagers OSDI has facilitated the community with a water shortage tank. On 9th August 2018 (Thursday), a BBCM (Broad Based Community Meeting) was held by OSDI’s district Lasbela’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt.

The meeting was organized to highlight the role and responsibilities of the community members. The community was asked to initiate the community contribution funds and keep appropriate records and track of it, in order to maintain transparency.

The second objective of this meeting was to discuss about the drip irrigation system so more water could be extracted to expand the Kitchen Gardening Project (K.G.). Because, the community has already been facilitated by OSDI’s team to initiate K.G. in this vicinity. As a positive outcome of our advocacy the villagers have started doing K.G. but, on a minor level.

Moreover, the community was also informed that plants shall be donated by OSDI under the Natural Resource Management project (NRM).


Basic Literacy Classes for Adults begin in TLC Chib Shiekh:

The revenue village of Chib Sheikh is at a distance of 25kms from Utthal city in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). Hussain Goth and Moosa Goth are the two adjacent communities within this revenue village where OSDI has built a Temporary Learning Center (TLC).

On 10th August 2018 (Friday), the classes for the adult learners began. As compared to the 2 adults who previously acquired basic literacy lessons this time 7 young men have been enrolled to attend the evening classes. Since, the learners are labors by profession and cannot be available throughout the week hence, 3 days a week classes are conducted by OSDI’s TLC teachers. The classes are held from Monday to Wednesday between 4pm to 5pm. Daily refreshments are served by OSDI to encourage the young learners as they come to attend classes after work. And learning won’t be a two way process if students are tired and lethargic. Most of the learners are inspired by their children who are regular students of TLC Chib Shiekh.


Field Visit to Revenue Village Chamasara:

Located at a distance of nearly 43kms from Utthal city in district Lasbela (Baluchistan) is the revenue village of Chamasara. There are 3 small villages associated to this community i.e. Sajan Goth, Azam Goth and Shero Goth. On 2nd August 2018 (Thursday), senior management of OSDI visited these small villages to select new areas for intervention.

Both the communities of Sajan Goth and Shero Goth are within a radius of 1km if Azam Goth is considered as the centerpoint. There are nearly 28 households in these villages comprising of 196 individuals altogether. OSDI plans to initiate its projects in this distant area. The community avails spring water which is up on the rocky mountains at a distance of nearly 5kms from Shero Goth, 4kms from Azam Goth and 3kms from Sajan Goth.

Females and children fetch the spring water on donkeys. There is a one classroom based ghost school located on the mountain. The school has been non-functional ever since its construction 6 years ago; because the teacher has never been appointed. Besides the three villages visited by OSDI team; there are 8 – 10 more villages nearby from which children could have come to school if it was functional. The school is located near a central location between a mosque and hotel.

Due to water issues the vicinity does not have any plants or agriculture. OSDI’s team conducted a BBCM (Broad Based Community Meeting) with the village elders and shared our plans for intervention. Due to our advocacy the community heads later on, visited our office in Utthal showing interest to collectively contribute towards the cause of community development. In the near future, OSDI shall initiate its efforts in this area.


Independence Day Celebrated at District Lasbela:

On 13th August 2018 (Monday), OSDI team geared up to celebrate the 71st Independence Day of Pakistan in District Lasbela (Baluchistan). Students of Government Boys High School in Wayaro, Government Middle School in Ahora and Temporary Learning Center in the community of Chib Sheikh were provided with goody bags. Each pouch comprised of a flag, badge, few sweets, a pencil and a packet of vegetable seeds. The goal behind provision of vegetable seeds was to promote and engage the community in Kitchen Gardening (K.G) project. Since, students are the best change agents hence, we captured their attention to create K.G.’s in their homes. By doing so not only would their families become food secure but also it would help create a more greener Lasbela.

Nearly, 700 goody bags were prepared by the head office team of OSDI. The students of each school were also engaged in quiz activity and winners were awarded with exclusive gift hampers. Besides this, diligent students of GBHS Wayaro were also awarded with cash prizes for best performances in debate competition, speeches in Urdu and English and songs (Milli Naghma).

Teachers of GBHS Wayaro also distributed cash prizes to position holder’s grade wise for performance in studies. The management and teachers of all the three schools appreciated OSDI’s efforts and the students were extremely jovial to receive prizes and goody bags.


Empowering the people through Advocacy:

During the month of January 2018, OSDI successfully inaugurated its 2 classrooms based Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the mountaineous region of Arab Seray in district Mardan (KPK). The village did not have any education facility prior to our intervention and even though the parents wanted to educate their children but were reluctant to send their minors to another village for the fear of stray dogs and strangers, etc. Another grave issue was the availability of basic facilities such as clean drinking water, electricity and separate washrooms for both boys and girls.

The TLC of Arab Seray served as a solution providing all the basic necessities required in a school. Due to OSDI’s constant mobilization; 63 boys and girls were enrolled in this TLC. However, this was not enough because a government’s permanent educational facility had to be established. For this Mr. Sajjad Said – Head of District Mardan held several advocacy sessions with the community elders to approach the senior government officials to facilitate in this regard. In the beginning the people were hesitant to raise their voice but, upon taking an initiative to not participate in general elections if their village was not provided with an educational facility; the matter was resolved by the education department.

As a result of our positive advocacy and mobilization the allocation of funds have been nominated and approved for construction of a Government Primary School in Arab Seray community.


OSDI organizes 10th GMC in District Lasbela:

Access to primary health-care is the basic right of every individual. But for the people residing in the rural areas of Pakistan things are quite different. In the rocky and mountainous area of union council Kehnwari in district Lasbela (Baluchistan); is a little village of Mitha Sheikh Goth.

There are 6 small villages associated to U.C. Kehnwari which include Mitha Sheikh Goth, Taj Muhammad Bandija, Muhammad Ramazan Gaddor Goth, Kareem Bux Goth, Ayoub Gaddor Goth and Arab Goth. These villages comprise of 212 vulnerable households with approximately 1484 individuals.

On 28th July 2018 (Saturday), OSDI organized a free medical camp in which 580 patients were treated and consulted for free by well qualified doctors and paramedical staff. Ailing people were also facilitated with free medication as per the doctor's prescription. During this GMC, 105 sick male patients, 203 female patients and 272 child patients were facilitated. The villagers appreciated the earnest efforts of OSDI for arranging the free medical camp facility in their surrounding.


Land Donated for Graveyard in Badam:

In a little ceremony organized by the district team of Mardan (KPK), OSDI donated 2 canals of land for the construction of a graveyard in village Badam. The event was held on 20th July 2018 (Friday) at 4pm.

Nearly, 40 community elders and villagers participated in the ceremony. Mr. Sajjad Said – OSDI’s Head of District Mardan thanked the community for the support and faith in OSDI over the years. 120 households of the community and its adjacent areas would be facilitated to bury the dead in this graveyard.

The water supply scheme of Badam was also formally inaugurated during the occasion. More than 30 households of the community shall avail clean drinking water through the water facility provided by OSDI.


OSDI conducts First Adult Literacy Training in Lasbela:

It is said that, “Learning is an ongoing process which never stops.” Following this quote, OSDI has collaborated with NCHD to conduct an exclusive three days Adult Literacy Training workshop from 19th (Thursday) – 21st (Saturday) July 2018 for the teachers of OSDI’s TLC Chib Sheikh. The purpose of this training was to educate our teachers regarding the Modern Teaching Methodologies and best practices to deliver knowledge to adult learners.

It is worth mentioning that 2 uneducated young men from the community of Chib Sheikh have been coming to OSDI’s TLC regularly to take elementary classes from our teachers for quite some-time now. As, managing adult learning requires different teaching strategies as compared to children hence, OSDI initiated to train our diligent teachers (Mr. Abdul Hameed and Mr. Sheeraz Baloch) to better facilitate the learners. OSDI’s Field Assistant – Mr. Sheeraz Ahmed also attended this workshop.

During the three day workshop NCHD trainer – Mr. Najeeb Atta; focused on enhancing the skills for Basic Literacy Learning in which OSDI teachers were introduced to two primary books of NCHD. After two months, Level 2 of this training shall be conducted.

The training was held at NCHD office in district Lasbela (Baluchistan).


LDP initiated in new villages of District Mardan:

On 16th July 2018 (Monday), 20 vulnerable households from the selected focused rural communities of district Mardan were provided with livestock by OSDI. Each beneficiary family was facilitated with one cow. 05 families from village Akhundara, 07 from Shatori, 05 from Arab Seray and 03 households from Beroch community are amongst the beneficiary households.

The average monthly income per household is estimated at PKR 7,000; whereas, the average family size comprises of 8 people. Provision of this livestock shall support these families to generate some additional income through herd increase and provide food security through utilization of milk.

Beneficiaries were overjoyed to receive this extra support from OSDI and thanked the management wholeheartedly.


Solar System set-up in TLC Chib Sheikh:

In the rural community of Chib Sheikh, U.C. Wayaro, district Lasbela (Baluchistan), OSDI constructed a two classrooms based Temporary Learning Center (TLC) during the start of this year. Since, then regular classes have been ongoing in this little education facility of OSDI.

Realizing the unbearable heat and hot climate during summers, the TLC has been equipped with 2 fans which shall work on the support of Solar System installed. Furthermore, 06 light bulbs shall also be supported. The approximate cost of Solar System installation is PKR 30,000.

The installation work has been completed on 15th July 2018 (Sunday).


Outcome assessment of WNH Project:

A two days survey was conducted by OSDI’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team between 25th to 26th June 2018 (Monday & Tuesday) for the outcome assessment of Water Nearby Homes (WNH) project. A team of 6 enumerators surveyed head of households from 76 homes from the targeted communities of Faqeera Goth, Bano Hussain Goth, Miru Suleiman Goth and Bhakrani Goth in district Lasbela (Baluchistan).

OSDI’s M&E team applied both quantitative and qualitative methods by doing a survey then conducting Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) for cross verification of data collected from all 4 villages.

Beneficiaries were also enquired about the difference created by implementation of Kitchen Garden project (KG) and Natural Resource Management (NRM) project in their communities. Beneficiaries from these communities largely appreciated the efforts of OSDI for facilitating them with sufficient provision of clean and fresh drinking water. Due to our strategic assistance these people are not only able to avail fresh water but, they have also grown vegetables and fruits within their communities which has significantly lowered their monthly kitchen expenses.

Water Storage Tank installed in Bohaar:

In the under-privileged settlement of Moosa Goth within the radius of revenue village Bohaar in district Lasbela (Baluchistan); OSDI has successfully completed the installation of a water storage tank. The project was completed on 23rd June 2018 (Saturday).

The community comprises of nearly 28 vulnerable households. The community considering its need had dug a bore to fulfill their water requirement however, they lacked any water storage facility. Upon intervention, OSDI committed to provide them with a water storage tank having the capacity to preserve 6,000 liters of water for later use.

Prior to the installation of water storage tank; OSDI’s appointed engineers had a cemented base constructed to avoid any damage to the storage tank.

Education Survey conducted in Siyarani Goth:

In our efforts to expand our primary education program in the most vulnerable areas of district Lasbela (Baluchistan); on 21st June 2018 (Thursday) OSDI’s field team conducted an initial education survey in the community of Siyarani Goth. There are more than 50 households in this community having a population of more than 500 people.

Households in this village are scattered. This community is located at a distance of 14 kms from Uthal city in Union Council Wayaro. The nearest school available is at a distance of 3 kilometers.

Nearly, 150 school-age-going children reside in this village however; they do not go to school as the parents and guardians are reluctant to send their young ones to any other place due to hot temperatures and stray dogs. Since, the only means of locomotion for these children is to walk on foot to acquire education they are left in the hands of illiteracy. Upon compilation of the survey results it shall be confirmed if OSDI shall construct a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in this community.

Water bore completed in Akhundara:

In the rough mountainous region of Union Council Palo Dehri in district Mardan (KPK) is a small village named “Akhundara” comprising of nearly 35 vulnerable households. Previously, the community suffered tremendously due to water scarcity issues.

In order to overcome the water crisis of this locality and help create sustainability in the lives of the under privileged villagers; OSDI initiated to do bore and install a water storage tank in this community. To serve the purpose a 230 feet deep bore has been successfully dug. Nearly, 30 liters of water is being extracted from this bore in 3 minutes time.

The community of Akhundara is now able to access clean and fresh drinking water near their homes. Besides this, people from nearby villages and areas are also coming to avail fresh water. In the coming days, a water storage tank shall soon be installed in this community.

Education survey conducted in Pini Ladhoo:

OSDI’s district team of Lasbela (Baluchistan) conducted an education survey in the vulnerable community of Pini Ladhoo on 20th June 2018 (Wednesday). This village is located near the revenue village of Daraabi in Union Council Wayaro.

To begin with OSDI’s representative briefed the villagers about the necessity of education to live a better life. Nearly, 19 males participated in this survey; which primarily aimed to create awareness about education and motivate the community to educate their children. The community’s response towards not sending their children to school was due to unavailability of any school facility nearby. OSDI was informed that the nearest school facility was at a distance of 8 – 10 kms. Due to poverty, parents could not afford the travelling expense nor did they have any vehicle facility hence they refrained from sending their children to school. Besides this stray dogs that freely roamed around were another threat for the minors along with hot climatic temperatures, etc.

The community has approximately 45 to 50 children who are out-of-school. In near future, OSDI plans to initiate a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in this community to provide access to primary education for these children.

Second Phase of Medicine Donation in District Lasbela:

On 8th June 2018 (Friday), OSDI’s representative of district Lasbela (Baluchistan) donated medicines to the Health team of Frontier Constabulary Baluchistan. The organization is known for its free health facilitation for the under-privileged people of this district.

The trained health staff of F.C. ensures every patient that comes in their OPD is provided with free treatment and medication that is no less than any well-reputed hospital. Approximately, 90 - 100 suffering male and female patients are daily treated in the OPD (Out Patient Department). The health facility is well-equipped with medical equipment, tools and machines to provide quality treatment in case of any emergency.

It is one of its kind hospitals within this area that is serving the people of rural communities in Baluchistan province.

Newly Renovated Emergency Ward inaugurated in Uthal:

Upon the request of the senior government officials, OSDI initiated to refurbish and renovate the emergency ward of District Head Quarter (DHQ) hospital situated in Uthal city, district Lasbela (Baluchistan). On 30th May 2018 (Wednesday), official inauguration of this newly renovated health facility was done by District Commission – Mr. Shabir Ahmed Mengal.

The event was graced by Southern Representative of PPHI – Mr. Saqim Baluch, General Manager (NCHD) – Mr. Zahid Baluch, Capt. Tabish from F.C. Awaran Militia (Baluchistan), District Program Manager (UNICEF) – Mr. Munir Ahmed, District Health Officer – Mr. Ghulam Farooq, Medical Superintendent – Dr. Farhat and others; along with senior representatives of government, press, ngo's, etc.

Latest equipment and technology has also been placed in this emergency ward to provide utmost facilitations to the ailing patients. Nearly, 150 patients are expected to avail treatment at this health facility on daily basis.

Furthermore, OSDI has also constructed a reception area and a separate waiting area for attendants.

Livestock Survey conducted in District Mardan:

On 22nd May 2018 (Tuesday), OSDI completed the initial survey for livestock development project (LDP) in district Mardan. Under-privileged families living below the poverty lines were selected to be interviewed from our focused communities.

Rural households from the deprived communities of Arab Seray, Akhundara, Shatori and Biroch were enquired about their livelihood income and monthly expenditures. Nearly, 17 people participated in this survey; amongst which 14 were males and 3 were females.

Most of the people in these communities earn their living by selling woods on donkeys, mining sand on daily wages or selling snacks and stuff on street by riding a bicycle. Upon final assessments of the beneficiaries purchasing of livestock shall begin in this district.

Involving Minors through Co-Curricular Activities:

Rather than focusing on rote learning the teachers of OSDI’s recently inaugurated Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of Chib Sheikh are involving the minor students to learn through active participation in co-curricular activities in class. Since, the children of this community have never been to school; development of positive interaction amongst the students is very essential.

On 14th May 2018 (Monday), the teachers of TLC Chib Sheikh arranged for several learn through play activities such as drawing, coloring, musical chairs, making stories through pictorials provided, etc. It is through such activities that children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain self-confidence required; engaging in new experiences and environments.

Currently, 57 students are enrolled in this school and the number of enrollments is soon expected to increase.


Distribution of School Uniforms in TLC Arab Seray:

Every child is unique in his/her own way. Uniforms not only give a smart look to students but also save them from the hassle of daily dressing. Besides this, students also consider their peers as equals and focus more on acquiring knowledge.

Students of OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the susceptible community of Arab Seray in district Mardan (KPK) were provided with uniforms on 14th May 2018 (Monday). The event was graced by several senior dignitaries, community elders, parents, teachers and OSDI’s field staff. The students were overjoyed to receive their new school uniforms and showed bright smiles. The TLC which initially had 48 enrollments has now 69 students acquiring primary education amongst which 34 are boys and 35 are girl students.

In near future, the number of enrollments is further expected to increase.

Inauguration of TLC in Chib Sheikh:

There was no education facility within the revenue village of Chib Sheikh in U.C. Wayaro in district Lasbela (Baluchistan) prior to OSDI’s intervention. The only school available was at a distance of 4 kms. Due to the long distance, stray dogs and hot temperature parents refrained from sending their little children to school.

Upon the request of the local community OSDI intervened to build a 2 classrooms based Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in this community. Two experienced and qualified male teachers were also appointed by OSDI to begin the regular classes and increase the enrollment ratio.

The TLC was successfully inaugurated on 8th May 2018 (Tuesday) by Mr. Wahid Shakir – District Education Officer (DEO) of Lasbela. District Officer – Haji Naveed, General Manager NCHD – Mr. Zahid Baloch, DPM NCHD – Mr. Rafique Baloch, along with representatives of NRSP – Mr. Arshad Iqbal & Mr. Hafeez, Mr. Aqeel Qamar – Social Welfare Department and Mr. Adeel Samad – District Manager (WWF) were also present during the occasion.

Currently, 57 students are acquiring enrolled in this school amongst which 31 are girls and 26 are boys. It is due to our advocacy and active social mobilization campaigns that the community has realized the significance of female education and are now sending their daughters to school.

Empowering females to initiate their own business:

OSDI is an equal opportunity provider to both males and females living in our focused communities. After supporting two educated and unemployed youth to initiate their business in the newly intervened villages of Shahtori and Akhundara; OSDI has now stepped forward to aid two female beneficiaries from the communities of Arab Seray and Shahtori.

Prior to our intervention, Javida Bibi and her 2 sons survived on the charity donated by the village members whereas, Aziz Jan Bibi’s husband worked on daily wages in sand mine. However, his insufficient income was not enough to support a family of 10 people.

Both these ladies have been facilitated to initiate their own business of grocery store.

Distribution of Uniforms in Faiz ul Islam School:

Faiz ul Islam School was formed in 1915 in Rustam, district Mardan (KPK) by the community elders of the region. Nearly, 210 students acquire quality primary education in this charitable school. The school also has hostel facility for the orphans.

During the School Based De-worming activity conducted in the month of January 2018; OSDI committed to provide uniforms to students. Fulfilling our promise on 4th May 2018 (Friday), OSDI distributed new uniforms to students and clothes to teachers.

The school administration and members of the managing committee along with teachers and parents were grateful for the generous distribution. They whole-heartedly thanked OSDI and its team for facilitating their staff and students.

Course Books Distributed in TLC Chib Sheikh:

Due to the active social mobilization campaigns and advocacy of OSDI to have all the out-of-school children enrolled in the newly constructed Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of Chib Sheikh in district Lasbela (Baluchistan); nearly 40 students are now acquiring primary education and the number of student enrollment is increasing day by day. The two male teachers appointed by OSDI have been instructed to initiate regular classes.

To further support the cause of education on 30th April 2018 (Monday), the field staff of OSDI has distributed course books to the students. Since, textbooks are an important teaching resource; it eases the learning process for the learner.

The teachers and students of TLC Chib Sheikh are grateful to OSDI for giving them a new direction and new meaning to life.

Survey of NCHD Schools in U.C. Wayaro and Kehnwari:

To promote the cause of education and get as many out-of-school children enrolled in schools OSDI in collaboration with NCHD visited their schools in the far fledged areas of Union Council Wayaro and Kehnwari in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The two days survey was conducted on 9th and 10th April 2018.

The aim of this activity was to observe the infrastructure of NCHD schools, the enrollment ratio and other facilities so; OSDI could join hands to support them in imparting quality primary education to the vulnerable children. In U.C. Wayaro, OSDI’s field representative visited 2 functional schools and in U.C. Kenhwari he surveyed 3 functional schools of NCHD.

The schools seen were Boys Feeder School Watari (Hashim Goth) and Girls Feeder School (Faqeera Goth) in U.C. Wayaro and Girls Feeder School Chak Kharari (Jannu Goth), Girls Feeder School (Isaq Goth) and Girls Feeder School (Mitha Sheik Goth) in U.C. Kenhwari.

It was observed that the enrollment ratio in all these functional schools was high.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Unemployed Youth:

One of the key features of OSDI’s Livelihood Assistance Program (LAP) is to help create opportunities for the vulnerable households by guiding them about means for income generation so they may financially stabilize to create assets and gradually move out from poverty. OSDI’s Small Rural Enterprise Project (SREP) was initiated in 2012 to help facilitate the educated and unemployed youth residing in the focused rural communities.

The goal was to empower and enlighten these youth so they may be motivated to earn respectable living without compromising on their integrity. On 19th April 2018 (Thursday), a young educated beneficiary (Intikhad Ali Khan) from the targeted community of Shahtori, district Mardan (KPK) was supported to become an owner of a grocery store and on 21st April 2018 (Saturday) another beneficiary named Nasir Khan from the village of Akhundara was facilitated to initiate his business.

In near future, more such young beneficiaries from our focused communities would be provided with assistance to initiate their own business.

Water Supply Scheme Implemented in Village Badam:

The focused community of Badam, U.C. Bazar, district Mardan (KPK) is divided into two regions i.e. Upper Badam and Lower Badam. Nearly, 40 households which reside in the Upper Badam region availed water from a natural fountain within their vicinity. However, upon drying up of this fountain the community suffered hardships due to water unavailability for more than 15 days.

To overcome the water requirement the villagers from upper Badam region upon mutual understanding with the community of the lower Badam region were allowed to withdraw water from the water bore available. However, the water supply given would be only for 5 hours in a day.

Since, this was the only option available to have access to water hence; the community was left with no other choice but to agree. To seek assistance the villagers of Upper Badam approached OSDI to facilitate them. Nearly 2,000 feet of water pipeline having 1 ½ inch diameter has been installed by OSDI to benefit the community of Upper Badam on 19th April 2018 (Thursday).

As a result of which the water shortage issue has been resolved and people of Upper Badam region are now able to avail fresh water.

Renovation of Emergency Ward in DHQ Hospital:

The emergency ward of District Head Quarter (DHQ) Hospital in Tehsil Utthal, district Lasbela, Baluchistan had long been a victim of severe negligence. Upon OSDI’s intervention in this district, the government authorities approached us to renovate the emergency ward as the patients did not have any suitable place to sit or lie down for first aid or primary treatment.

Hence, on 8th April 2018 (Sunday), OSDI has initiated to refurbish the entire emergency ward along with updating the hall with latest medical equipment and machinery. In the first phase of this project, repairing, plastering and paint of walls and ceiling would be done. Along with this the damaged hall flooring would also be amended. During the second phase of this scheme fixation and placement of medical equipment and machinery would be made.

Besides this, a reception area would also be constructed to facilitate the attendants of the suffering patients.

OSDI organizes First GMC in Shahtori:

In the rocky mountainous community of Shahtori, OSDI organized its first General Medical Camp to help aid the suffering patients. The GMC was held on 13th April 2018 (Friday) in which nearly 185 ailing patients were treated free of cost. OSDI’s committed staff also distributed free medicines to the patients after check-up; as per the doctor’s prescription.

Nearly, 113 male and 61 female patients were consulted and treated by the dedicated government doctor taken onboard by OSDI. Amongst the patients checked 11 severe cases were referred to the DHQ Mardan for further treatment. Patients from the focused community of Shahtori and its adjacent villages from Union Council Palo dheri, Tehsil Rustam, District Mardan (KPK) also attended this GMC.

The community appreciated the earnest efforts of OSDI in organizing such a free medical camp as previously no such activity had ever taken place within this vicinity.

Parents Day Celebrated in TLC Arab Seray:

On 31st March 2018 (Saturday), Parents day and Result day was celebrated in the newly constructed Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the vulnerable community of Arab Seray in district Mardan (KPK). Parents of all the students studying in this OSDI built TLC were invited to attend this event.

The program began with recitation of few verses from the Holy Quran followed by Hamd. Later on, students recited poems in both English and Urdu languages. The aim of organizing this activity was to motivate the students and parents alike towards realizing the importance of education.

Students who acquired first, second and third position from each class group were awarded with prizes and shields for 100% attendance and best hand-writing. The event was concluded by a vote of thanks by OSDI’s senior representative Mr. Sajjad Said – Head of District Mardan (KPK) in which he spoke about the need of education to bring in positive social change in the society. He urged the audience to send their children regularly to school so they may be able to live better a life.

It was the first such event ever organized in this community and the parents thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

The event concluded with serving of refreshments.

Natural Resource Management Activity in district Mardan:

To facilitate the vulnerable households of villages Surkhabi, Shaturi and Akhundara in district Mardan (KPK); OSDI came forward to distribute plants under the Natural Resource Management (NRM) project. The event took place on (Sunday) 1st April 2018 at the office of village councilor Surkhabi.

110 beneficiary families from the under-privileged community of Surkhabi, 48 households from Shaturi and 36 homes from Akhundara were provided with 5 fruit and 5 non-fruit plants. Hence, 10 plants per family were distributed by Mr. Sajjad Said – District Head Mardan. The aim of this project is to contribute in the beautification of these communities and also facilitate the people with fresh and nutritious fruits. Besides this, these plants would also help in controlling the atmospheric temperature.

To support our cause Mr. Jihaad Ali – Nazim (Surkhabi) and Mr. Ajmal Khan – Secretary were also present during the event along with the village elders and other community representatives.

Construction work continues of TLC in Chib Sheikh:

In continuation with OSDI’s mission to provide quality primary education to all the out of school children residing within the focused communities of rural Pakistan; currently, the construction work of Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in revenue village of Chib Sheikh is ongoing in district Lasbela (Baluchistan).

Since the construction work is on the verge of completion soon the TLC shall be inaugurated and made functional.

OSDI shall appoint two male teachers to impart quality education to the young minds for a better and prosperous tomorrow.

Construction of Water Storage Tank Base in revenue village Bohaar:

On 21st March 2018 (Wednesday), in the settlement of Moosa Goth OSDI initiated the construction of base for water storage tank. The community has nearly 28 under-privileged households and falls in the premises of revenue village Bohaar in district Lasbela (Baluchistan).

The vulnerable community of this area requested OSDI for facilitating them with a water storage tank as they do not have any storage facility to keep water safe. Hence, OSDI shall soon provide them with a plastic water storage tank capable to store 6,000 liters of water. However, prior to placement of the water storage tank a well-constructed base is required.

Currently, the construction of the base is being done.


OSDI sets up a Mini Cinema to motivate Out-of-School Children:

Education is the most essential tool to initiate positive social development in the tough and vulnerable province of Baluchistan. To motivate the young out-of-school children and their families towards education OSDI in collaboration with UNICEF’s Education Support Program (ESP) came forward with a unique approach.

The idea was to informally engage the out-of-school children and their families by stimulating their thinking process towards the need of education in order to contribute towards poverty alleviation and inculcate sustainability within their communities. The mini cinema was set up on 12th March 2018 (Monday), in the highly neglected community of revenue village Chib Sheikh. The vicinity does not have any educational facility and from generation after generation people have been illiterate.

To begin with warm up games were played with the children by representatives of OSDI and UNICEF. Later on, motivational cartoons were put up on the mini cinema. Nearly, 100 male and female children thoroughly enjoyed the activity along with 60 community elders and parents.

It is also worth sharing that currently, construction of the first ever educational facility is being done by OSDI in the form of a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in this community and soon it shall be inaugurated.

OSDI Participates in Education Awareness Campaign:

On 12th March 2018 (Monday), OSDI in collaboration with UNICEF’s Education Support Program (ESP), National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) and Government’s Education Department of District Lasbela (Baluchistan) participated in an education awareness campaign.

Students of various schools walked from Government Boys High School Wayaro to Main Bazar of Utthal city to create awareness regarding the importance of education. Moreover, educationists, community elders, parents, government officials and media personnel’s, along with representatives of other NGOs joined the walk to show solidarity for the noble cause.

During the occasion, OSDI conducted a debate competition in which students spoke on the importance of education. Later on, prizes were distributed amongst the achievers.

Mr. Naveed Hashmi – District Officer (M) Lasbela vowed to distribute gifts, shields and appreciation letters to all the out-of-school children upon enrollment in school. Mr. Sabir Panezai – BOC (Bureau of Curriculum) Deputy Director Baluchistan said, “It was for the first time such a magnanimous event had been organized in any rural area of Baluchistan and he was proud to be a part of it”.

Dignitaries like Mr. Ghulam Rasool – DDO (Deputy District Officer) Uthal, Mr. Muneer Ahmad – District Program Manager UNICEF (ESP) and Mr. Rafique – District Program Manager (NCHD) Lasbela were also present in the awareness raising activity.

Two Days Mobile Medical Camp organized in U.C. Hada Sethar:

In the highly vulnerable community of Union Council Hada Sethar in district Lasbela (Baluchistan), OSDI organized two days free mobile medical camp (MMC) in the four revenue villages of HadaZor, Chankara, Sadoori and Zarmb. The medical camps were held on 13th (Tuesday) and 14th (Wednesday) March 2018; along with the mutual collaboration of FC Militia Baluchistan and District Government’s Health Department.

During the first day, 315 patients were examined and treated in the revenue village of HadaZor. The diligent doctors checked 388 patients on the second day of the MMC in the revenue villages of Sadori, Zaramb and Chankara. Altogether, 703 ailing male and female patients were facilitated with free check-ups and medication by OSDI and its allies. Majority of the people were diagnosed with GIT (Gastro Intestinal Tract infections) or anemia, etc.

Moreover, the Counselor of Sadori/Zaramb and member of Zila Council - Mr. Majeed accompanied the OSDI team during the second day of the MMC. Unfortunately, none of these communities holds a government dispensary and patients had to rent mini trucks or rickshaws to travel to the hospitals or clinics. This made access to health-care facilities quite challenging for the patients.

Since it was the first such medical camp held in the history of these communities the people appreciated our efforts and requested our team mates to organize more such camps within the vicinity.

Furniture Distribution in TLC Arab Seray:

During the month of January 2018, OSDI inaugurated the newly constructed Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the vulnerable community of Arab Seray in district Mardan (KPK). The village did not have any educational facility prior to our intervention. Due to which most of the parents refrained from sending their children to school.

OSDI facilitated the students enrolled by providing them with 20 student chairs. The furniture had been purchased for the students of Nursery and Pre-Primary classes. Besides this, floors mats for students along with staff furniture including 4 chairs, a cupboard and one staff table was also placed with in the TLC.

The community of Arab Seray is grateful to OSDI for helping them enlighten the future of their young ones.


Education Enrollment Campaign in Chib Sheikh:

On 6th March 2018 (Tuesday), OSDI’s field staff of district Lasbela (Baluchistan) along with the support of UNICEF’s ESP (Education Support Program) correspondent – Mr. Muneer Ahmad organized a door to door enrollment and education awareness campaign. To serve the purpose a male and female social mobilizer were also provided by UNICEF.

The aim of this activity was to motivate the parents of all out of school children to enroll their young ones in the currently being developed Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of Chib Sheikh.

OSDI plans to have 100% enrollment made in both the adjacent communities of Moosa Goth and Hussain Goth. Besides conducting one to one sessions with the parents and family elders; announcements highlighting the importance of education were also made on loud speakers. Due to the effective mobilization campaign nearly 60 out of school children showed eagerness to study in our TLC. The data of these children has been recorded.

As it was a working day hence, not many males were available at home. However, we do hope that due to our aggressive social mobilization the number of student’s enrollment in TLC Chib Sheikh would soon increase significantly.


Identification of New Villages for Intervention:

In our efforts to reach out to the most vulnerable and poverty stricken communities of district Lasbela (Baluchistan); OSDI has been taking careful measures to facilitate as many rural people as we can through the umbrella of our various projects. To serve the purpose, OSDI’s Manager Programs – Mr. Sheheryar N. Khan along with other representatives of the organization randomly visited 6 under privileged communities.

Pini Ladhoo and Baryal Goth were surveyed for education purposes whereas; Pir Muhammad Goth, Muhammad Goth, Umer Goth and Kareer Goth were checked for water facilitations. Nearly 101 households (HH) reside in these communities having 18HH in Pini Ladhoo Goth, 15HH in Baryal Goth, 18HH in Pir Muhammad Goth, 22HH in Muhammad Goth, 8HH in Umer Goth and 20HH in Kareer Goth. The average family size per household within all these communities is estimated at 8.

In near future, OSDI shall intervene in these communities along with its projects as per the mutual understanding and ownership between the communities and itself.


Construction of TLC in Revenue Village Chib Sheikh:

Nothing can beat the power of Education. To bring in positive social change within the rural communities of Pakistan educating the young minds is very crucial. The revenue village of Chib Sheikh has a total child population of 139 kids. Amongst which only 20 young boys are going to school whereas, the remaining 119 children between the age group of 4 – 12 years have never been to school. It is also worth mentioning that none of the female children go to school.

One of the major reasons for this unfortunate dilemma is due to the unavailability of any education facility within this region. As a result children are bound to go to other far away villages to acquire education. This is a threat in itself as children can fall prey to any incident which stops the parents from taking the risk of sending their children to school.

On Monday, 26th February 2018, realizing the education emergency in this revenue village OSDI has initiated to construct 2 classrooms based Temporary Learning Center (TLC) within this community. The selection of land has been done between Hussain Goth and Moosa Goth.

Soon after the construction of this TLC, specialized enrollment campaign shall begin and 2 male teachers shall be appointed by OSDI.


OSDI Team participates in Education Awareness Meeting:

On 28th February 2018 (Wednesday), the District Commissioner of Lasbela (Baluchistan) organized a meeting with the representatives of local and international NGO’s. Senior government officials mainly from the education department were also present during the occasion.

In the meeting he discussed about the significance and necessity of education. He urged all the NGO’s to play a vital role in highlighting the importance of education in U.C. Wayaro. To further the cause, he invited all NGO’s to aggressively participate in the upcoming education awareness campaign under which parents, guardians and community elders have to be mobilized through discussions, education awareness walk, and community engagement programs.

The purpose of these activities would be to increase the enrollment of students in schools and motivate the parents towards female education.

Representatives of OSDI also briefed D.C. Lasbela about the performance and upcoming initiatives within the field of education by OSDI. This included renovation and reconstruction of Government Boys High School Wayaro, construction of academic block in Frontier Constabulary Public School (Bela), construction of Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in Chib Sheikh and regular participation in education awareness walk.


OSDI partners with HJWF for SWP projects in District Lasbela:

Founder Trustee of Hasan Jamot Welfare Foundation (HJWF) – Sardar Hasan Jamot in collaboration with OSDI has formally inaugurated the Solar Water Projects (SWP) in the focused communities of Faqeera Goth, Bano Hussain Goth and Miru Suleiman Goth. The event took place on 26th February 2018 (Monday). OSDI’s Manager Programs – Mr. Sheheryar N. Khan wholeheartedly congratulated Mr. Jamot on the successful completion of these projects.

Approximately, 800 vulnerable people shall be facilitated by safe drinking water in the focused communities of OSDI in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). Prior to our intervention, these communities faced severe water shortage as a result they were unable to grow vegetables or fruits. Hence, due to low monthly income generation they suffered from financial constraints to make the ends meet and were food insecure.

By providing these communities with sufficient quantity of fresh water; OSDI and HJWF have opened new doors of enlightenment for these people. These people can now grow fresh and nutritious vegetables and fruits within their vicinities. Access water can also be used for plantation purposes. This shall not only beautify the entire localities but also help in lowering of climatic temperature.


Livestock Vaccination in District Lasbela:

On 22nd February 2018 (Thursday), OSDI’s appointed veterinary doctor and field staff organized a livestock vaccination campaign in the focused community of district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The purpose was to inoculate the goats given to the vulnerable households of Faqeera Goth, Bano Husain Goth, Miru Suleiman Goth and Muhammad Bux Goth during the first phase of Livestock Development Project (LDP).

Amongst the does and bucks provided by OSDI during the month of November 2017; each animal was given a dose of medicine against Goat Pox disease. It is a fatal disease that is communicable. During the one day activity 79 animals were provided with the vaccination. These animals include 42 goats provided by OSDI and 37 goats of the local community.

OSDI’s veterinary doctor also weighed the animals to check upon their physical health.


Students of GBPS Shaturi De-Wormed:

On 8th February 2018 (Thursday), OSDI’s field staff of district Mardan educated and trained the students of Government Boys Primary School in village Shaturi on the importance of health & hygiene. The students were given brief awareness sessions on worm infestations and how they harm the human body. Due to which, children often fall sick and suffer from stomach ache and other serious health issues.

Social Mobilizers of OSDI demonstrated the students with correct way to wash hands, brush teeth, comb hair and bathe daily.

Altogether, 49 students who are currently acquiring quality education at this school amongst which 12 are girls and 37 are boys attended this awareness session. Each child was given a dose of de-worming medicine along with milk and a hygiene kit consisting of shampoo, soap, comb, teeth brush, toothpaste and nail cutter. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activity and responded affirmatively on improving their hygiene.


Mobile Medical Camp held in Revenue Villages Hada Sethar and Herradi:

In the dry and rocky region of Union Council and revenue village Hada Sethar and revenue village Herradi, a mobile medical camp was organized in collaboration with Frontier Constabulary Awaran Militia and District Health Department of district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The Mobile Medical Camp was held on 26th January 2018 (Friday) in the following 09 under-privileged communities of Yaqoob Goth, Abdul Rehman Sethar Goth, Behrami Goth, Muhammad Siddique Goth, Bijrani Goth, Atta Muhammad Goth, Ramzan Goth, Hussain Goth and Lakho Goth.

Later on, during the second half of the activity day 20 households of Faqeer Goth, 23 households of Muhammad Goth and 6 households of Zubair Goth were provided with free medical consultation and medicines.

OSDI’s district team along with the support of doctors and paramedical staff facilitated 466 male and female patients during this one day activity. The patients were grateful to OSDI for taking the initiative to come to this hard core area to help them.

First Medical Camp held in Surkhabi:

To facilitate the ailing patients living in the focused community of Surkhabi and its nearby villages in Union Council Bazar, district Mardan (KPK); OSDI organized its first General Medical Camp in this community on 25th January 2018 (Thursday).

Nearly, 215 patients attended the GMC in which 107 were males and 108 were female patients.

The qualified doctors appointed by OSDI provided free consultations, treatment and medicines to the vulnerable patients. It was the first such medical camp held in the vicinity. The community appreciated the efforts of OSDI in reaching out to them and minimizing their health concerns.

SBDW Activity held in Government Schools of Surkhabi and Shaturi:

In continuation with our efforts to de-worm as many school going children as possible in the focused communities of district Mardan (KPK), the third day of School Based De-Worming activity continued in the focused communities of Surkhabi, Union Council Bazar and Shaturi, Union Council Palodehri. On 24th January 2018 (Wednesday), the students of Government Girls Primary School Surkhabi, Government Primary School Surkhabi and Government Girls Primary School Shaturi were given a dose of de-worming medicine.

Nearly, 330 students were educated and given de-worming medicine and hygiene kits; including the children who attended the activity along with their parents. OSDI’s senior representative – Mr. Sajjad Said along with the assistance of Lady Health Worker – Ms. Razia educated and briefed the students about the safe health & hygiene practices.

Hygiene kits consisting of milk, shampoo, soap, nail cutter, tooth paste, tooth brush and a comb were also distributed to students after the training session. The management of all these schools was grateful to OSDI for conducting this awareness raising activity.

TLC inauguration and First Phase of SBDW activity in Arab Seray:

In the far-fledge mountainous region of Arab Seray, district Mardan (KPK), OSDI has successfully inaugurated its’ Temporary Learning Center (TLC) on 23rd January 2018 (Tuesday). The event was graced by the valuable presence of Assistant Commissioner, Tehsil Rustam – Mr. Najeeb Ullah, Nazim of Village Council (Surkhaabi) - Mr. Abdur Rehman, Secretary of Village Council (Surkhaabi) – Mr. Ajmal, Nazim of Village Council (Landey) – Moulana Tahir and OSDI’s senior representative – Mr. Sajjad Said.

More than 100 guests including government officials, parents, community elders and others attended the inauguration ceremony. Mr. Sajjad highlighting the need and significance of education invited the community to get their out of school children enrolled in this TLC as soon as possible to improve the overall literacy ratio.

Later on, every student was given a dose of de-worming medicine along with a pack of hygiene kit which comprised of milk, shampoo, soap, nail cutter, tooth paste, tooth brush and a comb. Students were briefed about the effects of cleanliness on health and how it helps in improving life.

More than 80 students attended the event.


Science Teacher placed in GBHS Wayaro:

Upon the request of the District Education Officer (DEO) of Lasbela (Baluchistan), OSDI was approached to facilitate the Government Boys High School Wayaro by appointing a science teacher for the students of grade 9 and 10.

In this regard, 9 candidates were initially interviewed amongst which the DEO short-listed 5 suitable candidates. Based on the scores gained during the selection process the highest scoring candidate has been selected to join us as a temporary science teacher in GBHS Wayaro.

The newly appointed teacher has begun conducting classes in the school.


De-Worming of Livestock in District Lasbela:

On 9th January 2018 (Tuesday), OSDI’s team organized the de-worming activity of livestock that were distributed to the vulnerable households of district Lasbela (Baluchistan). Nearly, 37 does and 7 bucks were given a dose of punch drench from the focused villages of Miru Suleiman, Bano Hussain, Faqeera Goth and Muhammad Bux Goth.

Infected livestock was also given a dose of antibiotic medicine by the veterinary doctor appointed by OSDI.

Furthermore, on 11th January 2018 (Thursday) vaccination of the animals distributed by OSDI including the personal livestock owned by the community was done. 180 animals were inoculated altogether. The focused communities appreciated our efforts and bestowed us with their complete support.


Survey conducted in Moosa Goth:

In revenue village of Bohar, Moosa Goth a survey was conducted by OSDI team on 6th January 2018 (Saturday). The survey aimed at figuring out details of water facility within the community.

Since, the village has dug a bore to access clean water they asked for OSDI’s assistance in having a water storage tank built to store water. This water storage tank shall have the capacity to store 6,000 liters of water. To carry on with the smooth execution of this project a Water Management Committee has also been formed. 28 households shall avail the clean water facility in this vicinity.

Soon, more new villages shall be identified and facilitated in the coming days.


De-Worming of Students in Madrassa Faiz ul Islam:

On 20th January 2018 (Saturday), the students of Madrassa Faiz ul Islam were provided with a dose of de-worming medicine in district Mardan (KPK). Due to OSDI’s timely information sharing with the students; 100% attendance was witnessed.

During the one day activity, 165 boys and 36 girls were educated on health & hygiene maintenance by OSDI’s appointed Social Mobilizers and Lady Health Worker. Specially prepared hygiene kits were also distributed to each child consisting of milk, nail cutter, comb, shampoo, soap, tooth paste and tooth brush.

Furthermore, the students were also informed about the importance of de-worming and its benefits on health. The management of Madrassa Faiz ul Islam was grateful to OSDI for educating and training their students. In the upcoming days, more students shall be trained on the subject to improve their personal and environmental hygiene.


Certificates Distributed to GBHS Boys Scouts:

Students of Government Boys High School - Wayaro, who participated as volunteers during the 7th General Medical Camp of OSDI held in the cluster village of Peprani, district Lasbela (Baluchistan) on 18th October 2017 were bestowed with letters of appreciation.

These scouts rendered their voluntary services for crowd controlling and management in the GMC. Nearly, 421 patients were successfully provided with free consultation and medication along with their support.

Services of the 15 hard-working participants of the boys scouts were acknowledged on (Friday) 15th December 2017 by the senior management of OSDI. Physical Training Head of GBHS Wayaro – Mr. Shah thanked OSDI for recognizing the efforts of their students and assured their full support in near future.


First Phase of SBDW and H&H session conducted in District Lasbela:

On 21st December 2017 (Friday), OSDI launched its first phase of School Based De-Worming along with Health & Hygiene session in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The activity was conducted in both the OSDI supported schools i.e. Government Boys High School - Wayaro and Frontier Constabulary Public School – Bela.

Teachers of both the schools informed students a day before to ensure their 100% attendance on the activity day. Due to timely information sharing the absenteeism ratio was very low.

The sessions in the schools started with briefing on causes of worm infestation in young children and the necessity for de-worming by Dr. Tariq of Awaran Militia Bela. OSDI’s appointed Social Mobilizer informed students about WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) and its safe practices.

Later on, senior representative of OSDI - Ms. Fizza Rizvi delivered a thorough lecture on personal and environmental hygiene to students. Students were also given demonstration on hand-wash, hair-wash and brushing of teeth.

Each student was given a dose of zyntel syrup along with SBDW and health & hygiene kit comprising of an energy biscuit, milk, nail cutter, comb, tooth brush, toothpaste, 2 sachets of shampoo, soap and a towel.

Senior Management, teachers and students of both the schools enjoyed the sessions wholeheartedly. They acclaimed that this was the first time such an activity ever took place in their school premises.


Education Survey Conducted in Chib Sheikh:

On Thursday 26th October 2017, an education survey was conducted in the cluster village of Chib Sheikh in district Lasbela, Baluchistan. During this survey, 75 vulnerable households from the poverty stricken communities of Barar Goth, Hamza Goth, Hussain Goth and Moosa Goth were enquired about the reason for not sending their school age children to school..

Altogether, 218 children reside within this area from which only 25 male students attend school where as, the remaining 95 male and 98 female children are out of school. It was observed that most of the parents were reluctant to send their children to school in other vicinity because of the long travelling distance as it was 3kms away.

In near future, OSDI plans to construct a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) within this community. Upon completion of the construction work, an active social mobilization campaign would be run to educate the parents and village elders about the necessity of education in which they would be guided to get their children enrolled.


Livestock Project Initiated in District Lasbela:

In addition to our efforts to create sustainability in the vulnerable district of Lasbela (Baluchistan). OSDI launched its first phase of Livestock Development Project (LDP) under the flagship of Livelihood Assistance Program (LAP). The project has been initiated on Tuesday, 07th November 2017.

The key objective behind initiation of LDP is to help the under-privileged families with healthy livestock so they may generate income, create assets and become food secure. During this phase 20 beneficiary households have been selected from 4 focused communities of Bano Hussain Goth, Miru Suleiman Goth, Muhammad Bux Goth and Faqeera Goth.

Each family has been given 02 does per household for herd increase and milking purposes and 2 bucks have been given per village for reproduction. Prior to purchasing of these goats the veterinary doctor of OSDI checked the physical health of each animal.

Altogether 40 does and 8 bucks have been given by OSDI. Since, all the does given were pregnant at the time of distribution hence, 10 kids have already been born multiplying the number of animals for the beneficiaries and few more are yet to be born.

The goats distributed are Khuzdari and Kamori breed only. All LDP beneficiaries were thankful to OSDI for its kind support in helping them move out from the vicious poverty cycle.

Construction of TLC in Arab Seray:

Education is a very essential key to penetrate positive social change in a society. On 11th November 2017 (Saturday), OSDI initiated the construction work of building a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the vulnerable community of Arab Seray, district Mardan (KPK). Altogether, there are 116 children in this village amongst which only 64 children are going to a school in a village nearby.

The remaining 55 school age children are out-of-school. Upon, conducting a thorough education survey OSDI came to know that one of the major reasons for not getting the children enrolled in school was due to the travel distance between both the villages. The parents were considerate in case any harm came to their children.

OSDI initiated to construct an infrastructure based on 2 classrooms and 2 washrooms (separate for girls and boys). The TLC building will have the capacity to accommodate 100 students. Each classroom will have 1 window and 1 door. The size of each classroom is 20 ft (height)*15 ft (width).

The washrooms shall be 5 ft*5 ft each. The community of Arab Seray has also joint hands with OSDI by providing daily lunch meals and tea to the laborers and cleaning the place. A sand trolley has also been contributed by them.

Upon completion of the TLC, OSDI shall appoint 2 qualified male teachers to begin the education process.


Education Survey conducted in District Mardan:

In the vulnerable community of Arab Seray (cluster village Surkhabi), OSDI conducted a thorough education survey. This activity took place from 13th (Friday) to 16th (Monday) October 2017.

Out of the 45 parents interviewed during this survey it was observed that nearly 47% school age going children were out-of-school, due to the unavailability of any educational facility within the village. Altogether the village has 116 children amongst which only 64 are enrolled in school.

As for the remaining 55 children, the parents showed grave concerns over not being able to educate their children because of the long travel distance and stray dogs roaming around.

In near future, OSDI plans to initiate a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in this vicinity and ensure all the out-of-school children are enrolled in it.


Science Lab Equipment Donated in GBHS Wayaro:

This quarter’s mega project, Government Boys High School Wayaro, district Lasbela (Baluchistan) has been facilitated with a well-equipped Science Laboratory by OSDI. By supporting this school, OSDI aims to provide the vulnerable students with quality education facility which can be compared to any good private school.

We firmly believe that education is the key to success if we have to bring in positive change in the province of Baluchistan. The science lab was inaugurated by Mr. Wahid Shakir, the newly appointed District Education Officer (DEO) on (Friday) 27th October 2017.

The event was attended by senior government officials, school administration, OSDI’s team, etc. Mr. Shakir applauded the enthusiastic efforts of OSDI and promised he would resolve the issue pertaining to the science teacher, soon. Besides this, he also assured his complete support and guidance to OSDI in all upcoming projects.


Student Furniture Donated in F.C. Public School:

On 29th October 2017 (Saturday), OSDI donated classroom furniture to F.C. Public School Bela, district Lasbela (Baluchistan). This furniture has been given for the newly constructed classrooms of OSDI academic block which was inaugurated by the Founder Trustee last month.

The school has been provided with 30 student desks having the capacity to accommodate two students per desk and 60 student chairs, separately. Altogether, 120 students can be easily accommodated in this seating arrangement. The total expense inculcated was PKR 0.296m.

The management of FCPS is grateful to OSDI for the kind gesture of support in helping them improve the education facilities of the school.


Free Medical Facilitations given to Patients in Cluster Piprani:

On (Wednesday) October 18, 2017, the seventh free General Medical Camp of OSDI took place in the civil dispensary of Chelewari area, cluster Piprani, district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The team of diligent doctors appointed by OSDI comprised of two males and one female doctor.

Altogether, 421 patients’ were provided with free medical consultations, treatment and medication during this one day camp.

Sessions on health & hygiene were delivered by OSDI’s male and female social mobilizers who trained the people on the importance of personal cleanliness and keeping their surroundings unpolluted.

For the first time, the Boys Scouts of Government Boys High School Wayaro extended their voluntary support in managing the crowd and assisting the OSDI field team in matters of overall camp administration. The camp concluded at 4pm.

Earlier a medical camp was held in this area on (Wednesday), 11th February 2017 in which 331 patients had been examined. OSDI is grateful to FC Baluchistan and District Health Officer for supporting us to conduct this camp successfully.


OSDI participates in Enrollment Awareness Raising Campaign:

District Education Department in collaboration with UNICEF division of district Lasbela (Baluchistan) organized a grand enrollment awareness raising campaign on 25th September 2017 (Monday). The event was attended by 300 people mostly representatives of all non-governmental organizations (NGOs), senior government officials, academia, district administration and media.

A seminar was conducted after an awareness raising walk in which awards were distributed to Best Performing Teachers and Students. The students were rewarded on regular enrollment and scoring of maximum grades on district level. Students acted on specially prepared tableaus, songs, etc. during the event. To boost the morale of participating students OSDI’s district team representative distributed cash prizes amongst them.

Mr. Azeem Sajidi – District Education Officer and Additional Deputy Commissioner – Mr. Tariq Mengal appreciated the efforts of OSDI in promoting education.


Inauguration of GBHS Wayaro:

OSDI’s, much awaited mega project Government Boys High School Wayaro was finally inaugurated on 12th September 2017 (Tuesday) by the Honorable Chief Guest - Mr. Mujeeb ur Reman, Deputy Commissioner, District Lasbela (Baluchistan). Mr. Rehman was accompanied by Colonel Juneed Akbar - Commandant Awaran Militia (Baluchistan), and Manager Programs - Mr. Sheheryar N. Khan, OSDI.

To celebrate the event a grand ceremony was organized by OSDI in which other senior dignitaries from the government and private sector were also invited to witness the school transformation. Students of GBHS Wayaro prepared a special tableau acknowledging our efforts themed “Shukriya OSDI” along with songs and a P.T. show. Guard of Honor was also presented before the guests by District Lasbela Scouts.

DEO, Mr. Azeem Sajidi thanked OSDI for affirmatively responding on the reconstruction and renovation work of GBHS Wayaro. He said that, “Unlike other ngo’s working in the district OSDI has accomplished this challenging task with ownership.”

Principal of GBHS, Mr. Ghulam Rasool said, “Initially they felt OSDI would step back after seeing the amount of repair work required in this school but, the dedication of OSDI team in completing this project has changed his views.”


OSDI initiates KG Project in village Miru Suleiman:

To ensure food safety net for the vulnerable people living in the targeted community of Miru Suleiman, District Lasbela (Baluchistan), OSDI initiated its Kitchen Garden Project (K.G.). Under this project fresh and nutritious vegetables and fruits are made easily accessible to the people minimizing their kitchen expenses to PKR 1500 – PKR 2000 per month.

On 11th September 2017 (Monday), as per the discussion with Mr. Meer Muhammad - Chairman of Water Management Committee (WMC) formed by OSDI the community showed interest in harvesting more than half acres of brinjal, green chili and coriander.

OSDI facilitated the villagers with 10 grams of hyber seeds and 300 grams of local seed of green chilies, half kg of coriander and half acre seedlings of brinjal.


Inauguration of FC Public School:

OSDI successfully achieved another milestone on 14th September 2017 (Thursday), as the newly constructed Frontier Constabulary Public School (FCPS) Bela’s academic block was inaugurated by the Founder Trustee – Mr. Aasim A. Siddiqui. This project has been completed in a short span of 04 months.

The new academic block has been constructed as a part of school expansion project in which the school has been upgraded from middle to high school. OSDI has built 06 spacious and airy classrooms for students. The building also has both male and female separate washrooms having 03 compartments each.

The size of each newly constructed classroom is 20 * 16 ft. and up to 20 students per class can be accommodated easily. The school administration organized a grand ceremony to celebrate the occasion, in which students’ demonstrated a special tableau, delivered speech, and sang a song.

Later on, Mr. Siddiqui distributed gifts to the achievers who participated in the competition “Mera Pakistan say Ahd e Wafa?” organized by OSDI. The senior management of FCPS was grateful to Mr. Siddiqui for visiting their school and being a part of their celebration.


OSDI celebrates Independence Day in Baluchistan:

On 12th August 2017, senior officials of OSDI visited Government Middle School, Ahora in U.C. Wayaro and F.C. Public School in Tehsil Bela to celebrate 70 glorious years of Pakistan’s Independence. OSDI’s representative Mr. Siddiqui briefed the audience about the significance of this day and the role of students in making Pakistan more successful. An exclusive function had been organized by the dynamic management of the F.C. Public School. The enthusiastic students of F.C. Public School (Bela) performed on various tableaus, speeches, songs with great zest and zeal. To promote an air of healthy competition in students of both the schools; OSDI conducted a quiz based on the unique features of Pakistan in which special gift hampers were distributed to winning pupils.

Altogether 125 students of GMS Ahora and more than 200 students of F.C. Public School wholeheartedly enjoyed the event. OSDI also gave goody bags to all the children after the event. The principal, teachers, and other administration staff of both the schools appreciated the efforts of OSDI in making the day special and memorable for students.


Furniture Donation to GBHS Wayaro:

On August 14, 2017 (Monday) the district Lasbela team (Baluchistan) of OSDI handed over 120 students desks to the management of Government Boys High School Wayaro. The support for renovation and reconstruction of this school was initiated by the District Education Department during the baseline survey.

The total strength of male students in this school is 376. Due to negligence of the concerned officials the lives of these innocent children was at stake as the infrastructure of the school building was on the verge of collapsing any time. Furthermore, the furniture of this school was broken and required repair.

Upon adoption of this school, OSDI appointed engineers and constructers to facilitate in the reconstruction process. The renovation of this school is almost completed and would soon be inaugurated. As of now the furniture donated by OSDI includes 80 student desks for higher section and 40 for the primary section.


SWP Implemented in Bano Hussain and Miru Suleiman Goth:

Water is the basic need for survival of all living beings. In the targeted communities of Bano Hussain and Miru Sulemain OSDI has facilitated with Solar Water Project (SWP). Each village comprises of 20 households having atleast 140 people residing in them.

The drilling work at Bano Hussain began on 24th July 2017 (Monday) and work in Miru Suleiman was initiated on 07th August 2017 (Monday). The depth of bore done in both these villages is 150 feet.

Soon after the bore, 06 inches D class installation of casing was completed. The 1.6 KHz solar system including panels, frames, steel cables, delivery pipes, inverters, inverter box and summer installation work was completed in both these communities on 15th August 2017 (Tuesday).

According to the Pakistan Solar Services representative the system is capable to pump 28,800 liters of water per day which is far more than the requirement of the entire village.


Plants Donated in Focused Communities of Lasbela:

In the focused vulnerable villages of Bano Hussain and Miro Suleiman OSDI distributed plants on Thursday, 17th August 2017. Altogether, 210 plants were provided to both these villages.

Besides this, OSDI also donated 220 plants to the targeted community of Faqeera Goth on 19th August 2017 (Saturday).

The villagers were guided by OSDI’s field team to start sowing these plants soon. Under NRM (Natural Resource Management), OSDI plans to do extensive plantation in its focused areas of District Lasbela (Baluchistan) aiming to beautify the area and create a source to lower the temperature during summers.

The people of both these communities were excited to participate actively in this cause and thanked OSDI for facilitating them.


Celebrating 70 years of Freedom:

In celebration of Pakistan’s 70 glorious years of Independence as a Free Muslim State on the upcoming (Monday) 14th August 2017; OSDI’s diligent staff prepares more than 1000 goody bags for the little angels studying in our supporting schools in district Lasbela, Baluchistan.

Each goody bag contains a stationary pouch, a pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, biscuit, flag and few candies. The pouches have been prepared to facilitate the students with “Back to School” theme; since the schools have reopened after the summer break of two months.

OSDI is grateful to its helpful Support Staff who whole heartedly helped us in completing this task.


Baseline Survey conducted in U.C. Jhung Shahi:

In the month of June 2017, a thorough baseline survey was conducted in the Union Council of JhungShahi, District Thatta (Sindh). It is located at a distance of approximately 13 kilometers from Thatta region. The purpose of the study was to analyze the current situation of inhabitants of the area in the perspective of the various sectors of Livelihood, Health, WASH and Education.

During the survey, 55% females and 45% male respondents were surveyed from 169 households of the following four vulnerable villages i- e. Juriyal Burfat Goth, Pir Muhammad Gajjan Goth, Saleh Muhammad Burfat Goth and Siki Ladho Burfat Goth. It was observed that merely 22% of the respondents were literate. Due to unavailability of electricity or gas the residents use firewood for cooking purpose. These villages do not have the access to WASH or any kind of sanitation facility nor do they have any primary health-care facility present. Even the roads are rough and bumpy.

According to 35% of the respondents there was no food to eat in the house because of lack of resources to get food on numerous occasions in the past few days. In the near future, OSDI intends to initiate its programs in these deprived communities to create a positive difference in the lives of these under-privileged villagers.


Two days Mobile Medical Camp held in Bhambri:

In the distant revenue village of Bhambri, U.C. Wayaro, district Lasbela (Baluchistan), OSDI initiated a two days Mobile Medical Camp on 4th & 5th August 2017 (Friday & Saturday). It was for the first time any sort of health facilitation had been provided to the ailing patients in this rocky mountainous area.

During the two days medical camp 411 patients were treated amongst which 203 were males and 208 were females. Majority of the patients complained about gastric issues and were found severely anemic. Knowing about the free mobile medical camp being organized within the vicinity; patients from more than 13 villages reached the site to avail free treatment. The committed medical team comprised of two male doctors, a female and three male paramedical staff.

Later on, a health & hygiene session was conducted by OSDI’s field staff to educate the children to keep themselves clean in order to stay healthy. An awareness campaign was conducted in 06 vulnerable villages of Sadiq Goth, Fateh Goth, Muhammad Goth, Hussain Goth, Haji Goth and Mir Muhammad Goth by OSDI’s district team prior to organizing the mobile medical camp. The villagers were grateful to the OSDI and FC Baluchistan for coming so far to facilitate them.


OSDI gets thumbs up from Government’s Education Department:

On 26th July 2017, (Wednesday), the District Education Officer (DEO) – Lasbela, Mr. Azeem Sajidi visited the Government Boys High School, Wayaro to observe the construction work being done by OSDI to repair the entire school infrastructure.

He was accompanied by few other senior government officials who included Haji Naveed Hashmi Sahab – District Officer (DO), Mr. Arshad Iqbal - District Project Officer NRSP (DPO) and Mr. Muneer Ahmed – Coordinator UNICEF. Upon his visit Mr. Sajidi was given a briefing by OSDI’s field representatives about the work being done in each and every section. He was very excited to see the progressive change being brought in by OSDI in the school building.

According to him, “I have never seen this kind of quality work being done before by an NGO or any other line department in district Lasbela; ever since I have been here for the past 5 years. Never has anyone worked in all the sectors of a school like providing safe drinking water facility, furniture repair and quality renovation of entire school infrastructure along with doing plantation for beautification”.

Furthermore, he stated that upon completion of the repair work a grand ceremony would be organized by the Education department and senior officials from the education department of Baluchistan would be invited to attend.


Hingol National Park Joins OSDI to Beautify District Lasbela:

Amongst a few protected areas of Pakistan is Hingol National Park. This glorious destination is located on the Makran coast on Baluchistan province. The park is known for its variety of plants, trees and wild animals.

Acknowledging, OSDI’s earnest efforts to create a positive impact in the under-privileged areas of district Lasbela, Baluchistan, the management of Hingol National Park joint us to make a difference. On 19th July 2017, (Wednesday) the management of HNP generously donated 200 plants to OSDI.

Since, OSDI intends to do green carpet coverage in its focused areas to not only create beautification but also aid the vulnerable villagers by contributing its share to help in minimizing the temperature levels. Due to the massive heat and unavailability of water most of the plants donated are draught resistant and consume less water. Tamarind (Imli), Pithecellobium dulce (Jungle Jalebi), Azadirachta indica (Neem), Nerium Oleander (Kareer) and Conocarpus plant, etc. are a few plants shared.

In the coming days, the first phase of extensive plantation would be completed by OSDI and soon visible outcomes would be witnessed .


GMC organized in revenue village of Ahora:

On Friday 14th July 2017, OSDI held it’s fifth General Medical Camp (GMC) in the revenue village of Ahora, U.C. Wayaro, district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The district team of OSDI visited 16 villages from the under privileged areas of Ahora and Retalera for the awareness campaign.

The community was not only briefed about the free check-ups, treatment and distribution of medicines but they were also informed about the first health & hygiene (HH) awareness session that was planned to educate people about the necessity of cleanliness for a healthy life.

During the one day GMC, 578 male and female patients were aided with medical assistance by two male and a female government doctor. To further the cause F.C. Militia also joint hands with OSDI and extended their support by facilitating with male and female paramedical staff, an ambulance and enumerators along with security.

The medical camp started at 8:30am and ended at 4:00pm. People from more than 20 adjacent villages attended the GMC for medical treatment and free medication. The community was very thankful to OSDI for arranging this GMC and appreciated the tips shared for staying fit during the two H&H sessions.


Vaccination of Livestock in District Mardan:

In the vulnerable community of village Saeedabad, U.C. Rustam, district Mardan (KPK), OSDI has been vaccinating the livestock against a respiratory disease called, “Haemorrhagic Septicaemia”. This disease is also known as “Ghunddari” in the local Pushto language.

Uptil now 123 cows and buffaloes have been successfully vaccinated by OSDI’s veterinary officials. In the coming days livestock of Surkaway, Shahtoro, Ahonddara,Pirsai, Badam and Jara villages would also be vaccinated along with the support of the local government. Due to the outspread of this disease in 2016, villagers of these areas suffered a huge loss of their animals.

OSDI’s district team of Mardan has been educating the villagers on how to keep their livestock healthy and maintain the cleanliness of their livestock shelters to keep them safe from such diseases.


Repairing and Reconstruction work begins in Govt. School Wayaro

Keeping in line with our mission to provide an easy access to quality education for the children living in the vulnerable communities of Pakistan; OSDI has recently initiated the repairing and reconstruction work in the Government Boys High School, Wayaro. This school has been a victim of severe negligence by the concerned authorities, since quite some-time.

This year, OSDI in collaboration with the local government and under the supervision of a law enforcement agency organized a GMC to facilitate the ailing patients in 52 degree Celsius temperature.

Innocent life’s of 376 students were at stake as the ceiling of the school was on the verge of falling any time. The doors, windows, walls of the entire infrastructure were damaged and broken. Upon intervention it was observed that there were naked electrical wires loosely hanging from the broken walls of the classrooms. The furniture too needed urgent repair. The District Education Officer of Wayaro approached OSDI to look into the matter.

The repairing and reconstruction work has started on Saturday, 17th June 2017. OSDI's appointed engineer and field team is keenly focusing on every minute detail to ensure quality raw material is used by the contractor; special strong quality sand is being utilized from Hub Nadi to keep the infrastructure intact for long.


OSDI donates PKR 2.9m for School Construction

In line with our ideology to promote and impart quality education to the under-privileged rural communities of Pakistan. OSDI recently donated a generous amount worth PKR 2.9 million to F.C. Public School, Bela for the expansion of the school project on Friday, 26 th May 2017.

This year, OSDI in collaboration with the local government and under the supervision of a law enforcement agency organized a GMC to facilitate the ailing patients in 52 degree Celsius temperature.

Under this expansion project, an academic block and an administrative block shall be built. The construction of an academic block is being funded by OSDI having 6 airy and spacious classrooms. Currently, 306 students are acquiring education in this school in which 236 are males and 70 are female students.

Manager Programs – Mr. Sheheryar Nadeem Khan along with other OSDI's representatives were present on the occasion. Col. Juneed Akbar - Commandant, Awaran Militia (FC South) Tehsil Bela (Baluchistan) and the school management was thankful to OSDI for its healthy contribution.


Lady Doctor Visits Moza Ghicharee after 21 years

On 20th May 2016 (Saturday), OSDI along with the support of Frontier Corps Baluchistan and District Government organized the 4th General Medical Camp in Moosa Goth, Moza Ghicharee, district Lasbela, Baluchistan. It’s a rough mountainous area which comprises of more than 15 vulnerable villages located at a distance of 5 -10 kms from each other. People residing in these areas earn their living by either rearing livestock or working as laborers on mountains. It has been more than 7 years that this area has not witnessed any rainfall due to which the wells have gone dry and there is no access of fresh and safe drinking water.

OSDI conducted a two days extensive awareness raising campaign in 12 villages comprising of almost 125 households regarding the Free General Medical Camp. The villagers were informed about the coming of a female doctor and health team. Last time a female doctor visited the locality in 1996. The health team comprised of 3 male doctors, 2 male practicing paramedical staff, 1 female doctor, 2 Lady Health Workers and a Social Mobilizer.

The villagers were also informed that free medication would be provided to all the ailing patients. Altogether, 275 male and female patients were treated at this one day GMC. It is also worth sharing that it was for the first time that an ambulance came in this area. The patients were thankful to OSDI and F.C. Baluchistan for extending health facilitations in their vicinity.


OSDI constructs a Solar Powered Water Plant in Faqeera Goth

Life without water is unimaginable however, only a few people are fortunate to have an access to safe drinking water the rest are left with no choice but to consume impure water with high levels of Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS). The highly vulnerable community of Faqeera Goth is one such example.

The village comprises of 55 households having an estimated population of 500 people. The community had installed a small solar water hand-pump to fulfill the water requirements of the village. But, the quantity of water flow was highly insufficient to meet the daily requirement. To make the matters worst only 5 ft water was left.

OSDI intervened to facilitate this under privileged community by installing solar water panels and boring whereas the community on the other hand also contributed 20% as its share in the project. The bore has been dug 250 ft deep to access fresh and sweet safe drinking water.

The villagers were so jovial that one village representative stated that, ”OSDI has come as a blessing for us”. In future, OSDI plans to provide a water storage tank with a capacity to store 5000 litres of water.


Government Boys School, Wayaro is facilitated with Safe Drinking Water

Due to the continuous negligence by the concerned authorities the condition of Government Boys School, Wayaro (Baluchistan) is severely deteriorating. From damaged infrastructure to broken furniture; the school needs urgent attention. Currently, 376 students study in this school; ceiling of which can fall any time. Even though, the school had 135 ft deep boring but unfortunately the water was inaccessible.

As a result students faced a lot of difficulty as many of them had to travel more than 2 kms on foot daily to reach school and without water they had to attend their classes.

Upon the request of the district government, OSDI has installed an 8 inch casing, solar panels and set DC system in the Government Boys School, Wayaro (Baluchistan). This solar water pump has the capacity to give more than 14,000 liters of water per day which is more than the requirement of the school children and teachers. Not only would this water system be sufficient for the school but it can also be consumed by the village market, mosque, government dispensary and police chowk.

The school management was grateful to OSDI for completing this project during summer vacations so students can be easily access water during the upcoming session.


OSDI organized a two days GMC during Hinglaj Yatra

Nani Mandir or Mata Hinglaj’s temple is located in Hinglaj, a town on the Makran coast, within the Hingol National Park, in district Lasbela, Baluchistan province. Every year more than 100,000 Hindu pilgrims travel from across the country and abroad to pay homage to one of the most sacred gods, “Mata Hinglaj”..

This year, OSDI in collaboration with the local government and under the supervision of a law enforcement agency organized a GMC to facilitate the ailing patients in 52 degree Celsius temperature.

The diligent team consisting of OSDI’s health experts, field team and head office officials arranged for a two day medical camp on 29th and 30th April 2017. Altogether, 901 patients who were severely ill which includes 537 males and 364 females were treated. It is also worth mentioning that there were 108 children from the age bracket of 0-12 years amongst the ailing patients.

OSDI arranged for the free medicines to be distributed to the un-well patients upon consultation and diagnoses during the two day GMC. The medical team consisted of two male doctors and two practicing paramedical staff. Most of the patients who arrived at the GMC suffered from muscle cramps, dehydration, gastritis and minor injuries, etc.

The Hindu community, government officials and law enforcement agency whole-heartedly thanked the efforts of OSDI for extending their medical facilitations. As per one of the government health official such a medical camp has taken place after 17 years.

In future, OSDI plans to organize another GMC in another remote area of district Lasbela, Baluchistan.


OSDI officials visit F.C. Public School

On 11th May 2017 (Thursday), OSDI’s senior officials visited F.C. Public School, district Bela, Baluchistan to monitor the new academic block construction work.

The currently ongoing build up is a part of the expansion process through which the school shall be upgraded from middle to high school. As of now, 306 students are enrolled in this institute from which 70 are female students and 236 are male students.

During the detailed meeting with the school administration it was observed that the school was imparting quality education to children in accordance with the modern teaching pedagogies and best knowledge sharing practices. The primary sections were being gradually upgraded making them more interactive and colorful to motivate the child to learn.

Participation of students in various indoor and outdoor games and competitions was ensured by teachers at all levels. To keep the teachers interest intact in students they were regularly counseled and facilitated through various activities.

Besides this, considering the vulnerability of the surrounding communities the school was also offering vocational trainings such as knitting, sewing, stitching, cooking and glass painting classes to uneducated and female headed households.

Males who unfortunately could not acquire education due to lack of awareness or unfavorable circumstances were being provided with computer literacy and English proficiency classes to enhance their capacity building. In future, the management of F.C. Public School plans to further enhance the quality and standard of education being delivered to the students.


OSDI conducts a Baseline Survey in Lasbela district, Baluchistan

13th April 2017: Upon a successful exit from the targeted communities of Shikarpur, Khairpur, Matiari and Jacobabad (Sindh), OSDI has conducted a baseline survey in the rural community of U.C Wayaro, Lasbela district Baluchistan. This baseline survey was conducted to analyze the level of vulnerability within the selected villages.

Unfortunately the results generated reveal an immense gap between the community and authorities. It was diagnosed that this region is severely deprived of basic facilities for survival such as education, health-care, clean drinking water, sanitation, energy and above all food security.

Data was collected from 167 households from 21 villages divided into 6 clusters of UC Wayaro of district Lasbela. 84 female respondents and 83 male respondents were interviewed during the survey. It was observed that only 24% of the respondents could read or write while 84% were illiterate. The female illiteracy ratio is 99% in this region.

Overall, the average income of the households is PKR 10,299/- while the average expenditure of the household is PKR 12,795/- which again negatively impacts the sustainability level of a household. Only 21% households have their own tube wells or fetch water from just outside their home, while the remaining 77% of the population has to fetch water from a distance of upto 1km from their homes.

Based on the research conducted OSDI plans to examine and accordingly penetrate within the selected targeted communities along with the support of the local government.


614 ailing patients treated at OSDI’s one day GMC

10th April 2017: In continuation with our strategy to serve the under-privileged communities with commitment and dedication. OSDI in coordination with District Health Office, Government of Baluchistan and Hassan Jamot Foundation organized the second General Medical Camp in Uthal UC Wayaro, District Lasbela, Baluchistan on Saturday, 8th April 2017.

People from 22 adjacent villages attended the one day GMC. Awareness raising campaigns including mobilization to participate in the camp was completed a week before in all targeted villages. OSDI field teams went from door to door to inform the community about the medical camp in a systematic manner. The diligent team of doctors arranged by OSDI diagnosed and treated 246 males and 368 females and during the one day GMC. Altogether medical assistance was provided to 614 patients which includes 292 children under the age group of 0 – 12 years.

It is the highest turnover of patients in a single day GMC's organized by OSDI.

According to one of the Sub Health Center representative, “It was for the first time in 17 years that such a medical camp had been arranged”.

Free medicines were also distributed to the ailing patients on the occasion. The community was grateful to the management of OSDI for extending their support in the far-fetched area of Baluchistan.

In near future, OSDI plans to initiate more such projects to create sustainability within the rural community of Lasbela, Baluchistan alongwith the government’s support.


Sindh Education Foundation signed the Memorandum of Understanding

24th Oct 2016: The school in Shikarpur district, Malhee and Jacobabad district, Nawab Khan Burirro were established in the most populated areas of the district; what started from one room as a temporary learning Centre now has a proper infrastructure. OSDI successfully exited Shikarpur and Jacobabad by signing a Memorandum of Understanding to officially hand over the financial and administrative responsibilities to Sindh Education Foundation for the sustainability of the project.


Ted Talks at SZABIST

9th Oct 2016: Aasim Siddiqui, the Founder Trustee of OSDI was given the honor of presenting at the Ted Talk at SZABIST University. He spoke about his endless efforts since the past seven years of eradicating poverty in Pakistan, which also is the first sustainable development goal, identified by the UN. He was touched by the country’s socio-economic situation and the urge to improve the status-quo of the country motivated him to put the CSR funds to a good use. He made OSDI’s main goal to improve the lives of the people as he believes: ‘If you are trying to do something good, miracles will happen’.


8th phase of Livestock Development Project (LDP) successfully completed in Mardan

10th September 2016: The 8th phase of the project was successfully completed in Mardan. In total 25 beneficiaries were provided livestock in consultation with veterinary doctors. The beneficiaries were satisfied by the money disbursed to them, by the purchase price of the animals and by the selling price of the livestock. The beneficiaries purchased livestock on a low market price, reared it and then sold the animals on Eid-ul Azha and made a profit on them.


13th phase of Agricultural Development project successfully completed in Jacobabad

30th April 20116: Jacobabad witnessed the 13th successful phase of the Agricultural Development Project. The program was carried out in four villages: Alan Jat, Jawain Khan Burirro, Muhammad Siddique Arain and Nawab Khan Burirro of district Jacobabad. 100 beneficiaries were benefitted from the success of the project. The total loan disbursed was PKR 4.2 million. Two types of wheat seed variety (local seed and chemically treated seed (TD1)) were cultivated. Average per acre production of the local seed was 18 Maunds per acre and the average production of the chemically treated seed was 31.4 Maunds per acres. Total production of the wheat crop was 6,584.5 maunds in 244 acre.


Deworming activity conducted in Schools

30th April 2016: The third round of School Based Deworming Program (SBDP) was conducted in April 2016. Students along with the teachers and other staff members were educated on the importance of hygiene and how to take care of their personal hygiene. Inoculation of anthelmintic was given and students were also provided with nutritional supplement.




Kitchen Gardens blooming well in district Matiari

16th June 2015: In the focused village of Jamal Hajano in district Matiari, members of the Kitchen Garden Project (KG) expressed happiness about the upcoming Ramadan season. According to Mr. Wali Muhammad, “Every year we witness a raise in the market prices during Ramadan. However, this year we need not worry as we have plenty of fresh vegetables for our consumption and that too free of cost”.

Most beneficiaries have sown cluster beans, round gourd, ridge gourd, ladyfingers and apple gourd in their backyards. Beneficiaries not only consume these vegetables themselves but also share them with their neighbours and friends.

Those who exceed the vegetable production prefer to sell their produce in the market to generate some extra income.


Second dose of Hepatitis vaccination conducted in village MSA

12th June 2015: The health staff of OSDI arranged for the second dose of Hepatitis vaccination in the vulnerable community of Muhammad Siddique Arain in district Jacobabad on Thursday, 4th June 2015. The promotional activities for the medical camp had begun one week earlier.

Before the provision of the vaccinations, an awareness session on health and hygiene was conducted for the entire community during which people were briefed about safety measures. Following this, OSDI’s dispenser vaccinated the male members of the community and the females were attended to by the Lady Health Workers (LHWs).

A total of 122 people were vaccinated during this campaign.


General Medical Camp set up in village Jawan Khan Burirro

9th June 2015: On Wednesday, 27th May 2015, a General Medical Camp (GMC) was organized in the focused community of Jawan Khan Burirro in district Jacobabad. The qualified health team of OSDI informed the villagers three days before the activity.

villagers three days before the activity. The lady doctor treated 42 patients during this camp. Most of the patients complained of suffering from seasonal diseases such as fever, flu, cough and a few had gastric issues. The health staff also delivered a session on the necessity of maintaining health through hygiene to create awareness amongst the community members.

The villagers thanked OSDI for organizing this GMC in their village.


Awareness Session conducted for ADP beneficiaries on Soil Testing

5th June 2015: OSDI organized a one-day awareness session on soil testing in village Jawan Khan Burirro in district Jacobabad. The purpose of this was to have a discussion with the beneficiaries regarding soil analysis reports.

OSDI’s agro expert explained in detail the different types of soil and the various techniques needed to enhance productivity of the crop, such as through soil amendments, change of fertilizer, nutrients and supplements. Beneficiaries were also provided guidance regarding land preparation, crop handling and pesticide (disease) management.

The agro expert also answered the queries of ADP beneficiaries in detail and assured OSDI’s full support in providing them assistance. The beneficiaries appreciated the efforts of OSDI in conducting this informative session.


Distribution of Syllabus Books in GBPS village Jamal Hajano

2nd June 2015: The students of the OSDI supported Government Boys Primary School in village Jamal Hajano in district Matiari have recently been provided syllabus books for the new academic year.

The district team of Matiari coordinated with the Government’s Education Department to provide the books, which were received enthusiastically by the happy and hardworking students.

On this occasion, class teachers appreciated the ongoing efforts of OSDI to provide quality education in the community.


OSDI finances a beneficiary for Bricks Making Business

30th May 2015: Under its Small Rural Enterprises Project (SREP), OSDI has financed a 37 year old beneficiary named Sardraz Khan living in the under-privileged community of Saeedabad, district Mardan. He is the only bread earner for a family of 7 members. As a laborer he used to work at a block construction plant earning only PKR 7,000/- per month.

He was unable to fulfill the day-to-day requirements of his family because of his low income and upon finding out about OSDI’s micro-financing project he shared his intention to initiate a small bricks and blocks preparation business in his own village Nawa Kheli in district Mardan.

OSDI provided him PKR 97,880/- to purchase material and equipment to set up this business. It is estimated that with this financial assistance Sardraz would be able to generate PKR 17,213/-per month, giving him a monthly increase of PKR 10,213/- over his former income, which should greatly improve the living conditions of his family.

Sardraz is thankful to OSDI for providing him a loan to finally fulfill his dreams.


Hepatitis camp held in village Sukhio Mir Jatt

26th May 2015: Under the Hepatitis Prevention & Control Program a one day medical camp was set up in the vulnerable community of Sukhio Mir Jatt in district Matiari. 40 people were screened and vaccinated against the disease.

One patient was discovered as being Hepatitis B positive and 13 were suffering from Hepatitis C. The qualified health staff of OSDI provided medicines to the ailing patients and further referred them for treatment.

To date 8897 people have been screened, 8553 people have been administered with vaccination shots and 142 patients are being treated under this program of OSDI.


One Day Training conducted on Data Management

22nd May 2015: Recently a one day training session was organized at OSDI’s Shikarpur office for the health staff working in districts Jacobabad and Shikarpur. The primary aim was to educate the Lady Health Workers (LHWs) and Dispensers working at OSDI regarding data handling & compilation.

The health staff was informed by a trainer of the significance of gathering and maintaining data to process it for further use.

The trainer not only used theoretical methodologies but also arranged for a group activity to ensure the content was being understood.


USAID Team visits OSDI’s supported GBPS – Jamal Hajano

19th May 2015: On Thursday, 14th May 2015, a team of professionals from USAID along with a representative from the government’s Education Department visited OSDI’s supported Government Boys Primary School in village Jamal Hajano in district Matiari.

92 students were present in the school at the time of this surprise visit and the officials visited with the intention of conducting a survey measuring the quality of education being imparted at Government schools in Bhanotth.

The team comprised of 3 representatives from USAID and a Government officer. The teachers informed the visiting team about efforts made by OSDI to renovate the school infrastructure, construct a new classroom and distribute health & hygiene kits, school bags and stationary.


First Hepatitis camp organized in village Muhammad Siddique Arain

15th May 2015: In the community of Muhammad Siddique Arain in district Jacobabad, OSDI organized the first Hepatitis camp on Wednesday, 6th May 2015. The core aim of this was to provide treatment to patients with this disease and vaccinate the remaining community.

OSDI initiated the Hepatitis Prevention & Control Program under the Chief Minister’s Initiative for Hepatitis free Sindh. A total number of 122 people were screened and vaccinated and treatment was provided to the Hepatitis positive patients.

Out of the 44 males and 78 females screened, 5 males and 2 females were identified as Hepatitis B+ while 7 males and 5 females were diagnosed as Hepatitis C+. The qualified health staff of OSDI administered the patients with the first dose of medicine.

This was followed by an awareness session which was meant to mobilize the community to consume clean drinking water and focus on hygiene.


Distribution of Mosquito Nets in district Matiari

12th May 2015: Mosquitoes tend to multiply during the rainy and humid seasons, increasing the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria in these times.

OSDI has been making efforts to help protect underprivileged communities from this disease by conducting health & hygiene awareness sessions every week and collaborating with the District Government to fumigate entire communities.

On Thursday, 30th April 2015, OSDI distributed mosquito nets and net cans in the focused community of Sukhio Mir Jat in district Matiari. 70 vulnerable households have been facilitated under this initiative of the Malaria Prevention & Control Program with 50% of the contribution being made by them and 50% by OSDI.

Representatives of Community Based Organization, district government officials, teachers and OSDI’s staff were present during this event.


Kitchen Garden (KG) Awareness Session in Mari Muhammad Khan

8th May 2015: To educate students about the importance of healthy and nutritious vegetables in their daily diet, OSDI organized a kitchen garden awareness session in the Government Primary School in village Mari Muhammad Khan in district Matiari on Thursday, 30th April 2015.

The primary purpose of this session was to inform the students about vegetable sowing and irrigation practices, the ways of identifying pests and how to implement remedies and precautionary measures. The students enjoyed learning new methodologies for vegetable cultivation and harvesting. OSDI’s official in charge of the Education Program, the District Head of Matiari, members from the Community Based Organization and Government teachers also attended the event.

The Agro Expert at OSDI asked the students questions regarding vegetable identification, nutrients and ways of consumption. Practical demonstration was also performed to show the proper sowing methods to the children. The students took keen interest in this science activity.


Annual Results announcement and Textbooks distribution in Jacobabad

5th May 2015: To appreciate the efforts of hardworking students in the final exams, OSDI organized an Annual Results Announcement Ceremony on Thursday, 30th April 2015. The event took place in the OSDI supported Government Primary School in village Jawan Khan Burirro, district Jacobabad.

Students of kindergarten and grade I thoroughly enjoyed the event and were glad to see their parents, teachers and members of the OSDI formed village organization celebrating their success. Schools Bags and stationery items were also distributed by OSDI on this occasion.

The ceremony began with a few verses from the Holy Quran, after which students participated in a debate competition and a quiz competition. This was followed by refreshments for all guests and attendants. A senior official of OSDI applauded the efforts of both students and teachers.


Educational awareness session held in village Badam

2nd May 2015: In the high hills of Mardan in Khyber Paktunkhwa lies the village Badam - one of the focus villages of OSDI. Since intervention in this community began, the organization has been striving to create positive impact by enlightening people about the importance of education.

On 24th April 2015, the Head of District Mardan organized a meeting to make the villagers aware about the significance of education in their lives and the lives of their children. Almost 80 students currently study at the Temporary Learning Center (TLC) built by OSDI in Badam Primary Model School (BPMS) where quality primary education is being delivered.

Parents, community elders and village organization (VO) were invited to share their views on the education awareness efforts and encouraged to increase the enrollment of children in school.


Learning through Informal Modes of Teaching

29th April 2015: To make the learning experience more fun and interactive, formal and informal classroom activities were encouraged by OSDI with the assistance of a representative from ACTED, an international NGO.

On 23rd April 2015, this representative visited OSDI’s supported Government Primary School in village Jawan Khan Burirro, district Jacobabad to share educational play tools with students and involve them in informal learning methodologies. The 63 students at this school benefited from this experience.


School Books Distributed in OSDI Primary Model School

28th April 2015: In a ceremony arranged on 22nd April 2015, the students from Nursery to Class 5 of OSDI Primary Model School Malhee were given course books. OSDI approached the Government AEDO to facilitate the students with the syllabus books for the new academic calendar.

The Government provided 10 sets of books for Nursery students, 40 book sets for Class I, 20 book sets for Class II, 24 book sets for Class III, 8 book sets for Class IV and 9 book sets for students of Class V. Community representatives, teachers and parents were present at this occasion and appreciated this initiative of OSDI and the government.


Breast Cancer Awareness session attended by District Matiari Team

24th April 2015: The District Team of Matiari attended a Breast Cancer awareness session on Saturday, 18th April 2015. The event was organized by the DCO office to highlight the health issues of women suffering from this dreadful disease.

Representatives from the social sector, members of government organizations, female politicians, health officials and educationists were present. Altogether people from 12 non-governmental organizations participated in the awareness session. The participants were informed about the health camp held in district Mirpurkhas in which 192 females were diagnosed as Breast Cancer positive and their treatment has already been initiated free of cost.

It was also stated that the Government subsequently plans to screen the females of district Matiari. The Government officials requested for the support of all the participants to make the female health awareness campaign a success in Matiari district.


Annual Examination Results 2015 have been announced

21st April 2015: The dedicated students of OSDI Primary Model School, village Malhee, and the Government Primary School, village Godho Shar in district Shikarpur happily attended the annual result day along with their parents and teachers. The ceremony took place on 16th April 2015 in which a senior official of OSDI was invited as a chief guest.

In order to boost the morale of hard-working students so they may study harder, cash awards and prizes were distributed. The cash prizes were awarded to Baby Sanam who scored the highest position in the OSDI Primary Model School and to Ghulam Mustafa who scored the highest position in the Government Primary School. Students who performed well in studies and extra-curricular activities were also given souvenirs such as school bags and geometry boxes.

The community applauded the efforts of OSDI in constructing a school in Malhee village and in making quality education accessible to their children.


Maternal & Child Health-care training session conducted in district Shikarpur

17th April 2015: Maternal and Child Health-care are matters of great concern for the people residing in the rural communities of Pakistan. OSDI has been making efforts in its focused villages to mobilize the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) and Dais to educate them about the safe delivery procedures.

The participants were informed about basic knowledge of pre and post natal procedures, utilization of medical equipment and essential medicines. Referral points for high risk patients were also discussed during this training. The doctor also emphasized on the importance of adequate nutritional intake by the expecting mother and on the need to maintain the overall hygiene of the patient and the child while performing the delivery.

During this four day training the participants were given instruction though theoretical and practical sessions to ensure comprehension. The practical demonstration session was conducted in Ganga Bai Government Hospital in district Shikarpur.

The District Health Officer was also present along with the TBAs, Dais, Lady Health Workers (LHWs) and OSDI’s health staff at this occasion.


Kitchen Garden flourishes well in village JKB and NKB

14th April 2015: The primary aim of OSDI’s Kitchen Garden Project (K.G) is to provide food security and income generation to the vulnerable households.

People with nominal incomes, no assets and insufficient food supply opt to grow Kitchen Gardens in their courtyard or backyard’s vacant space.

Most beneficiaries chose to grow spinach, coriander, cauliflower, tomato, onion, lady finger and green chillies at home. A few beneficiaries exchanged their home grown nutritious vegetables with their neighbours in exchange for other types of edibles or gifted them while the majority consumed the produce.

The people of village Jawan Khan Burirro and Nawab Khan Burirro, district Jacobabad enjoy having easy access to healthy and nutritious home grown vegetables


Training Session on Livestock Management conducted in district Matiari

10th April 2015: The third phase of the Livestock Development Project (LDP) has recently been implemented in the vulnerable communities of district Matiari. In order to facilitate the selected beneficiaries under this project, the district team of Matiari organized a training session to educate the LDP members about livestock rearing practices.

OSDI’s appointed veterinary doctor conducted this session informing the members about fattening, herd increase, income generation, de-worming, vaccinations, overall health monitoring and feed preparation of animals.

Members were also given practical demonstrations in the livestock shelters along with theoretical explanations by the veterinary doctor. In the end, the LDP members thanked OSDI for conducting this livestock management session and vowed to utilize the skills learned.


Annual Examinations conducted in Jacobabad and Shikarpur district

6th April 2015: Recently, annual examinations have been conducted to monitor and evaluate the performance of students in the focused districts of Jacobabad and Shikarpur. Students appearing in the assessment were from the OSDI Primary Model School in village Malhee, from OSDI’s Temporary Learning Centers (TLC) in Godho Shar and Nawab Khan Burirro and from the Government Primary Boys School in village Jawan Khan Burirro in district Jacobabad.

Out of the 156 students enrolled in the OSDI Primary Model School 141 appeared in the annual examination 2014-2015 and 54 students from TLC in Godho Shar, district Shikarpur attempted the tests. The students were assessed on English, Sindhi, Mathematics and Drawing.

Representatives of OSDI’s district teams and teachers invigilated the students during the assessments.


OSDI initiates work in district Jaffarabad

3rd April 2015: In our mission to create positive change in the lives of the truly marginalized communities of Pakistan, OSDI recently conducted the first General Medical Camp (GMC) in village Shahmeer Mastoi, district Jaffarabad in Balochistan. The village comprises of around 140 under-privileged households.

It was a day-long pre-planned activity which involved trained paramedical staff, doctors and the health team of OSDI treating over 350 ailing patients from the vulnerable communities of adjacent villages as well.

OSDI conducted an extensive door-to-door marketing campaign and informed the community about the organization of the health camp in their village where patients would be treated and provided free medicines. The dedicated health staff at OSDI witnessed a huge turnout of people during this one day GMC in village Shahmeer Mastoi, where 111 male and 229 female patients were successfully examined and treated.

The entire community of village Shahmeer Mastoi and adjacent areas thanked OSDI for making an effort to come so far and facilitate them with medical assistance. People prayed whole-heartedly for the success of our ongoing and upcoming projects in the future.


Classroom inauguration in Government Primary School, village Jamal Hajano

31st March 2015: OSDI has been actively working to highlight the significance of education in the focused communities since intervention began. As a result of constant mobilization the number of out-of-school children has decreased.

On 25th March 2015 a classroom was constructed in the Government Primary School in Jamal Hajano, district Matiari. 10% of the contribution was made by the community and OSDI met the remaining expense.

Before intervention only 35 students were enrolled in this school of which only 25 students were regular attendants. Today 135 students are acquiring quality education due to OSDI’s relentless efforts. The teacher appointed by OSDI monitors the regular attendance of every student.

Representatives from the Community Based Organization (CBO), village elders, parents, teachers, students, community representatives and members of Alif Ailaan were present with OSDI’s district team to witness the inauguration of the classroom.


Oral Examinations conducted in Matiari

27th March 2015: On 21st March 2015, an oral exam was conducted in OSDI’s supported Government Primary Boys School in village Mari Muhammad Khan, district Matiari. The examination was administered by officials from the government’s Education Department and by representatives from Alif Ailaan.

Students were asked various questions relating to their studies and were graded accordingly by the government’s education team. Every child answered each question with confidence. In the closing remarks the representative from Alif Ailaan stated that, “He felt really happy with the progress made by the students of this school as it today stands amongst the top 4 best schools amongst the entire union council which has more than 50 schools under it”.

The government officials appreciated the efforts of OSDI and its teachers for guiding students towards progressive learning.


2nd session of Hepatitis Vaccinations in village Jawan Khan Burirro

24th March: Under the Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program, OSDI provides screening, vaccinations and treatment to its entire focused communities. In district Jacobabad the villagers of Jawan Khan Burirro had previously undergone screening tests and patients suffering from Hepatitis B or C were facilitated with further treatment.

The remaining community was inoculated against the hepatitis disease. On Tuesday 17th March 2015, almost 100 males, females and children were provided vaccinations by OSDI in the second session of Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program in the Jawan Khan Burirro community.

The entire village appreciated the efforts of OSDI in creating awareness about this disease in their community.


OSDI finances Gul Sher Kori for food cart

20th March 2015: In the focused community of Mari Muhammad Khan lives Gul Sher Kori, a 25-year-old educated young man. He is an unmarried youth belonging to a family of 8 members and has been left handicapped in one leg because of polio.

Kori approached OSDI seeking financial assistance under its Small Rural Enterprises Project (SREP) so he may initiate a food cart business within his village. OSDI financed him PKR 23,270 and he made a contribution of PKR 3,000, bringing the total cost of initiating a food cart business to PKR 26,270.

Gul Sher informed OSDI that he earns approximately PKR 1000 per day by selling food items and is able to generate a profit worth PKR 300 daily. He is grateful to OSDI for enabling him to earn independently.


Livestock Development Project (LDP) – Phase 3 begins in District Matiari

17th March 2015: Recently, Phase 3 of the Livestock Development Project (LDP) has been initiated in district Matiari. OSDI has financed 26 beneficiary households to purchase 36 oxens, 11 calves, 1 buffalo, 6 she-goats, 2 he-goats, 1 he-goat kid and 5 she-goat kids during this phase.

Through the LDP vulnerable households would be trained to further improve their income generation and asset creation to progress towards sustainability. OSDI’s appointed veterinary doctor facilitated the beneficiaries with expert opinions and recommendations regarding the purchase of animals in the market. They are also given further instructions and information regarding best animal rearing practices for fattening, herd increase, de-worming, vaccinations and other relevant activities.

These beneficiaries are thankful to OSDI for helping them make a respectable living.


Patients treated at PHC in Mardan

14th March 2015: Since its inception, the Primary Health-care Center (PHC) set-up in district Mardan has treated over 7,602 ailing patients in the vicinity. The qualified health staff of OSDI has provided primary medical assistance to patients suffering from RTI, abdominal problems, skin diseases, eye infections, fever, malaria, tuberculosis, diabetes, cardiac issues, hepatitis and liver issues.

The health staff regularly promotes the PHC through announcements made from the local mosque and by informing people in community gatherings of the existence of the healthcare centre and the medical assistance offered. On 13th March 2015, OSDI’s health staff facilitated 48 patients of which 23 were males, 18 were females and 7 were children.

The Primary Health-care Center (PHC ) of OSDI also provides Extended Program for Immunization (EPI) inoculations to children.


GMC took place in district Jacobabad

12th March 2015: Only 60 households reside in the under-privileged rural community of Muhammad Siddique Arain, district Jacobabad. Unavailability of health infrastructure and lack of access to any medical facility nearby made it tough for the ailing patients to survive. Realizing the dire need of health facility in the village OSDI initiated to organize General Medical Camps (GMCs) in the village.

The qualified doctor along with the supportive health staff team of OSDI; treated 47 patients at the GMC held on Wednesday, 11th March 2015. In order to inform the entire community about the GMC being set-up, OSDI’s health staff made vigorous efforts to do active marketing and promotion of the GMC two days prior so, more number of people could avail treatment from the health facility.

The community of Muhammad Siddique Arain is thankful to OSDI for extending its primary medical facilitations to its village and treating the ill patients.


Maternal & Child Health-care (MCH) community awareness sessions conducted

6th March 2015: OSDI has been making active efforts to mobilize the females of district Jacobabad regarding safe practices for Maternal and Child Health-care. The dedicated Lady Health Workers (LHWs) of OSDI conduct regular sessions in female gatherings to inform the community women about precautionary measures, medical check-ups, consumption of healthy and nutritious food during pregnancy days.

In villages Muhammad Siddique Arain and Jawan Khan Burirro, district Jacobabad, female awareness sessions were conducted by the LHWs of OSDI; to brief the village females about the significance of maternal and child health-care. Later on, a session was also conducted to highlight the importance of personal health and hygiene. The community women appreciated the efforts of OSDI to provide a platform where female health issues are easily addressed.

Similar sessions are also being conducted on regular basis across the other focused districts of Shikarpur, Matiari and Mardan as well.


Kitchen Garden Project (K.G) - Phase 9 Initiated in district Matiari

3rd March 2015: In our efforts to provide food security to vulnerable households in district Matiari, OSDI recently initiated Phase 9 of Kitchen Garden Project (KG). A total number of 56 under-privileged beneficiaries have been selected to sow vegetables in their courtyards or backyards.

As a positive outcome of continuous guidance and training regarding best vegetable sowing practices beneficiaries have become sustainable to afford the vegetable seeds on their own now. However, OSDI will still facilitate them with technical guidance and training.

Most of the beneficiaries have chosen to cultivate apple gourd, cluster beans, okra, round gourd, rich gourd and tomato vegetable seeds in their Kitchen Gardens (KG). Some people have even sown fruits in their Kitchen Garden plots. Thus beneficiaries enjoy not only an easy access and availability of healthy and nutritious fresh vegetables in their home but, also have garden-fresh fruits to eat.


OSDI staff participated in Education Seminar

27th February 2015: The district team of Matiari, attended the one day conference on “Role of Civil Society in Quality Education” organized by Alif Ailaan. This conference was arranged to highlight the importance of education in uplifting marginalized communities out of poverty and improving the overall education system of this country.

The speakers emphasized on further improving the quality of education and updating the curriculum being taught. More than 200 participants from the social sector, government teachers and media personnel’s attended this one day forum.

OSDI’s representatives appreciated the efforts being made by Alif Ailaan in creating awareness about education.


Fumigation Activity in District Matiari

23rd February 2015: Malaria is a contagious disease which is caused by mosquito bite. Due, to unhygienic conditions such viral illnesses spread widely in the rural communities. Over the time period, OSDI has been working to create health & hygiene awareness in its focused villages.

The people are regularly briefed about keeping themselves, their homes and community clean to live a healthy life. On 17th February 2015, OSDI in coordination with the District Government conducted fumigation activity in the focused community of Sukhio Mir Jat. Later on the remaining two communities of Jamal Hajano and Mari Muhammad Khan were also fumigated as a part of Malaria Prevention & Control Program.

The villagers were grateful to OSDI in taking this initiative to disinfect the entire focused communities of district Matiari from Malaria disea.


Maternal Health Session in Matiari

20th Feb 2015: In order to train the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs)/Dai’s about the safe practices while conducting a delivery, OSDI arranged for a Maternal and Child Health Training session in district Matiari. It was three days theoretical training session in which a lady doctor briefed the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) about basic precautionary measures that ought to be considered before proceeding with the delivery.

On the fourth day the participants were taken to a Maternal and Child Health-care center in Hala for practical demonstration to provide guidance about the safety steps that should be taken prior to delivery.

More than, 11 Traditional Birth Attendants (TBSs) participated in the second phase of Maternal & Child Health-care Program training. The participants were actively involved in group activities, brainstorming exercises and group discussions. They were also briefed about handling of critical situations in which both the mother and child’s life is in dire risk. The Health representative of OSDI also informed the participants about Hepatitis disease and its effects on health.

Representatives of other social sector organizations were also invited to attend this training. The TBAs and other participants appreciated the efforts of OSDI in organizing this training.


Education survey conducted in Jacobabad

16th February 2015: In the targeted community of district Jacobabad, OSDI recently conducted an education survey. The purpose of this survey was to mobilize the community to send their children to school and know about the out-of-school children details.

The representatives of OSDI went from door to door to carry out this study. The villagers were briefed about the significance of education in improving the life of an individual. The community was asked to get their children enrolled in the Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) which have been built to provide access to primary education.

The village elders and parents promised OSDI representatives that they shall get their children enrolled in school soon.


First Hepatitis Camp arranged in village Jawan Khan Burirro

13th February 2015: The first session of Hepatitis Prevention & Control Program was initiated on 11th February 2015 in the focused community of Jawan Khan Burirro in district Jacobabad. According to the Baseline survey conducted by OSDI in 2013, this village comprises of a total number of 60 households with a population of approximately 390 people.

OSDI in co-ordination with the District Government first screened the people and those identified as hepatitis positive cases were referred for further treatment. During the two days medical camp, almost 327 people were vaccinated against the virus. 60 patients were identified suffering from hepatitis C and 12 patients had hepatitis B.

The health representatives also conducted a session on health and hygiene awareness on this occasion. The community of Jawan Khan Burirro thanked OSDI for its support and guidance to stay safe from this disease.


School Based De-worming Activity in Saeedabad schools

6th February 2015: In village Saeedabad, district Mardan, OSDI provided School Based De-Worming (SBDW) medicine to students of Government Primary Boys School and Government Primary Girls School. This precautionary activity was conducted to de-worm the school age going children from being a victim of infection due to parasitic worms.

A total number of 379 students were given a dose of zytel syrup, out of which 199 children were from boys' school and 180 girl students. At the end of the session each child was given a packet of milk to stay healthy. OSDI's district team informed the students about the significance of health & hygiene in order to live a good life.

The parents, teachers and community elders appreciated the community awareness efforts of OSDI and its role in creating sustainability.


Toilet Construction in village Gul Burirro

3rd February 2015: In order to facilitate the under-privileged people of village Gul Burirro in district Shikarpur, OSDI in collaboration with the community has constructed 13 toilets. Properly build toilets would serve to increase awareness about the significance of sanitation and hygiene in the village.

50% of the construction cost was managed by OSDI and the remaining 50% was contributed by the community from its Community Development Fund (CDF).

The people of Gul Burirro are happy to have properly built sanitation facility in their village for the first time.


Community Awareness Sessions on Malaria in district Matiari

30th January 2015: Lack of hygiene in the surrounding can cause Malaria which is a severe illness caused by mosquito bite. In OSDI’s focused communities, the people are informed to keep themselves and their homes clean.

Females being the key figures in their households hold a strong position to enable motivation in the entire family to stay safe from this disease. On 19th January 2015, OSDI’s health staff gave community awareness sessions on Malaria to 20 females of Mari Muhammad Khan village.

OSDI’s health staff briefed the females about the symptoms of Malaria and preventive measures that can be taken to avoid this disease. The training was appreciated by the participants and they thanked OSDI for sharing such useful information with them.


Distribution of Stationary and Sports Kits in OSDI’s built Malhee School

27th January 2015: Physical fitness remains a crucial factor in a child’s healthy development. On 20th January 2015, OSDI distributed sports kits to OSDI Model Primary School Malhee and OSDI’s adopted Government Primary School in Godho Shar village.

Both the schools were given two sports kits each, which included 2 wickets, 1 packet of balls, 2 bats and 2 badminton rackets. Regularly coming students were also awarded with pencils and other useful stationary items to increase their motivation.

The teachers and excited students of both the schools thanked OSDI on receiving the sports material.


General Medical Camp conducted in village Nawab Khan Burirro

23rd January 2015: In the focused district of Jacobabad, OSDI arranged a GMC on Wednesday, 21st January 2014 for the community of Nawab Khan Burirro. A total number of 30 patients were treated by the lady doctor from which 29 were female patients and 1 was a male patient.

Dai’s who had shown interest in learning best practices about the Maternal and Child Health-care Project were also invited at the GMC to have briefing. The Lady Doctor enquired from these Dai’s about the safety measures taken by them during performing a delivery and explained them better about the safety precautionary measures in detail. The community females also discussed about their problems with the doctor.

OSDI’s district team mobilized the community to send their females to this GMC and also informed them about the training of Dai’s in their village to treat the maternal patients in a better way. The villagers appreciated this initiative of OSDI as there was no nearby facility available for the pregnant females of the community to go and discuss their health problems.


Matiari Fields visited by Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) Team

20th January 2015: OSDI’s focused district Matiari was visited by representatives of an international donor funded programme. The delegates represented a national partner for LANSA called, “The Collective for Social Science Research”. This research programme is based on evidence that nutrition improvement has been slow or stagnant in the region despite economic growth and agricultural advances. The overarching objective of LANSA is to create the evidence base for generating positive impacts of agriculture on nutrition in South Asian countries including Pakistan.

OSDI’s district team briefed the representatives about the Kitchen Garden Project and Livestock Development Project. Later the representatives were introduced with the local community where the beneficiaries told the Research Team about the positive impact made by OSDI after intervention in their village. K.G beneficiaries said that due to OSDI’s intervention in their village they are now able to utilize home grown fresh vegetables and fruits rather than purchasing them from the market. As a result not only has the nutritional intake improved but so has the daily expense of buying vegetables and fruits minimized.

In the end, a representative concluded that, “Though they have visited various communities across Pakistan; but no where have they witnessed, such kind of mobilization”. He appreciated the efforts being made by OSDI on its focused villages.


TLC inaugurated in village Allan Jat

16th January 2015: In the far-fledged area of Jacobabad is a village called ‘Allan Jatt’. Before OSDI’s intervention in this community 95% of the children were out of school. As there was no school nearby the village; the parents refrained to allow their children to travel distances.

Recently, OSDI has successfully established the first Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the village in which more than 68 children have been enrolled in this TLC so far. This healthy initiative of opening the closed doors of education has given the community a new ray of hope for a better tomorrow.

There was only one literate person in the entire village of Allan Jat but now due to the opening of TLC there is a ray of hope for children. The people of Allan Jatt thanked and appreciated the efforts of OSDI in establishing this TLC. They promised to send their children regularly to the TLC and would actively provide their assistance for the promotion of education in the village.


Best Kitchen Garden Awards Distributed in Matiari

9th January 2015: OSDI acknowledged the hardworking beneficiaries of Kitchen Garden Project – Phase VII by awarding them with shields for the second time in district Matiari this year. These beneficiaries not only worked day and night to grow different types of vegetables in their Kitchen Gardens but also succeeded in gaining good amount crop produce.

The K.G Award Ceremony comprised of first, second and third positions. Beneficiaries from the focused community of Mari Muhammad Khan, district Matiari were very enthusiastic to be rewarded with such positive acclamation. The district team of Matiari also gave a session on the effects of malnutrition on the community’s health and motivated the people to grow K.G in their homes. The villagers were told about how K.G Project is helping them to create food sustainability.

Such awards serve; not only as an inspiration to the local community, but, also inspire the villagers to think differently.


OSDI Provides School Furniture in District Matiari

6th January 2015: Recently, OSDI’s supported Government Boys Primary School in village Jamal Hajano, district Matiari has been facilitated with schoolroom furniture. The management of OSDI along with the active support of the local community and the district Government succeeded in purchasing 1 chair, 1 teacher’s table and 10 desks for the students.

The School Management Committee Fund was utilized by the school and the local community also contributed a sufficient amount for the noble cause. OSDI’s contribution more than 60%.

The community was thankful to OSDI for initiating the task to purchase furniture as earlier students used to sit on the ground and study.


Second Session of Mathematics Training held for OSDI’s School Teachers

02nd January 2015: The management of OSDI arranged for a second session of Mathematics Training for Teachers from 29th – 31st December 2014 in the focused district of Shikarpur. OSDI’s hired Teachers from the districts of Jacobabad, Khairpur and Shikarpur were invited to attend the three days training session.

The expert trainer hired by OSDI informed the participants about various teaching techniques and methodologies to teach the students better. The teachers were asked to solve mathematical problems and were taught to design the subject syllabus.

The teachers appreciated the efforts of OSDI in arranging this workshop which helped them understand the subject technicalities and they promised to apply their learning’s in class. OSDI’s hired trainer, Ms. Zahida Maheen, said the teachers were very co-operative and willing to learn new methodologies throughout the session.


Community Development Fund Utilized in Mari Muhammad Khan, district Matiari

30th December 2014: The community of Mari Muhammad Khan was facing severe difficulty in transportation of goods from one place to another as the main route connecting the entire village with the highway was broken due to the standing rainwater. As a result almost 262 households were unfortunately affected.

Upon the mutual consensus of the villagers OSDI constructed a 700ft (L)*10ft (W) passage for the under privileged community of Mari Muhammad Khan. 50% of the contribution for the construction came from Community Development Fund (CDF) and 50% contribution was made by OSDI.

The CDF was also utilized in the purchasing of classroom furniture for the OSDI’s supported Government Primary School – Mari Muhammad Khan. In this 1 chair, 1 teacher’s table and 12 desks for students were bought. OSDI once again contributed 50% along with the remaining 50% from the CDF amount.

The village elders, CBO and Parents have highly appreciated the efforts made by OSDI in creating positive impact in their lives.


Students of Matiari Appeared in Midterm Exams for the First Time

26th December 2014: OSDI organized the Midterm assessments in the focused district of Matiari. The students of OSDI’s supported Government Boys Primary School - Sukhio Mir Jat, Government Primary School - Jamal Hajano and Government Primary School - Mari Muhammad Khan appeared in the exams.

100% attendance was observed throughout the midterm tests. The tests comprised of Sindhi, Urdu, Science, Maths, Social Studies, Drawing, English and Islamic studies. OSDI’s district team also invited the Government’s Education Supervisors to attend the examinations and witness the efforts of OSDI in their region.

Parents appreciated the contribution of OSDI towards enhancement of education in their region.


Second Phase of School Based De-Worming Session held in district Mardan

23rd December 2014: In the mountainous region of district Mardan, OSDI conducted the second phase of School Based De-Worming (SBDW) project in Badam Primary Model School and Government Primary School Badam. A total number of 138 students were provided a dose of the de-worming syrup.

Students were given a session on the necessity of Health & Hygiene and were asked to keep themselves clean in order to stay safe from diseases. Parents, Teachers and Community elders were present on the occasion to witness the efforts of OSDI in improving lives. Later on, the students were distributed a packet of milk by OSDI’s Health representatives.

The enthusiastic students vowed to focus more towards their studies and promised to attend school regularly.


OSDI organizes Quran Khuwani for Victims of Peshawar School Blast

19th December 2014: In order to stand united with the unfortunate victims of Peshawar’s Army Public School students, OSDI organized Quran Khwani in its district office of Shikarpur and Jacobabad simultaneously.

OSDI’s district team participated alongwith the Teachers of OSDI’s Primary Model School Malhee. The participants wore black bands on their shoulders to show their support with the ill-fated innocent children killed during this sad incident.

On this occasion, special prayers were made for the families of the deceased students and their loved ones as well.


Second Midterm Exams conducted in OSDI’s Supported School in Jawan Khan Burirro

16th December 2014: In the focused district of Jacobabad, OSDI intervened in the under-privileged community of Jawan Khan Burriro and reopened the Government Primary School in it. Currently, 80 students are enrolled in this school and the regular attendance ratio is almost 90%.

OSDI’s teacher dedicatedly teaches the students and motivates the community to send their children to school regularly. The second midterm examinations took place recently in which students appeared in the Sindhi, Maths and English Language assessments.

The students performed well during the tests and most of the children scored maximum marks. The management of OSDI takes pride in moving prosperously forward in improving lives.


First Midterm Exams conducted in village Nawab Khan Burirro - TLC

12th December 2014: Recently, OSDI organized First Midterm Examinations in the Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of village Nawab Khan Burirro, district Jacobabad. A total number of 60 enrolled students attempted the Sindhi, Maths and English Language tests.

The students were excited to appear in the test for the very first time in their life. 10 students were from Class I and the remaining 50 students who appeared in the assessment were from Kindergarten class. Both the OSDI's appointed teachers in the Nawab Khan Burriro TLC appreciated the efforts of the students in performing brightly during the examination.

The enthusiastic students vowed to focus more towards their studies and promised to attend school regularly.


Maternal & Child Health-care session conducted in district Matiari

02nd December 2014: OSDI initiated Maternal & Child Health-care Program in collaboration with PPHI (People’s Primary Health Initiative) to create awareness in expecting mothers about the safety measures that should be taken during pregnancy period. The monitoring of health of the newly born/unborn child during and after delivery is very important and should not be neglected.

In the focused village of Sukhio Mir Jat, district Matiari, OSDI’s Lady Health Worker conducted a session on Maternal & Child Health-care on 24th November 2014. 20 females were enlightened at this session and they were briefed about the precautionary measures that must be taken during these days.

OSDI's LHW also briefed the females to maintain their personal hygiene and drink clean water to stay healthy. All participating females thanked OSDI for sharing such valuable information with them.


Fumigation Activity conducted against Malaria

28th November 2014: Under its Malaria Prevention & Control Program, OSDI conducted Fumigation activity in the focused communities of Old Zarkhel and Godho Shar, district Shikarpur. On 27th November 2014, OSDI’s Health officials in collaboration with the Government’s Health department fumigated these under-privileged villages.

Malaria awareness sessions and marketing activities were conducted five days prior in both the communities before Fumigation took place. People of both the villages were grateful to OSDI for its contribution towards creating Health awareness in their communities.


3rd Hepatitis Prevention Camp held in district Jacobabad

25th November 2014: Under its Hepatitis Prevention & Control Program, OSDI organized the 3rd Dose of Hepatitis B Prevention Campaign in the focused village of Nawab Khan Burrio, district Jacobabad. On 18th November 2014, OSDI’s health officials vaccinated a total number of 384 people from the community, out of which 179 were male and 205 were female.

OSDI’s appointed Lady Health Worker (LHV) immunized the females and the males were inoculated by the Dispenser. Later on, the community was given a session on Health & Hygiene (H&H) in which awareness and benefits of Hepatitis B vaccination were told.

The community of Nawab Khan Burirro was thankful to OSDI for spreading the awareness and taking precautionary measures against this disease.


Children’s Day Celebrated in district Jacobabad

21st November 2014: OSDI celebrated Children’s Day in the focused community of Jawan Khan Burirro, district Jacobabad on 20th November 2014 with the students of recently built Temporary Learning Center (TLC). Students enthusiastically participated in various activities organized by the class teacher.

Children enjoyed being involved in different types of activities such as Milli Naghma competition. Few students even made speeches and narrated poems in front of their fellow classmates, teachers, OSDI’s district representatives and community members. On this occasion the District Team of OSDI had also arranged for a Drawing competition amongst students. The community of Jawan Khan Burriro, vowed to send their children to school in order to educate them.

In the end refreshments were offered to all students, parents, teachers and community members by OSDI.


Classroom Constructed in village Jamal Hajano

18th November 2014: A classroom has recently been constructed in the OSDI’s supported Government Primary School, in village Jamal Hajano, district Matiari. Realizing the importance of education, the community enthusiastically joined hands with OSDI to contribute towards the construction of classroom.

Before OSDI’s intervention, only 35 students were enrolled in this school. Today, 135 students are acquiring quality education due to OSDI’s involvement in this school. OSDI has also appointed a full time teacher to provide quality education. To develop students' interest towards education they are being taught through both formal and informal modes of education.

The community of Jamal Hajano appreciated the efforts of OSDI to create sustainability in their lives.


First Session of Polio Inoculation held in district Jacobabad

13th November 2014: OSDI has initiated the first session of Polio immunization in co-ordination with the Government’s Health officials, in the focused communities of Allan Jat, M. Siddique Arain, Jawan Khan Burirro and Nawab Khan Burirro in district Jacobabad.

During this three days activity, which took place from 10th – 12th November 2014, a total number of 232 children were inoculated against this disastrous disease.

OSDI takes pride in achieving 100% of the target, as each and every child from within these four villages has been given the dose of vaccination against polio.


K.G flourishes successfully in district Matiari

7th November 2014: Beneficiaries who have sowed vegetables under the Kitchen Garden Project (KG) in the district of Matiari have been successful in growing good quantity of produce. Many beneficiaries have become sustainable enough to purchase seeds on their own now.

According to a KG beneficiary, Mr. Mithal Rajer from village Jamal Hajano, “We had some empty space in our backyard but had no idea about Kitchen Gardening. Under OSDI’s leadership, we learned how to cultivate vegetables and utilize the barren space. Today we are thankful to OSDI for guiding us towards sustainability. Now, we not only consume fresh vegetables from our Kitchen Garden but also share it with our neighbors and sell it in the market.”

Distribution of School Bags and Text Books in Khairpur TLC

4th November 2014: OSDI established the first and only Temporary Learning Center (TLC) for girls in the focused village of Kamal Khan Lashari, district Khairpur in March 2012. This platform was established to impart primary education to female students of the community. Students are being taught Sindhi, English and Mathematics by OSDI’s appointed teachers.

Last week, OSDI arranged to distribute Text books to 59 students from Nursery, Class I and Class II. School bags were given to all students along with stationary items such as pencils, eraser, sharpener, geometry box and copies (a one-line copy and a three-lined copy). The students were excited to receive the School bags and Textbooks for themselves and thanked OSDI wholeheartedly.

The Girls’ TLC is functioning under full capacity and the community of Kamal Khan Lashari appreciates the efforts of OSDI in creating awareness about female education in their village.

General Medical Camp held in village Badam

31st October 2014: OSDI provides medical assistance to the under-privileged focused communities were lack of health facilities are observed. On 24th October 2014, OSDI organized a General Medical Camp in the village of Badam, district Mardan, (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).

The doctor treated a total number of 17 patients who were suffering from various diseases. Due to the changing weather patients mostly complained about fever, backache and chronic diseases.

On an average 15-20 patients are provided medical assistance in these General Medical Camps held in district Mardan.


First Mathematical Assessment conducted in village Jawan Khan Burriro

27th Oct 2014: The focused community of Jawab Khan Burriro, district Jacobabad has around 65 households. Due, to irregular attendance of the Government school teacher, the education of the children suffered. On request of the community OSDI appointed a teacher, who worked hard to increase the enrollment of students in the Government Primary School and ensured regular attendance of each student.

On 13th October 2014, a mathematical assessment was conducted for the first time. The students were asked about counting from 1- 150 and multiplication tables from 1- 12. Overall, 40 students were present to participate in the test. OSDI’s teacher, made each child sit with a distance of 3 feet. After the test, the students exchanged test papers and checked the answers.

Parents of these students were also invited on the test day to witness the results. Parents were very happy to see the performance of their children and thanked OSDI for appointing a dedicated teacher. The efforts of the teacher were highly appreciated.

The parents ensured the OSDI’s district team that their children would come to school regularly and they also promised they would make efforts to continue their children’s education up to university level.


OSDI Participated in an Education Rally

24th October 2014: Recently, an education rally was organized by Alif Ailaan in district Matiari. The aim of this walk was to create awareness about the necessity of education and to demand re-opening of non-functional government schools within the district.

OSDI’s District Officials, Teachers, CRs and Community Members enthusiastically participated in this rally. Members of the civil society, local organizations and social activists from district Matiari were also present to support the cause. The participants held banners, play cards and chanted slogans.


First Phase of School Based De-Worming Campaign held in District Jacobabad

21st October 2014: In the under-privileged communities of Allan Jat, M. Siddique Arain, Jawan Khan Burirro, and Nawab Khan Buriro in district Jacobabad, OSDI has successfully completed the 1st Phase of School Based De-Worming Campaign.

The activity was planned for two days in which a total of 301 children have been De-wormed.Firstly, the children were given a session on Health and Hygiene before being given a dose of the De-worming syrup. OSDI’s Health officials provided a demonstration on hand-washing activity, and briefed the children about its benefits, which is to protect them from different abdominal diseases.

The children performed the hand-wash activity themselves. Later, each child was given a 250ml Milk pack by OSDI. In the end a soap and towel was also provided to the school teacher to facilitate the children to wash their hands properly .


Global Hand-washing Day Celebrated in District Matiari

17th October 2014: Students of OSDI’s Adopted Government Primary School, in village Jamal Hajano, district Matiari celebrated the Global Hand-washing Day with great enthusiasm. The Lady Health Worker (LHW) of Matiari briefed the children about the significance of Health & Hygiene in their daily life.

Approximately, 78 children were present during the activity in which the LHW told them to wash their hands with soap before every meal and after using the toilet. The students were engaged in an activity and were later asked questions about Health & Hygiene.

The class teachers appreciated the active participation of all students.


Polio Immunization held in District Shikarpur

14th October 2014: In the focused district of Shikarpur, OSDI in collaboration with the District Government provided Polio Immunization dozes to 843 children.

Altogether, 175 children were vaccinated from the targeted community of Malhee, 298 children were from village Gul Burriro, the children from Godho Shar were 190 and 180 children were from village Old Zarkhel who given the inoculation dose against this disease.

By the Grace of God, OSDI has successfully provided 100% Polio Immunization doze to the children within its focused communities in district Shikarpur.


Polio Vaccination Successfully Completed in District Matiari

10th October 2014: The children belonging to the focused communities of Sukhio Mir Jat, Jamal Hajano and Mari Muhammad Khan, district Matiari were vaccinated against Polio disease.

Overall, 673 children were vaccinated from these communities from which 275 children were from Sukhio Mir Jat, 270 children were from the village of Mari Muhammad Khan and 128 children were from the community of Jamal Hajano.

People from these focused communities thanked OSDI for its efforts in creating social awareness against such disease in their district.


LDP Beneficiary Earns a Handsome Profit

6th October 2014: Sultan Rasool s/o Ali Rasool is a poor resident of village Saeedabad in the district of Mardan. Being the only bread-earner for a family of 10, he was selected as a deserving candidate for Livestock Development Project.

OSDI provided him two oxen’s worth PKR 65,000/- for fattening purpose. Rasool took good care of them and sold them at high prices during Eid ul Adha season.

On selling both the oxen’s Rasool earned a profit of PKR 52,000/-. He and his family are thankful to OSDI for facilitating them with healthy animals.


School Based De-Worming Phase III in District Shikarpur

3rd October 2014: In the focused communities of Old Zarkhel, Gul Burirro, Godho Shar and Malhee in district Shikarpur, OSDI has successfully completed the 3rd Phase of School Based De-Worming Campaign. The activity was planned for two days in which a total of 461 children have been de-wormed.

The children were given a session on the importance of health and hygiene. The children performed the hand-washing activity by themselves. School Teachers were given soaps and towel for the students.

The community elders, school teachers, village organizations and OSDI’s district team officials were present to witness the De-worming session. Each child was provided with a dose of De-worming syrup and a packet of milk. Parents thanked the OSDI team for its efforts.


2nd Hepatitis Camp Organized in District Jacobabad

30th September 2014: In the village of Nawab Khan Burirro, District Jacobabad OSDI organized the second dose of vaccination against Hepatitis B disease.

Few patients were referred to the District Health Office for PCR test by the Government Doctor. A session on female health and hygiene was also conducted during the camp to create awareness about factors affecting the health of the females and advantages of Hepatitis vaccinations were also briefed. A total of 183 males and 242 females were inoculated against Hepatitis B during this camp.

The villagers appreciated the efforts of OSDI in creating awareness about Hepatitis.


Furniture Provided to General Medical Camp in District Matiari

26th September 2014: Approximately 30 people are treated on average in the fortnightly General Medical Camps organized in the focused villages of Sukhio Mir Jat and Jamal Hajano in the district of Matiari.

OSDI’s Lady Health Worker (LHW) and Health Assistant facilitate the Government Doctor to provide medical assistance to the ailing patients.

On 23rd September 2014, OSDI provided 4 plastic chairs, a wooden chair, wooden table, side screen, examination table, iron cupboard for medicines, pedestal fan and water cooler. The furniture was handed over to the Community Based Organization (CBO) by the OSDI’s District Team officials. The community thanked the District Team for facilitating them.


Sania – Ladies Convenience Store

23rd September 2014: Recently, OSDI has financed a 25 year old lady, residing in the village of Sukhio Mir Jat, district Matiari to open up a ladies convenience store. Being abandoned by her husband Sania lives with her parents. She has acquired education till middle level and has also done a beautician course. Too earn some extra income she even stitches clothes.

In an urge to do more to secure her finances, Sania approached OSDI to grant her some financial assistance to open up a small store in her house for ladies. Since, there was no ladies convenient store in the village, females had to travel to Hala city.

The total estimated budget for this SREP business was PKR 30,700. OSDI provided her financial assistance worth PKR 25,700. Sania contributed 20% down payment which is PKR 5,000.

On 22nd September 2014, Sania – Ladies Convenience Store was officially inaugurated by OSDI’s district team.


School Based De-worming Activity – Phase III

19th September 2014: In our efforts to create awareness on the importance of health and hygiene in all focused communities. OSDI has successfully completed the third phase of School Based De-worming in the villages of Sukhio Mir Jat, Jamal Hajano and Mari Muhammad Khan in district Matiari. Children belonging to the age group of 5 – 15 years were given a dose of the de-worming medicine.

Students of OSDI’s Supported Mari Muhammad Khan Government Primary Boys School, Marvi Fellowship Girls School Mari Muhammad Khan, Jahan Khan Fellowship Girls School Sukhio Mir Jat, OSDI’s Adopted Government Primary Boys School Sukhio Mir Jat, Tulip Fellowship Girls School Jamal Hajano and OSDI’s Supported Government Primary Boys School in Jamal Hajano were first given a session on Health and Hygiene before being given a dose of the de-worming syrup.

Government officials, Teachers, Representatives from the Community Based Organizations and Community Representatives also attended this event. A total of 532 children have been de-wormed in this phase.

Later on, each child was given a packet of milk by OSDI.


Beneficiary grows 104 maunds of Cotton

16th September 2014: As the picking of cotton crop is ongoing these days a beneficiary has successfully grown 104 maunds of cotton on 5 acres of farmland.

Gulsher, a resident of Mari Muhammad Khan village, district Matiari is thankful to OSDI for financing him the loan and training him with best agriculture practices to improve his crop yield. Naik Muhammad is another beneficiary from village Jamal Hajano, who has grown 125 maunds of cotton on 5 acres of farmland.

It is so far observed that there are no weedicide problems with the crop. The beneficiaries are very happy with such healthy production of crops on their fields.


OSDI arranges Mobile Medical Camp in District Jacobabad

12th September 2014: OSDI organized the second General Medical Camp in the district of Jacobabad on 3rd September 2014. The entire community of village Jawan Khan Burriro was mobilized to participate and get free medical check-up. GMC was held at the OSDI supported Government Primary School.

52 patients were treated by the health staff. From which 8 patients were referred to the DHQ Jacobabad, as they suffering from eye infection, joint pain, kidney stone, hepatitis, anemic asthma and skin disease. The community was also mobilized for the upcoming Hepatitis camp.

The villagers were happy to get free medical consultation from the doctor and thanked OSDI for providing them medical assistance on their door.


Students given session on K.G under Science Subject

9th September 2014: In the focused community of Mari Mohammad Khan, OSDI’s agro expert delivered a session on K.G project to students of Government Boys Primary School. The primary objective of this session was to educate the children about the importance of nutrition in their daily lives. Teachers highlighted the significance of fresh vegetables and fruits to the students under the subject of science.

A total of 89 students were present to learn from the agro expert about sowing, implementing and planting techniques. The children were asked about the vegetables name and were asked to identify them. Knowledge about the necessity of vitamins, proteins and minerals in staying healthy was shared with the children. In the end the teachers gave them home assigned about different types of vegetables.

The children remained excited throughout the session and promised to start K.G in their homes as well.


OSDI Initiated First Hepatitis Prevention Camp in District Jacobabad

3rd September 2014: In the focused village of Nawab Khan Burirro, district Jacobabad OSDI has recently initiated its First Hepatitis Prevention Camp. The purpose of this camp was to create awareness in the local community about the disease and provide medical assistance to suffering patients.

Government official - Dr. Liaquat Ali Abro joined the camp and gave awareness sessions to males and females about Hepatitis and Health & Hygiene. Due to active community mobilization by OSDI health officials and community representatives more than 300 people attended the session.

Almost 478 patients were inoculated after screening from which 28 were diagnosed with Hepatitis B+ and 22 were Hepatitis C+. The community appreciated the efforts of OSDI in providing them medical assistance.


Syllabus Books Distributed in OSDI Primary Model School Malhee

01st September 2014: OSDI successfully achieves another milestone in creating sustainability in the lives of under-privileged children.

On Saturday, 30 th August 2014, the Government’s Education Department provided syllabus books to be distributed amongst students of OSDI Primary Model School Malhee.


The Assistant Education Officer of Taluka Khanpur, Mr.Rab Nawaz was also present at the occasion. Books were distributed to 111 students. The remaining 66 students would be provided books shortly.

Teachers and students were very happy to receive the books and thanked OSDI and the Government officials for facilitating them to study with devotion.


First Mobile Medical Camp in District Jacobabad

29th August 2014: Last week, OSDI initiated the first General Medical Camp (GMC) in the focused village of Siddique Arain in the district of Jacobabad. The awareness campaign for the medical camp had begun four days prior to the event. The health officials made an announcement in the village mosque and went from door to door informing every household to get free check up done.

The GMC took place in the Government Primary School where 40 patients were treated. Few patients were prescribed medicines by the doctor on nominal rates. The health staff checked blood sugar of patients on doctor’s prescription. 6 patients were refered to the District Health Quarter Jacobabad as they were affected by chronic diseases, Hepatitis, TB and Skin disease.

During GMC, the health staff also mobilized the villagers for the upcoming Hepatitis Camp which would be held in a few days. The community appreciated the initiative of OSDI for providing them medical assistance through GMC in their village and thanked the health officials on their efforts.


ADO Education visits OSDI Primary Model School Malhee

26th August 2014: In the recently built OSDI Primary Model School Malhee, district Shikarpur the Government officials paid a surprise visit to meet the teachers and students on 23rd August 2014. The ADO Education - Mr. Rab Nawaz Bhayo along with Education Supervisors, Mr. Abdul Sattar Shiekh and Mr. Abdul Sattar Arain came to the school.

They visited the classes and asked questions from students. Even the syllabus being taught was monitored by them. Later, they committed to facilitate the students with the syllabus books of Class 1.

The efforts of OSDI’s management in running this school were appreciated by the Government officials and positive feedback was given about this initiative.


Sessions on Maternal and Child Health-care in district Matiari

23rd August 2014: In the focus villages of Jamal Hajano and Mari Mohammad Khan, district Matiari OSDI health staff visited pregnant women and invited them to attend the sessions on Maternal and Child Health-care. It was ensured that each and every expecting female was approached by going from door to door.

OSDI’s health officials briefed the females about the necessity to have their regular check-ups done every month for not only their own safety but also of the child in the womb. Rather than sitting back and not discussing their health condition with anyone. The females were also informed how timely vaccinations could save them from various illnesses such as Hepatitis C.

The health officials motivated the females to have their free check-up done at the OSDI’s Mobile Medical Camp (GMC). Mothers of the newly born children were asked to get their babies vaccined as soon as possible.


Gul Jamil: Progressing towards Sustainability

20th August 2014: In the village of Badam, district Khyber Pakhtun Khwa resides Gul Jamil, a 33 year old, cancer survivor. OSDI considering him as a potential candidate for SREP financed him to open up a Grocery shop in his village.

Today, his shop is prospering and he is progressing towards sustainability. He has kept a freezer in his store. In which he has started to sell Cold Drinks now which are available in all sizes from small, regular and jumbo size bottles. Along with this Jamil has also kept fresh vegetables and fruits as well. On average his daily sales have reached PKR 1000 – PKR 1200 and he is able to save PKR 500 – PKR 600 a day. More than this, he has successfully paid his 11th loan installment to OSDI as well.

He is very happy with his life now. As he is able to provide his family with better living conditions and thanks OSDI for changing his life completely.


Badam Primary Model School Celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day

15th August 2014: Similar to the previous year, OSDI’s built Badam Primary Model School once again marks the Independence Day celebrations in district Mardan on 14th August 2014. The aim was to create awareness about independence and highlight its importance in students to nourish patriotism and devotion in them.

OSDI’s district officials decorated the entire school with National Flags and Banners in two days. Teachers worked hard with students to help them prepare speeches, tablo and comedy skits. Students were allowed freedom of expression and full opportunity to perform at the stage.

The event began with Tilawat, preceded by Hamd and Naat. After which, standing ovation was done in respect for the National Anthem by all present. National songs were sung by participants to encourage patriotism. The students delivered speeches on various topics like Independence, Education, Green Homeland, Freedom of Speech etc in Urdu, Pashto and English languages.

Some participants entertained the audience with comedy skits which were very much applauded. OSDI’s staff also delivered speeches on the topic of independence. More than 200 people attended the event including Students, Parents, Teachers, Community and OSDI staff. In the end, sweets were distributed to all.


OSDI arranges a Magnificent Event in District Matiari to mark Independence Day

15th August 2014: In order to highlight the significance of 14th August 2014 amongst students OSDI’s District Team – Matiari organized a mega event in Government Primary School in village Mari Muhammad Khan.

The celebrations began with minor festivities in OSDI’s supported Government Primary School in village Jamal Hajano and Government Boys Primary School in village Sukhio Mir Jatt. After which the students from both these schools joined the crowd in OSDI’s supported Government Primary School Mari Muhammad Khan.

The celebrations in each school began with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by Hamd and Naat. Raising of National Flag, signing of the National Anthem and patriotic songs by students.

An awareness rally was also organized from OSDI’s supported Government Primary School Mari Muhammad Khan to OSDI’s supported Marvi Fellowship Girls School. In which students held placards and flags highlighting the importance of Pakistan’s Independence Day.

All community members including notables of the village, CBO’s members, CRs, Government, Teachers, Parents, OSDI’s staff and Students enthusiastically participated in this event. Students were given sweets in the end of the event by OSDI’s district officials.


68th Independence Day of Pakistan was commemorated at OSDI Primary Model School Malhee

15th August 2014: The recently built OSDI Primary Model School Malhee, in district Shikarpur celebrated the 68th Independence Day with a lot of zest and zeal. Students, Teachers and Parents were excited to be a part of the prestigious day festivity.

Kalimullah Soomro, a student of class four began with reciting a few verses from the Holy Quran. After which National Anthem was sung by all students. The teachers worked hard to prepare students for speeches highlighting the immense efforts of Quaid e Azam and his ideology for a separate Muslim state.

Students from OSDI supported Government Primary School in village Godho Shar, also actively participated in the event. It was observed that after the efforts of few years students are not only improving in their studies but also in the extra-curricular activities. Awareness of self hygiene and cleanliness taught has made a remarkable impact on them. Parents happily appreciated the valuable efforts of OSDI in making this event memorable for their children. Later, sweets were distributed to mark the end of the celebration.


Celebration of Independence Day in District Khairpur

15th August 2014: OSDI organized Independence Day celebrations in the Temporary Learning Center of village Kamal Khan Lashari, district Khairpur. The event began with Tilawat e Quran then National Anthem was enthusiastically sung by all.

The children enjoyed singing Patriotic songs showing their love and respect for the country. An exclusive tablo was also prepared by students with the help of their class teachers followed up by a quiz competition.

More than 50 students participated in the event alongwith their Parents. The villagers thanked the OSDI team for organizing such an event for their children. OSDI’s district officials distributed biscuits, cakes and sweets amongst students in the end.


Exclusive Celebrations on 14th August 2014 in District Jacobabad

15th August 2014: In the Temporary Learning Center of village Nawab Khan Burirro, district Jacobabad OSDI organized an exclusive event for the students and parents of the community. Students of OSDI’s supported Government Primary School, village Jawan Khan Burirro were also invited to participate in the Independence Day celebrations.

Teachers enthusiastically played their role in preparing students for different extra-curricular activities such as reciting Tilawat and Naat, singing of National Anthem, engaging children in Games such as Tug of war/ Rope war, Sack Race and Arm wrestling. Drawing competition and a Quiz Competition was also organized. Students of both schools energetically participated in all activities.

All students came neatly dressed with bright smiling faces. OSDI officials distributed flags, badges and sweets amongst students. Parents were very happy to see their children enjoying and actively participating in Educational and Physical activities. The community thanked OSDI for holding such an event and appreciated the efforts made to enhance capacity building amongst students.


Field Monitoring Visit in District Shikarpur

04th August 2014: OSDI’s Manager Programs, Ms. Asma Qureshi paid a visit to village Gul Burriro, district Shikarpur to monitor the agricultural fields on 19th July 2014. The purpose of the visit was to meet the farmers and know about the farming techniques. In order to maintain the quality of the crop and also ensure an increase in its production. So, the beneficiaries may grow healthy crops and earn more from it.

Manager Programs enquired from the agro beneficiaries about the production of rice crop and its seed germination. She assured that OSDI’s agro experts would take all possible initiatives to help them increase their rice produce. The beneficiaries were also told that OSDI’s agro experts remain available for co-operation and guidance to all farmers alike. Some agro members also discussed their issues regarding the use of weedicides and urea.

The community appreciated the assistance of OSDI and Ms. Asma on travelling from Karachi to meet them. Such visits increase the confidence of the local community on OSDI.


OSDI conducts Water Testing in district Khairpur

31st July 2014: Clean drinking water not only keeps us healthy but also saves us from various devastating diseases. Unfortunately, in most of the under privileged villages, people do not have access to clean drinking water. On 15th July 2014, OSDI’s team conducted water testing in focus villages of Jan Muhammad Vandiar, Mulko Wahan, Pir Bux Bhambro and Kamal Khan Lashari in district Khairpur.

OSDI’s team took water samples from various places in these villages. The community was also asked about the water quality issues in their area. The people requested OSDI to build a water tank and make pipeline connections for them.

Later, the water samples were sent to water testing laboratory in Sukkur for more details.


Kitchen Garden is a Blessing in the month of Ramadan

28th July 2014: Fresh vegetables and fruits serve too be a blessing in the holy month of Ramadan. In the villages of Jamal Hajano and Mari Muhammad Khan, district Matiari the Kitchen Gardens are producing handsome amount of eatables for beneficiaries.

Mohammad Mithal Rajar, a beneficiary had been financed a loan for hand pump too set up kitchen garden. Today, he is witnessing a healthy growth of rich gourd, cluster beans, okra and chilies in his home. And in future, he intends to increase the size of his kitchen garden and sow a wide variety of vegetables.

The beneficiaries of village Mari Muhammad Khan said that in the Holy month of Ramadan they use their home grown vegetables and fruits. It has become a lot convenient for them to prepare food for Sehri and Iftari. According to Sajid, another beneficiary who has been financed a hand pump loan for his kitchen garden said that he has sown okra, cluster beans and rich gourd in his garden. And, is waiting for the vegetables to grow and ripe.

OSDI’s initiative to provide food security to these under-privileged communities has started to bear fruit now.


Demonstration on Water Purification in district Khairpur

24th July 2014: In the villages of Mulko Wahan and Pir Bux Bhambro, district Khairpur, OSDI’s district officials conducted a session on water purification. The need and importance of clean drinking water was highlighted during these sessions. The community was informed about the positive effects of safe drinking water on their health, especially of children.

Due to the unclean drinking water these people consumed, a good amount of money was spent treating illnesses which left these people with more expenditure rather than any savings.

OSDI team demonstrated the community the water purification process and briefed them about the procedure of making the drinking water safe by using water purifier. 10 liters of water was purified by a sachet of water purifier. After mixing the water for 5 minutes the water became clean and drinkable. Each family was given 16 sachets of water purifier.

The community appreciated the efforts made by OSDI in facilitating them and creating awareness.


OSDI facilitates Health and Hygiene sessions for 566 beneficiaries

21st July 2014: In the month of June 2014, OSDI conducted several sessions on Health and Hygiene to mobilize the focused communities on cleanliness. The OSDI district officials in Shikarpur, Khairpur, Mardan, Matiari and Jacobabad addressed males, females and children to inform them about the importance of clean drinking water, hand-wash before and after every meal, especially after using the toilet, and need for hygiene after sanitation. A total of 566 beneficiaries were trained during these sessions conducted by OSDI.

The villagers were informed about various infectious diseases such as diarrhea, hepatitis and malaria which could result due to poor hygiene awareness. Mainly such sessions are conducted in schools to update maximum number of children. Students are taught how to cut nails, brush their teeth, take bath and keep their surroundings clean by OSDI team. Such awareness campaigns would play an effective role in training the focused communities on how too improve their lives.


Kitchen Garden Blooms in district Matiari

17th July 2014: In the village of Mari Muhammad Khan, district Matiari beneficiaries of Kitchen Garden project are benefitting from a healthy production of vegetables and fruits. Amongst, the hand pump beneficiary’s financed by OSDI is Mr. Sajad Hussain who has successfully prepared his land due to the availability of water now.

He has also made the ridges for the easy flow of water in the land prior to cultivation. He is hopeful with the joint efforts of OSDI he would be able to witness a good production of vegetables in his kitchen garden.

Another beneficiary of kitchen garden in the same village is Mr. Lemon, who has a production of 15 kgs, okra in every three days. From which he sells 20kg - 30kg in the market every week and is able to make a good living. He plans to sow more such vegetables in future.


Teachers Training in District Shikarpur

14th July 2014: Teachers are considered to be the most important asset in building up a nation. Further enhancement of teaching practices and skills development is very crucial for delivery of quality education.

Mathematics training was recently organized for the OSDI school teachers in district Shikarpur from 7th to 10th July 2014.

11 teachers of OSDI actively participated in this four day training session from district Shikarpur, Khairpur and Jacobabad. The trainer, Ms. Zahida focused exclusively on teaching mathematics from simplification and multiplication of fractions too mental math exercises and problem solving. It was also witnessed that the OSDI’s hired trainer gave individual attention to each teacher and shared ways to improve teaching methodologies.

The overall response of the teachers regarding the training was positive. Based on the feedback received, OSDI will schedule further such trainings for the teachers.


OSDI Finances Hand Pump Loans in district Matiari

10th July 2014: Recently, OSDI has initiated a pilot project in the district of Matiari in which beneficiaries who lack access to clean drinking water are financed small loans of PKR 15000 each for the installation of Hand-pump. It is ensured that the beneficiary selected for this grant is deserving and more people would benefit from it. Rather, than only the beneficiary and his family.

OSDI’s district officials supervise the entire process from purchasing of material to water bore and installation of the water motor. These Hand-pumps not only give an easy access of clean drinking water to the beneficiaries but also facilitates them in the Kitchen Garden.

So, far four beneficiaries have been granted the loan in this project. And they have successfully prepared their lands and sowed chilies, cluster bean, okra, rich gourd, round gourd. The land for tomato is also prepared and sowing will be begin from August, 2014.


PCR and CBC tests conducted for Hepatitis Patients in district Khairpur

07th July 2014: OSDI has been working for the past three years in the district of Khairpur to facilitate the Hepatitis patients in the community alongwith the government. On 24th of June 2014, 15 previously screened and identified patients were taken to the DHQ Khairpur by the OSDI district officials to have the PCR and CBC tests conducted.

8 patients were from the village of Kamal Khan Lashari, 4 were from village Mulko Wahan and 1 patient was from village Jan Muhammad Vandiar. The Hepatitis patients were given free medicines by the government doctor and OSDI facilitated the patient’s logistics and tests.

The patients appreciated the constant efforts of OSDI to provide medical assistance to them on time.


Opening of Spare Parts and Puncture Shop

3rd July 2014: Asghar Ali is a 25year old, educated youth who lives in village Old Zarkhail, district Shikarpur. And he is the only bread earner for his family of three. Recently, OSDI under its Small Rural Enterprise Project has financed him to open a spare parts and puncture shop.

Ali was disbursed a loan of PKR 51,256 to purchase the material and upgrade the shop. It is expected to earn an estimated profit of PKR 7,500 and CDF will be 10% of the total amount. This strategy was instrumental to gear up the income-generation opportunities in the area and to make good profit.

By taking the initiative of selling motor cycle spare parts in his shop the monthly income of Ali would increase by PKR 1700. In this way he will be able to provide a better future to his children. Similarly, the residents of Old Zarkhail are happy and relieved to have this shop with usual needs in the center of the village and now they do not have to go a mile away to get their bikes fixed and purchase spare parts.


OSDI organizes First Summer Camp in District Matiari

27th June 2014: In order to celebrate the summer vacations and raise the morale of team spirit in children OSDI initiated its First Summer Camp in the focus villages of Mari Muhammad Khan, Jamal Hajano and Sukhio Mir Jatt in district Matiari. Amidst active teachers and smiling faces of children this summer camp began from 9th June 2014 and lasted till 24th June 2014.

The OSDI’s district officials engaged children in various activities and campaigns such as Cleaning campaign, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Plantation, Drawing Competition, Speeches and Roll Play.  A special award ceremony was also organized to mark the end of this year’s Summer Camp and reward the successful achievers’ to give air to competence and team spirit amongst children. A large representation of the community was observed to acknowledge the efforts of OSDI and participating children.

The community appreciated the overall concept of engaging children in healthy activities and providing them a platform to enhance their creativity. Such initiatives taken by OSDI not only highlights the importance of education in a child’s live but also serve to create awareness within the community.


Soil Bank Constructed in district Jacobabad

17th June 2014: In OSDI’s focus village of Nawab Khan Burriro, district Jacobabad the villagers were quite disturbed due to the flow of waste water which came and destroyed their fields every now and then. Due, to the unavailability of the Soil Bank to act as a barrier to stop the flow of this stingy water.

OSDI along with mutual co-operation of the villagers moved a step forward to build a Soil Bank in the village. The construction team and an Excavator Machine were hired by OSDI. After a hard work of 2000/hrs and continuous monitoring by the district officials this task was successfully completed.

The OSDI district official was informed by the agro members about the advantage of this Soil Bank as its preparation would serve the villagers a dual advantage one would be the protection of Crops and another would be in the protection of Fishes. The villagers of Nawab Khan Burriro community were very grateful to OSDI for its timely cooperation in saving their fields.


Livestock Development Project initiated in district Mardan

13th June 2014: Under the Livelihood Assistance Program, OSDI launched its Livestock Development Project Phase VI in district Mardan. After an extensive evaluation of the beneficiaries’ past performance on the project, a total of 22 animals were given to 13 well-trained individuals.

A veterinarian went along with beneficiaries to properly examine the animal before purchasing. In this regards, nine oxen, ten cows for fat-fattening whereas three female goats for herd-increasing were purchased from the local market. These animals will be provided with veterinary assistance, regular medical check-up, vaccination and de-worming producers to improve livestock health and generate higher revenue after selling on Eid-ul-Azha.

The community of district Mardan much also appreciates OSDI’s Livestock Development Project as it is also a profitable program that helps them to meet both ends.


Immunization Drive against Measles in OSDI focused villages’

9th June 2014: A vaccination program against Measles prevention was organized by OSDI along with the Government’s Heath department.

It also included an Extended Program on Immunization. However, due to its epidemic, special immunization campaign is launched across Sindh by injecting anti measles vaccine to the children.

OSDI’s hired lady health worker, dispenser ensured smooth management of the program through door-to-door mobilization in order to take children of the targeted age group to a fixed camp in focus villages.

District team and teachers at school also raised awareness among children and parents regarding importance of the preventive vaccine. OSDI’s Primary Health Center and school were the center-point for vaccination at this campaign.

OSDI’s tireless effort in order to facilitate government in anti-Measles drive in focus districts of Sindh was much appreciated by the community.


OSDI Presents - Best Kitchen Garden Award

5th June 2014: Over a period of three years, district Matiari has been doing tremendously well in Kitchen Garden project. People are remarkably benefitting from the last eight phases and purchasing seeds of their own. Fresh vegetables and fruits are now easily accessible and available in their home. OSDI organized an Award Ceremony in order to appreciate the efforts and boost the morale of the beneficiaries’ devotion towards managing their Kitchen Garden’s.

OSDI’s Matiari team initiated, “Best Kitchen Garden Award Ceremony” for the first time. In this regard, first prize was given to a lady w/o Hadi Bux resident of village Jamal Hajano. She was over whelmed to receive the award, initially she was not willing to cultivate Kitchen Garden inside her home since her husband lives in other village due to work. But this vegetable garden came as a blessing for her. Now instead of purchasing the vegetables from the market; she goes to her backyard to get her vegetable supplies. Another award was given to Kitchen Garden CR who manages his own kitchen garden and also provides assistance to the villagers in managing their garden.

Beneficiaries were very happy to receive acknowledgment in front of whole village and appreciated the incentive of OSDI in helping them to minimize their expense on food.


Inauguration ceremony of OSDI Model Primary School

3rd June 2014: The inauguration ceremony of OSDI Model Primary School Malhee was conducted under the esteemed supervision of Founder Trustee, Mr. Aasim Azeem Siddiqui. It was inaugurated on 23rd May 2014. A girl from class I presented a speech about their three year school journey and thanked OSDI for their utmost dedication in provision of a school in village Malhee, district Shikarpur.

Children from all classes participated in a program and presented tableaus on the promotion of education and health and hygiene. OSDI Model Primary School in village Malhee is an outcome of dedicated leadership and team building which has resulted in mobilizing the community and motivated children to attend school. Now to expand the horizon, the committed teaching staff has been hired to smooth out the school management. Further, children were excited to participate in extra-curricular activities and their dedication was worth observing.

OSDI’s Manager Programs distributed certificate of excellence amongst teachers on organizing such a great event and preparing children for the program. Assistant Manager Programs distributed Ajraak as a token of appreciation to the chief guest. Dignitaries present at the ceremony were Supervisor of Education, In-charge Civil Hospital, In-charge Polio program. A large number of community representatives, members of village committee and parents attended the inauguration ceremony.


OSDI organizes Academic Award Ceremony in district Matiari

30th May 2014: In the district of Matiari, OSDI adopted Government Boys Primary school to promote educational awareness in the under-privileged village of Mari Muhammad Khan. Since, its adoption in 2013, the ratio of school going children in this village have increased from merely 15 students to 90 students.

Recently, OSDI organized an academic award ceremony on 29th May 2014, for the first time to celebrate the position holders of annual examinations. Students who performed well were given trophies to further encourage them to study more with dedication.

OSDI distributed medals as a token of appreciation, too boost the morale of regularly school attending students. The children were over whelmed and were happy to attend the event. Students were also provided with biscuits at the end of the ceremony.

OSDI staff, teachers, CRs, CBO and community of Mari Muhammad Khan participated in the event whole heartedly. It was also announced at the end of the event that a summer camp would be initiated for duration of 15 days in June. In which coloring, painting, drawing, gardening and various games would be planned for children to engage in activities and have fun.

The parents of students in Mari Muhammad Khan appreciated the initiatives taken by OSDI in transforming the school to a model school in which the children came with happy faces regularly.


Shikarpur - Annual Examinations conducted in OSDI Schools

7th May 2014: In the focused district of Shikarpur, the annual examinations have been conducted in OSDI schools. As per academic calendar, a well designed question paper was prepared by dedicated school teachers and provision of answer sheets was made sure to facilitate the students.

School staff worked extensively to carry out the activity as per schedule. The question paper was designed in such a manner that understanding of the students regarding subject could easily be evaluated. The children were happy to appear in exams, wearing new school uniforms and shoes.

The District Education Officer, Shikarpur visited the examination hall and appreciated the devoted services of OSDI team. He also asked verbal questions from the students and checked their answer sheets. EDO Shikarpur has also announced to provide reading and writing material for the children enrolled.

The children were punctual and confident in their learning to appear before the exam. Newly enrolled students also appeared in the oral examination.

Overall, 211 students; 55 girls and 156 boys from Class I, II and III took written tests for English, Mathematics, Science, Sindhi, and Islamiat subjects; and a total of 81 student enrolled in the nursery class appeared in oral and drawing exams.

The smile and contented feeling of being promoted to new classes was unique to witness.


Student of the Week’ Activity in OSDI Model School Malhee

6th May 2014: To acknowledge the status of cleanliness and personal hygiene, OSDI Model School, Malhee has started a campaign called ‘Student of the week’ in which children who come neat and clean were appreciated and awarded with school badges.

The students were given a week to demonstrate their best behavior practices, and actively participate in classroom discussions and come neat and clean to school maintaining the health and hygiene status.

Every week, each student is encouraged to be the featured student of the school. Winning a title from the school administration is a real boost for the student’s in developing their confidence, especially, when everybody is gathered to be present during school assembly. This campaign was initiated to address the behavior change and safe practices.

Character building of the child is also focused in the designed planned which can be traced from the everyday activities of the students. To build moral character of a child it is a primitive component of personality development. This activity also helps to build competitive environment and good sprit among children. Health and hygiene quiz has created awareness regarding healthy activities and improved practices.

Monday is the day allotted for this campaign. This means it is time for the announcement of Student of the Week! Children wait for whole week to get entitled and are excited to know which child is star of the week.

In persuasion of winning the title, every child tries to do his best and ultimately one who is more proactive takes the title home. This activity makes students healthier and helps actively participate in academic as well as in extracurricular activities which results in low absenteeism.

After education and health awareness programs, considerable improvement has been observed in sanitation. Apart from their personal hygiene, students are taking care of their surrounding cleanliness and also motivate their parents to follow the same practices in their home. OSDI district team and teachers’ regular follow-up elevating the standard of education in the focus villages.


Launching of a grocery shop in Mardan

30th April 2014: Under OSDI’s Small Rural Enterprise Project, the young and energetic Amir Ijaz, previously running a confectionary store has now started a grocery shop.

He has opened this grocery shop in village Saeedabad, district Mardan.

Amir is a 20 year old, educated youth who had dreams, but reality came as a shock to him. After completion of intermediate from college, he had to start working in a small confectionary store to make both the ends meet.

He worked hard for his idea to open up a grocery shop which was evaluated and accepted by OSDI due to the high demand in his village.

Today, Amir successfully earns PKR 5000 – PKR 6000 monthly out of PKR 60,000 loan. Being the eldest among his siblings and he feels proud to be an influential member of the family.

This is an example of how; OSDI is transforming lives of people, and contributing in their dream of initiating their own business.


Distribution of School Uniforms & Shoes in district Shikarpur

27th May 2014: OSDI has recently inaugurated its five-room building of a school in district Shikarpur which is a ray of hope for the inhabitant of village Malhee.

Three years back when OSDI started working with in this district, the children used to study under a make shift leave shade. The transformation is not merely focused on behavior change and academic essentials but would also provide financial support, to construct avenues for the future leaders.

After the infrastructure of the school was upgraded, in a formal ceremony organized by OSDI the distribution ceremony of school uniforms and shoes took place.

Education District Officer (EDO) was invited as the chief guest. The community provided 50% monetary contribution to show their active engagement and participated in the event to highlight the performance OSDI made so far in their area.

OSDI Shikarpur team mobilized focal persons through community meetings to ensure regular attendance of children in the school. The children are happy and excited to be in the new school building. They are enthusiastic to wear new uniforms and they pledge to study with more dedication.


First Academic Year of Badam Model Primary School

25th April 2014: Badam Primary Mode School (BPMS) celebrates its first academic year in March 2014, by successfully achieving its goal to create education awareness in district Mardan.

In order to mark its annual celebration, OSDI had organized a program in the Badam School. Students from all classes prepared different skits and tableaus, speeches in Pashto, Urdu, and English.

A student of class I who stood 2nd in her class presented a speech on the topic “war will be won by pen”, her speech was appreciated by all present. In recognition of their good grades, position holders were awarded with medal and trophies.

To appreciate the utmost devotion of the community representatives, token of appreciation was presented to them. A large number of people including community elders, parents and relatives of children, village committee representatives attended the celebration.

OSDI’s first ever Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in district Mardan is gaining popularity and children from different villages are getting enrolled in BPMS. Admissions are open for the next batch and enrollment has reached from 100 to 180 children.

The community is proud to have BPMS in village Badam under OSDI’s flagship; they believe OSDI made quality education financially possible and parents belonging to lower-segment can also send their children to school without hesitation.


OSDI organizes three day “Education Training” in district Matiari

25th April 2014: ‘Right To Play’ is an international organization that uses the transformative power of play to educate and empower people facing adversity.

OSDI arranged for a trainer from Right To Play to educate and empower the teachers and community representatives in district Matiari. It was three day training session which took place from 1st to 3rd April, 2014.

This training focused on guiding the teachers and community representatives to build better life skills amongst their students and improve their teaching methodologies. Main life skills focused in this training were on how to improve co-operation, communication and building better social cohesion amongst the teacher and the student.

The OSDI-appointed facilitator told the attendees about RCA (Reflect, Connect & Apply) Method, Active Learning Method, Inclusion (Special Child) Person with disability, Safety Check in classroom, The Model of Feedback and Assessment Method.

A segment on lesson planning for the students was also included on the last day of the training. In this segment, the emphasis remained at using active learning methodologies in the schools.


Beneficiary Harvests 225 Maunds of Wheat Crop

18th April 2014: In the district of Matiari, Mari Muhammad Khan a focus village of OSDI resides Mitho s/o Allah Bux. He is a bread earner for his five family members. His success story relates that after being indebted for more than two years, prosperity has finally knocked his door.

Being an OSDI beneficiary, he took a loan of PKR 50,000 few months ago and repaid the full payment by selling two buffaloes. After the grant of another loan he cultivated wheat on 3 acres of farmland. As a result of his hard-work and proper monitoring of the crop Mitho has successfully produced 225 maunds of wheat which is a remarkable average.

He is also a member of OSDI’s Kitchen Gardening Project and has been growing vegetables at home. OSDI’s programs are designed in a manner to uplift the lives of under-privileged citizens and provide them sustainable development to improve their lives.


World Health Day Celebration Held in District Jacobabad

OSDI Jacobabad division has launched its health care projects on World Health Day in District Jacobabad. To create awareness among vulnerable rural communities of Sind, a day-long awareness campaign was carried out in the targeted communities of district Jacobabad.

Children were briefed through pictorial banners regarding importance of general health and hygiene such as the benefits of having a daily breakfast, bathing and washing of hands before every meal and after using the toilet. Behavior Change Communication (BCC) practices were emphasized through the active demonstration of proper hand-washing techniques.

Importance of clean drinking water was also taken into account in order to ensure children to be safe from abdominal diseases. Implementation of safe practices in daily lives was the take home message for the children. Towels, soaps and nail cutters were given by OSDI to the school management to ensure the continuation of sanitary practices among children.

The targeted communities have also shown great interest in the campaign and actively participated in all the activities.


Session on Safe Drinking Water in Shikarpur

OSDI’s dedicated team visited the village of Old Zarkhel in district Shikapur to conduct a session on the need and importance of safe drinking water. The team also demonstrated water purification process using PURE sachets.

Initially, the OSDI team informed the villagers about the safe drinking water and later they told them about the necessity of water purification and its benefits on our health.

The community was given 440 PURE sachets, and encouraged to use it for a healthy lifestyle. The villagers appreciated the positive initiatives of OSDI in improving their lives. A community representative Taj Mohammad Pathan requested the OSDI team on behalf of the villagers to conduct such awareness sessions and demonstrations on water purification process amongst females as well.

Hence, the session for females on water purification and its importance would be conducted next week by the OSDI staff.


Financial Literacy Training held in District Matiari

OSDI conducted a three day, Financial Literacy Training (FLT) workshop in the district of Matiari. This FLT was initiated as a refresher course for the villages of Sukhio Mir Jat, Jamal Hajano and Mari Muhammad Khan where previously the training took place a year ago.

All the attendees were presented with handouts which contained the textual and visual content to convey the main prescriptions of the content. The overall attendance in all three villages was 100% and the community appreciated the efforts of OSDI in creating awareness about the saving and budget planning through a narrative of “Sikhoo – a villager”.

As handling finances is a day to day issue of every household.

As a result of last year’s training the community of Mari Muhammad Khan initiated to contribute in monthly B.C. after which all participants were able to purchase or fulfill their required needs. This year again they vowed to contribute a small portion of their income in community development and help their fellow villagers to ease their loans burden.

OSDI aims to make its focus communities independent and autonomous. So the villagers realize their responsibilities towards the community and create awareness.


Success Story on Micro-Credit Finances

A beneficiary of Small Rural Enterprises Project (SRE), Mukhtyar Muhammad has been making sufficient profits from his grocery shop in village Badam, district Mardan. OSDI gave him a loan of PKR 10,000, a year ago.

He has paid-off the actual credit, and also generously contributed in the Community Development Fund (CDF) which is 10% of the total amount. He even purchased a camel for his father to transport firewood to Rustam.

Mukhtyar is happy to see its running shop and feels blessed to have an asset of his own. He also works as a social mobilizer and attends village committee meetings on a regular basis. He aims to increase the size of his business and stock more grocery items to serve his local market.

He often shares his success story with the community and motivates them to change their lives by seeking micro-credit finances. This story comes as an achievement of OSDI in contributing to change lives of the under-privileged.

Today, a mason’s life has completely transformed and he now owns a running business. SRE project helps the educated youth of rural communities to come forward and initiate their business so they come out of vicious trap of poverty.


OSDI’s baseline survey successfully conducted - Khairpur & Shikarpur

A descriptive cross-sectional survey was conducted in focused districts of Khairpur and Shikarpur. In order to gauge OSDI’s penetration and its impact on creating change in the lives of villagers in the province of Sindh.

OSDI conducted a month’s aggressive research prior to initiating this baseline survey. Comparisons were drawn to set and measure our achievements on completing five working years in these rural communities۔

In the first phase of this survey, district Jacobabad was solely covered; after doing so successfully. We began phase two, focusing on Shikarpur and Khairpur districts. With the efforts of our capable team we have successfully achieved our target in these areas as well.

OSDI’s baseline survey has been designed into two parts: firstly is a questioner for males which has been designed to focus on the minute details of asset-creation which includes Livelihood Assistance Program (LAP). On the other hand, there is a questioner for females which covers the Community Development Program (CDP) and Food Security Program which includes: household expenses and their break up, accordingly. In addition to this, it covered the daily nutrition count of the beneficiary and their household.

The same ratio of data was used in order to get the required details from OSDI’s beneficiaries and control group for the comparative study from eight focus villages.

A team of 12 enumerator, eight males and four females were trained in order to conduct this extensive survey within 10 days. The village’s profile was also designed to execute a needs assessment and list down the recommendations to evaluate the stance.


Rally on، "Sindh Education is in Crisis"

In Pakistan, 25 million children are out-of-schools due to scarcity of resources and poverty. In response to the lack of access to quality education, Alif Ailaan has organized a campaign rally entitled “Sindh Education is in Crisis”. OSDI’s Matiari team participated in a walk protesting to raise voice on the issue of non-functional government schools. The walk started from Hala round-about to Dargah Chowk. The emphasis of the banners was on the inadequate provision of quality education and demonstrators demanded for functional government institutes in the remote areas of Sindh.

Under the School Adoption Project which aims to resume primary school education, OSDI has formally adopted two schools in district Matiari and Shikarpur - Sindh. By formally adopting the non-functional government valve, OSDI renovated the school buildings and hired local educated youth to teach in these schools to improve the quality of education. A large number of representatives from local organizations, social activists, teachers and community representatives were holding play cards and chanting slogans.


Enrollment Increase: Separate classes of girls & boys started

Godho Shar school was previously being used as a warehouse for livestock feed. After OSDI’s penetration, the adoption process was implemented with the consensus from the community who were eager to commit, on managing the school and making it sustainable. We initiated the classes with 20 students at school. Currently, 70 children are being educated in this school, out of which we have 50 boys and 22 girls.

The continuous mobilization of Shikarpur team, brought out-of-school children to the class-rooms and from last week separate classes for girls & boys have also begun in this adopted school of Godho Shar. Increase in enrollment has also led new teachers being hired in this school. Skills acquired through primary education helps these teachers to run everyday tasks in an organized manner.

Dedicated staff and Community Representatives are continuously involved in community meetings and mobilization the villagers to send their children to school.


Celebration of International Women’s Day in District Matiari

To commemorate international women’s day, district health department organized a three-day campaign in coordination with local non-profit organizations in district Matiari. In this regards, OSDI set-up a hepatitis screening and vaccination stall to provide health-care services to the women who have lack of access to medical care. Altogether, 17 women were screened whereas one woman was found positive with Hepatitis C virus. A referral was made to DHQ Matiari for further investigation. Moreover, individuals who were found non-infected were injected with Hepatitis B vaccination during the camp. OSDI, hired Lady Health Worker (LHW) who conducted an awareness session to highlight the preventive measures of hepatitis and distributed informative material among all. To acknowledge the efforts of community women, who have excelled positively in their respective fields were awarded with a shield. A large number of people from government and local community attended the program.


Distribution of Qingqi Rickshaw in district Matiari

OSDI initiated Small Rural Enterprises Projects (SRE) to provide micro financing to benefit small businesses and create more sources of income for unemployed educated youth in the rural areas of Sindh and Khyber Paktunkhwa. Mr. Kando Mir Jat, is a bread earner of five, and he used to ride an old and damaged qingqi rickshaw in the village of Sukhio Mir Jat, district Matiari. Due to low wages earned most of his income was spent on repairing the rickshaw now and then. Hence, with OSDI’s support and financial assistance of PKR 70,000 provided to him. He has purchased a new qingqi rickshaw, contributing PKR 30,000 from his own pocket. Moreover, the district team has trained him on basic book keeping, planning of business and saving strategies to ensure smooth implementation and execution of this project for him.


OSDI presented its poverty alleviation model

Keeping up with the tradition of ongoing learning and knowledge sharing process, through training and development programs, the District Head of Mardan participated in an International conference. It was based on the agenda of “Emerging Horizons of Agriculture Extension for Sustainable Rural Development”, which was held under the esteemed supervision of Agriculture University of Faisalabad. OSDI’s representative shared, “OSDI’s model of poverty alleviation”, which highlights OSDI’s three-pronged approach in all focused villages. The paper was highly appreciated by national and international experts and they offered their full support and collaboration to OSDI in improving lives of the under-privileged.


OSDI’s TLC in district Jacobabad

The first Temporary Learning Center (TLC) has been temporary set-up in village Nawab khan Burriro in district Jacobabad. Since, there were no schools established within the vicinity the children were unaware of health and hygiene conditions. Initially the classes started with 50 students being enrolled, and gradually within a week, the enrollment reached to 62 students. OSDI’s TLC began its operations on February 18, 2014. The district team made efforts to mobilize the community; as a result the children are now coming neat and clean to school. Two teachers are hired from the focus village to teach subjects such as English, Urdu, mathematics and science. The community has provided autaaq for school. Furthermore, they even contributed stationary and written material to ensure full support in this project. Parents are very happy to send their children to school. OSDI is continuously making efforts to create change by providing 100% enrolment in the focus villages.


Abandoned School Repaired in Village Mari Mohammad Khan

Renovation of a damaged and neglected government school has been successfully completed by OSDI in the focus village of Mari Mohammad Khan, district Matiari. The community participated by providing labor services, refreshments to the workers, and also installed a hand pump in the school. The school has become operational again since December 2013. Schools bags and stationary were also provided to students by OSDI as an incentive to increase enrolment. To ensure clean drinking water in the school premises, aqua tabs have been provided. Two water coolers, glasses & stand have been placed for the children, which are regularly cleaned and maintained by the new school management consisting of Community Representatives. Periodic committee meetings are conducted to ensure regular attendance of the children in school.


A joint Mobile Medical Camp & Health and Hygiene Session

To provide primary healthcare to communities who do not have access to quality services, medical camps are held fortnightly in village Jamal Hajano, district Matiari. A visiting doctor examines and treats approximately between 20 and 50 patients in one camp. Major diseases identified include skin infection, viral fever, and water borne abdominal diseases. After necessary first-line treatment, patients who need further care for cases such as hyper-tension and eye infection are referred to District Head Quarter Hospital in Hala city.

Health and hygiene awareness sessions are also conducted by a lady doctor and OSDI’s Lady Health Worker along with demonstration on the proper use of aqua tabs given by OSDI. Behavioral change practice is emphasized with active demonstration of proper hand washing techniques. Personal hygiene and significance of clean drinking water in relation to water borne diseases are highlighted .


Aquatabs Distribution campaign in focus villages of district Khairpur

Access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation facilities to the targeted communities is the primary objective of OSDI’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project. To clean microbiological contamination, an aqua tabs distribution campaign was carried out in focus villages of Khairpur. As per the execution plan OSDI staff and Community Representatives distributed 11250 aquatabs’ strips among 250 households for 30 days in collaboration with World Health Organization. . A preliminary session regarding aquatabs benefits and their usage at household and community level was carried out by health staff. Brief discussion on water born disease, especially diarrhea & dysentery was done and explained about causes, prevention, and their first line treatment. Emphasis was made on safe storage of drinking water and proper sanitation measures as a joint approach. Community showed their great interest and volunteer participation in the campaign.


Blood Sampling Camp in focus villages of district Shikarpur

A one day blood sampling activity was arranged at Primary Healthcare Center Shikarpur to cater Hepatitis B and C positive individuals registered in OSDI camps. 61 patients from three villages including Old Zarkhail, Malhee, and Godho Shar were undergone blood sampling test for PCR by health assistant and qualified dispenser. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is more sensitive and advance blood test that provides information and give physicians a significant lead in the treatment strategy of the hepatitis disease. All essential measures were taken to maintain the safety, sterilization, and retained cold chain to transport the samples to District Head Quarter Hospital. Community Representatives played a major role to enhance community participation and PHC staff also disseminated information on the causes of disease and specific prevention.


Farmers Training on Modern Agriculture Techniques in Wheat & Sunflower Cultivation

To create awareness on modern techniques and best practices in agriculture, OSDI organized a training workshop on cultivation of wheat and sunflower seeds in collaboration with ICI (Pvt.) Ltd. in district Shikarpur. The focus of the training was sunflower cultivation and the benefits of crop rotation. Multimedia presentations were used to make training simple and clear for OSDI’s focus farmers. Improved farming techniques, best practices in irrigation, and high-yielding seeds for increased production were some of the topics under discussion. Farmers also shared their concerns on slow seed germination, low production, deficiency of micro-nutrients in soil, and its impact on crops. Agricultural experts also discussed solutions for better yield and profitability of the sunflower & wheat crops along with their climate suitability. Beneficiaries are now equipped with the knowledge that can enable them to increase agriculture production with improved techniques. Moreover, using the hybrid seeds and fertilizers would help to increase production per acre.


Capacity Building of Field Staff on Data Collection & Management

OSDI organize a follow-up training of field staff for capacity building in order to implement the Livelihood Assistance Program. Participants discussed the format for assessment of beneficiaries and were given training on documentation skills, data collection, data verification, and data entry. OSDI’s staff from Khairpur, Shikarpur, and Jacobabad participated in the training. A demonstration of the same in the form of a role play was conducted to improve the understanding of the staff regarding effective communication in the field. It was also emphasized to acquire accurate data as per the production cycles, so that OSDI’s efforts can bear fruit.


OSDI Schools Recognized as Model Schools by Alif Ailaan

OSDI in collaboration with Alif Ailaan organized an educational awareness seminar in district Matiari at the government’s primary school in village Mari Mohammed Khan. This school has been recently renovated by OSDI. The community participated in the event to highlight success and challenges within education in their area. OSDI supported schools of Jamal Hajano and Mari Muhammad Khan were recognized by Alif Ailaan as model schools in district Matiari. OSDI’s teacher from the school in Mari Muhammad Khan and OSDI’s Community Representative from Jamal Hajano were rewarded an ajrak for their devotion in bringing children to school daily. In this program, an education committee was also formed at the Union Council level to assist the community in general and resolve issues related to education. OSDI’s staff including, teachers, lady health worker, community representatives, and others attended the program.


Kitchen Garden Phase V in Khairpur

The fifth phase of Kitchen Garden has been successfully implemented in district Khairpur. 87 families participated in the sowing activity held last week. OSDI’s agricultural expert provided assistance to the beneficiaries by distributing vegetable seeds, humic acid, and fertilizer. Community representatives’ assisted OSDI in implementation. Beneficiaries who have been a part of the Kitchen Garden project for more than one phase purchased seeds and prepared land on their own. The community appreciated OSDI’s continuous efforts to alleviate poverty and promote sustainability. Seasonal vegetables grow for a minimum of four months but many families consume vegetables up to six months from their gardens.


School Renovation in Village Mari Mohammad Khan

OSDI facilitated the renovation of a government school in district Matiari by repairing the floors, fixing the walls, constructing a restroom, and painting the entire building. The community bore around 20% of the costs as a testament to their commitment to improving Education services in their village. OSDI’s field staff mobilized focal persons through community meetings to ensure regular attendance of children in the school. In the first week of the school restoration, the enrollment increased from 15 to 60 students. To encourage regular attendance and punctuality of students, children are provided with up to date books and stationary items. Parents are eager to send their children to the school on a regular basis and OSDI is actively working to ensure 100% enrollment of out of school children in the focus villages.


Completion of Vaccination drive in village Godho Shar

To administer the final and the third dose of Hepatitis B vaccination, a two-day camp was set-up in village Godho Shar in district Shikarpur. 268 individuals were administered with the vaccination in the camp. Regular health promotion campaigns along with disease-specific awareness sessions on behavioral change were also conducted by health staff. OSDI district team and Community Representatives did the marketing for the camp to ensure maximum participation of villagers. OSDI staff and District government Shikarpur have provided technical assistance.


A joint maternal health workshop by OSDI and Marie Stopes Society

To improve maternal health and well being a subject specific awareness workshop was done in coordination with Marie Stopes Society in villages Jamal Hajano and Mari Mohammad Khan, district Matiari. 110 women, especially those of child bearing age, were the targeted group for discussion on common gynecological and maternity problems. They were taken into confidence and sensitized about family planning procedures, products, and promised further assistance through OSDI staff on periodic basis. OSDI’s Lady Health Worker and female Community Representatives of both villages were active in gathering and motivating the group. In the end Marie Stopes Society also distributed multivitamins and supplementary tonics to incentivize participants.


Hepatitis drive has concluded in village Malhee

8,056 patients have been screened and vaccinations through OSDI’s Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program in total. In order to conclude hepatitis drive in village Malhee, a two day camp was set-up in district Shikarpur. 318 individuals were given the third dose of Hepatitis B vaccination. Out of these, 167 were females and 151 were males. An awareness session was held to highlight the preventive measures of hepatitis; beneficiaries were also told about the relationship between cleanliness and prevention of the disease. OSDI will continue follow-up visits and interventions as per plan to prevent communities from re- infection and catching disease. OSDI is determined to cover 100% of the focus villages by bridging essentials gaps, mobilizing communities, and ensuring safe practices.


Kitchen Garden in district Jacobabad

64 families have joined the Kitchen Garden Project from new focus villages selected in district Jacobabad. Under the Food Security Program, OSDI helps vulnerable families achieve a balanced nutritional intake and a steady supply of fresh vegetables from their backyards to their kitchens. Selected families who meet the vulnerability criteria are assisted in preparing uncultivated land inside or near their homes to grow seasonal vegetables. A demonstrative training on land preparation and sowing was conducted by OSDI agricultural expert. OSDI has provided the selected families with agriculture inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, and humic acid to start their kitchen garden.


Distribution of water purification tablets in focus villages

OSDI partnered with World Health Organization to provide water purification tablets to focus communities in district Khairpur. In village Kamal Khan Lashari, 30 sachets of water purification tablets were distributed to eliminate microbiological contamination in water. In this regard, OSDI district team along with health staff conducted an awareness session on safe drinking water and hygiene. The incidence of water borne diseases and preventive measures were explained to the women in the community. A joint demonstration on using water purification tablets at point of use (such as matkas or other plastic containers that can cause microbiological contamination) was conducted by OSDI’s Lady Health Worker and Female Social Mobilizer.


Selection of Beneficiaries in Jacobabad for the LAP

OSDI has included 4 new focus villages in district Jacobabad to run its poverty alleviation programs. The new focus villages are Nawab Khan Burriro, Allan Jat, Mohammad Siddique Arain, and Jawan Khan Burriro. After completing the baseline survey in the focus villages, assessments were done at the household level and according to the criteria of each program, beneficiaries are being selected. 100 families will be financed to cultivate wheat in the upcoming season under OSDI’s flagship Agriculture Development Project. Families who fall under the poverty line and have up to five acres of land to cultivate will be given agriculture inputs and extensive training on best practices so that they can generate higher yields and sustainably improve their incomes.


Kitchen Garden Phase V Sowing in Matiari

Kitchen Garden Phase V implementation has successfully started in district Matiari. Under the supervision of OSDI’s agriculture expert, beneficiaries have prepared their land and started sowing seeds to grow their own vegetables. In this phase, seeds of Cabbage, Spinach, Turnips, Tomatoes, Reddish, and Carrot are being sowed. This is the third phase in which beneficiaries are buying seeds and preparing land on their own. OSDI provides fertilizer, humic acid, training, and continuous monitoring to see if vegetables are growing successfully. Each season of vegetables lasts between 4 and 6 months, ensuring a steady supply of home-grown vegetables, fulfilling daily nutritional requirement of women and children, and reducing monthly food expenditures of the beneficiary households.


Second Dose of Hepatitis B Vaccination in Shikarpur

OSDI is in collaboration with district governments in Sindh vis-à-vis the Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program. A two day camp was arranged to carry out the second dose of Hepatitis B vaccination in village Godho Shar. 334 patients were vaccinated who had been found non-infected and had received the first dose earlier. The turnout was 100% in the second dose camp. Out of the 334 individuals, 134 were males and 199 were females. After ICT (strip method screening) those patients who were found positive went through the ELIZA test. 19 blood samples of identified patients were collected and carefully transported to the District Headquarter hospital.


Routine CBC & SGPT estimation of under treatment patients in Khairpur

A monthly medical checkup along with laboratory investigation of Hepatitis patients was conducted in the District Headquarter hospital in Khairpur. Dr Saliha, a medical officer at the district Hepatitis Center examined the patients and their reports, and briefed them about recommended daily nutritional intake. After Complete Blood Count and SGPT estimation, treatment for Hepatitis B was started for 18 infected patients in village Kamal Khan Lashari. F4 patients of Hepatitis C and D were also given this treatment.


Dengue Awareness Seminar in district Matiari

Dengue virus usually erupts during rains and spread more in rural areas. In this regard, the District Health Department in Matiari along with OSDI’s support organized a Dengue Awareness Seminar. OSDI provided assistance with the aim to increase mass awareness regarding prevention of dengue virus. EDO Health appreciated OSDI’s continuous efforts in improving healthcare in district Matiari. At the end of the program, students pledged to continue dengue awareness campaign. Doctors, representatives of international organizations and other dignitaries from the development sector along with OSDI staff attended the program.


Cleanliness of Water Tank in Pir Bux Bhambro

A 108 feet long pipe was installed to drain waste water away from the common sitting area of the community in village Pir Bux Bhambro, district Khairpur. To avoid harmful effects of stagnant water; additionally, a cemented tank was constructed for livestock animals to drink water from a separate place. The village community organized a cleanliness campaign to clean the water tank and highlight the importance of health and hygiene. As community of Pir Bux Bhambro is regularly using aquatabs to clean their drinking water, and they understand the importance of health and sanitation in their daily lives. OSDI’s field staff along with Community Representatives participated in the activity.


Coloring Competition with Health and Hygiene Awareness Session

A joint activity of coloring competition plus a health and hygiene session was organized in OSDI’s adopted school in village Sukhio Mir Jat, district Matiari. This was the first activity of its kind for the children in the school where they were provided drawing books and stationary items such as color pencils, crayons, and other material. Major purpose of this competition among the student was to encourage creative skills and competitive spirit. Children thoroughly enjoyed the activity and showed keen interest. A hygiene awareness session was also conducted to highlight the importance of cleanliness, daily bathing, and dental care. In the end of the session, a small quiz was arranged to evaluate the learning abilities of the children during the activity.


School bags distribution ceremony

School bag distribution took place over two days in the schools of focus villages of Matiari. Reading and writing material was distributed among 140 children including notebooks, pens, pencil, chalks, and slates. 13 out-of-school children in Jamal Hajano school were also enrolled on this day. Parents, community representatives, teachers, and the local headmaster attended the ceremony. Children pledged to attend regular in classes and work hard.


Meeting with district staff and Community Representatives

A meeting of field staff and Community Representatives (CRs) was conducted by Manager Programs in district Shikarpur. The agenda of the meeting was to give updates on the current status of each program, Standard Operating Procedures, timelines of activities, monitoring frameworks, and steps needed to be taken for exit strategy. They were also briefed on identifying households who have successfully reduced poverty in various ways and can serve as role model families. OSDI role model families are Community Representatives’ families that have experienced transformative socio-economic progress through OSDI’s interventions. Future of each of the programs was discussed in the meeting as well. For example, Village Committees comprised of Community Representatives have been formed to build capacity within the communities to continue these poverty alleviation programs.