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Enrollment Awareness Walk in GBHS Wayaro:

The government officials in district Lasbela (Baluchistan) are very keen to improve the literacy rate of the district; by having all the out-of-school children enrolled in schools. An education emergency has been declared in this locality. District education department has aggressively engaged all concerned authorities to play their role significantly in ensuring 100% enrollments for primary classes.

In lieu of this an enrollment awareness walk was held on 29th March 2019 (Friday) at Government Boys High School in Wayaro. The event was graced by the newly appointed District Education Officer (DEO) Lasbela – Mr. Ameer Bux.

Other dignitaries including DO – Mr. Haji Naveed, DDO (Uthhal) - Mr. Ghulam Rasool, Chairman Parents Teachers School Management Committee (PTSMC) - Mr. Wadeera Kareem and representatives of NCHD, WANG and UNICEF-ESP were also present during the enrollment awareness campaign.

On behalf of OSDI, Mr. Rashid Butt attended the event.


First AMC Formed in District Lasbela:

The first phase of OSDI’s signature Agriculture Development Project (ADP) is soon expected to commence in the newly selected focused community of District Lasbela (Baluchistan). In Sayarani Goth an Agro Management Committee (AMC) has been formed on 28th March 2019, (Thursday). OSDI’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt formally visited the village and discussed about the positive waves of change that would be created after initiation of this project. He motivated the participants to whole-heartedly share their learnings with other people as well; to create a multiplier effect. Altogether, 16 members of the community attended the event.


LDP Beneficiaries Trained in district Lasbela:

On 28th March 2019 (Thursday), beneficiaries of Mangyani and Sayarani Goth were trained by OSDI’s appointed veterinary expert – Dr. Kareem. The purpose of this training was to educate the beneficiaries supported under the Livestock Development Project (LDP) regarding best practices for goat management.

During this session, Dr. Kareem guided the learners about basic tips and techniques that if taken care of could help in maintaining a healthy livestock. Farmers were also informed about various type of diseases and how they could result in ill-health of the animal if ignored.

26 participants attended this informative session.


Joint Monitoring Visit by NCHD and OSDI in TLC Chib Sheikh:

On 25th March 2019 (Monday), a joint team led by senior officials of OSDI and NCHD paid a visit to the OSDI’s Built Temporary Leanirng Center (TLC) in Chib Sheikh community in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The purpose of this visit was to monitor the overall functioning of the TLC.

From NCHD, Mr. Zahid Baloch (DD), Mr. Rafique (DPM), Mr. Najeeb (Coordinator Adult Literacy) and Ms. Khairunnisa (Field Coordinator) came and on behalf of OSDI, Ms. Munal (M&E Co-ordinator) and Mr. Rashid (Team Leader – Lasbela) were present. Course books that were received from the DEO’s office were handed over to the TLC teachers on this day.

Moreover, the sports material that was donated by NRSP was also provided to the teachers. Representatives of both NCHD and OSDI seemed satisfied with the TLC’s smooth functioning.


World Water Day & Pakistan Day celebrated in TLC of Arab Seray:

According to the United Nations, globally 2.1 billion people live without having access to safe drinking water. To train and educate the minors regarding the significance of clean water and the necessity to save every droplet that they use; OSDI conducted an awareness raising session in the Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of Arab Seray in district Mardan (KPK). Another important activity that took place on the same day was the celebration of Pakistan Resolution Day. The event took place on 23rd March 2019 (Saturday), to celebrate both the significant days together i.e. World Water Day & Pakistan Day.

OSDI’s Head of District Mardan – Mr. Sajjad Said held a thorough session with the students in which he briefed them about various ways to avoid wastage of water. Students were also informed how their eco system and natural habitat could remain intact if unnecessary wastage of water is taken care of. The students and teachers enjoyed the awareness session and vowed to be careful about water leakages and unnecessary consumption.

Mr. Said also highlighted the countless efforts made by our ancestors to build an Independent state. Students gave speeches and sang patriotic songs together.


Final Year Exams conducted in TLC of Arab Seray:

OSDI constructed a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the susceptible rural community of Arab Seray in district Mardan (KPK) to overcome illiteracy issue and provide quality education to the less privileged. Nearly, 47% of the children were out-of-school due to unavailability of any educational facility in this area.

The TLC was officially inaugurated on 23rd January 2018 (Tuesday) after which the percentage of school going children increased from 53% to 88% in this community. For the first time, final year examination has been conducted in this school from 16th – 22nd March 2019.

Successful achievers shall soon be awarded with prizes on the Results Day scheduled in the end of this month.


Enrollment Awareness Raising Walk in Ahora:

The district education department of Lasbela (Baluchistan) is very keen on enlightening the masses about the significance of education in order to improve the literacy rate within this region. For this purpose, several meetings, activities and follow-ups are consecutively made by the concerned district authorities. On 21st March 2019 (Thursday), an enrollment awareness walk was held in the Government Boys Middle School (GBMS) in Ahora. The campaign was well-attended by students, teachers, government officials, representatives of social sector and others. On behalf of OSDI – Mr. Rashid Butt participated in this walk.

Due to OSDI’s active advocacy, funds worth of PKR 200,000 were previously provided in cash to this school for shed and washroom construction. Besides this, the school’s management also had a water line installed to bring clean water from a distance of 2000 ft. after which a small garden was created in the school’s backyard.

As a positive outcome of this enrollment awareness raising walk, 70 new students have recently been enrolled in this school. The current strength of students has now reached to 220.


World Forestry Day celebrated in district Lasbela:

Humans cannot survive without trees. Their survival has always been closely linked to forests. Each year, the International Day of Forests or World Forestry Day is celebrated around the globe to create public awareness on the need, values and contributions of trees and plants in our lives.

On 21st March 2019 (Thursday), OSDI participated in the plantation activity held at the prestigious Baluchistan Residential College (BRC) in district Lasbela. The event was graced by the Honorable Deputy Commissioner of Lasbela – Mr. Shabir Mengal. OSDI’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt also planted a tree on the occasion. Dignitaries from media, academia and government officials were also present during the ceremony.

More than a 1000 plants have been distributed by OSDI since its intervention in this district under the Natural Resource Management Project (NRM); to turn our focused communities into greener societies.


LDP Phase 2 initiated in Sayarani & Mangyani Goths:

There are 5 little settlements scattered around the community of Sayarani Goth. These settlements comprise of Saleh Goth, Yousuf Goth, Bilal Khaskheli Goth, Umrani Goth, and Sayarani Goth. OSDI selected beneficiaries from 14 households of this community and 6 beneficiaries were chosen from the community of Mangyani Goth to participate in the second phase of Livestock Development Project (LDP) in district Lasbela (Baluchistan).

Both the settlements i.e. Sayarani Goth and Mangyani Goth are located in the revenue village of Retalara, U.C. Wayaro in this district. 12 pregnant does and 2 bucks were distributed to the beneficiaries of Manyani Goth and 28 pregnant does and 6 bucks were given in Sayarani Goth on 14th March 2019 (Thursday).

Prior to distributing the livestock all the 48 animals were de-wormed by OSDI’s appointed veterinary expert. 11 female beneficiaries and 9 males have benefitted from this project.


Sports & Stationary Items Donated by NRSP:

The earnest efforts of OSDI have been acknowledged at every platform in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). On 9th March 2019 (Saturday), Mr. Arshad Iqbal – District Project Manager at National Rural Support Program (NRSP) generously donated sports and stationary items to OSDI.

Sports tools shall be handed over to the management of Temporary Learning Centers (TLC) in revenue village of Chib Sheikh and the stationary items shall be kept for the students of Sayarani Goth. The TLC is scheduled to be built soon in Sayarani community; however, due to the recent floods in the region, a delay in its construction has been witnessed. Extensive efforts shall begin towards student’s enrollment upon completion of the TLC in Sayarani Goth.

Water Management Committee formed in Mardan:

Scarcity of water is a major issue in the rural areas of Pakistan. In response to overcome water poverty in the newly selected focused communities of district Mardan (KPK), a meeting was held under the supervision of Mr. Sajjad Said on 12th March 2019 (Tuesday). Representatives consisting of 5 members in each team were invited from Prrang Dara, Lower Baizad Banda and Boday Qabar villages.

Mr. Sajjad began the meeting by highlighting the water scarcity issues and multiple ways to overcome it. He informed the committees about OSDI’s sustainability creating approaches. Mr. Said, asked the committee members to ensure PKR 100 per month is collected from each household of their village. This amount would be used in the repairing and maintenance of the bore or solar panels. WMC members were also asked to collect 1/5 percent of community’s contribution to meet the bore expense. The committee members nominated their WMC chairman’s themselves to proceed futher with this project.

30 households from Lower Baizad Banda, 25 families from Boday Qabar and 30 beneficiary homes from Parrang Dara would be facilitated with clean water. Currently, the residents of Lower Baizad Banda avail water from a spring nearby, people of Boday Qabar fetch water from a well which is located at a distance of 2kms and families of Parrang Dara either take water from the tube-well of Mr. Khan (located in a garden) else have to visit another village name “Sherabad” which is 2kms away.


Transfer of OSDI’s built TLC to NCHD:

On 22nd November 2018, OSDI signed a MoU with National Commission for Human Development in its Head office, to collectively work towards the betterment of education in the under-privileged rural district of Lasbela (Baluchistan). According to the contract OSDI shall identify localities deprived of education and construct 2 classrooms based Temporary Learning Centers (TLC) in them. Focus shall be primarily made on 100% student enrollment; especially that of girls within the selected communities by OSDI’s field staff.

Secondly, the community youth shall be proactively engaged to attend the Adult Literacy Classes in the evening. Proceeding further with our commitment the TLC built by OSDI within the revenue village of Chib Sheikh has been formally transferred to NCHD on 13th March 2019 (Wednesday). Students who obtained high scores during the final exams were awarded with prizes.

In near future, more TLC’s would be handed over to the authority. Mr. Wahid Shakir – DEO (Lasbela) was also present on the occasion and stated that, “Efforts would be made by him to have this school adopted by the government in the coming days. However, it is based upon approval by the senior management of the government.” Mr. Shakir was mesmerized by meeting the Adult Literacy class students and thoroughly appreciated OSDI’s efforts. These illiterate youth are now able to read newspapers on their own. Representatives of School Management Committee (SMC) and ex-counselor – Mr. Khan were also present during the event.


OSDI arranges Course Books for PCS students:

In the revenue village of Sangal, Union Council Layari, district Lasbela (Baluchistan) is a small school being operated by the management of Hingol National Park (HNP). As previously there was no school available within this community; so nearly all the children were out-of-school.

Currently, there are 35 students enrolled in this educational facility. The management of Primary Community School of Hingol requested the Team Leader of district Lasbela – Mr. Rashid Butt on 8th March 2019 (Friday) to help them arrange course books for these vulnerable students from District Education Officer (DEO) – Lasbela.

Upon Mr. Rashid’s pledge the course books were arranged by Mr. Wahid Shakir (DEO - Lasbela) and handed over to the school’s management.


Livestock health check-up in district Mardan:

On 8th March 2019 (Friday), health of animals distributed under Livestock Development Project (LDP) was checked. OSDI’s Field Assistant – Mr. Ibrar Ali went to all the 19 beneficiary households of LDP for weight monitoring and checking upon the physical condition of calves distributed during the previous year.

Since, one animal had died due to a life-threatening disease previously; hence, OSDI had all the animals vaccinated against Septicemia, a serious blood stream infection to avoid any further animal mortality.

All the animals weighed were in healthy condition and have matured now. They shall soon start bearing kids. One cow is already in the first month of its fertility. Beneficiaries shall soon be trained by veterinary doctor to educate them about various animal diseases and appropriate measures to safeguard them from getting infected.


Plants donated by Hingol National Park:

100 plants were generously donated by Hingol National Park on 8th March 2019 (Friday) to OSDI in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). These plants consisted of Conocarpus, Jamun (Black Plum) and Peepal (Fig Tree) species.

Facilitating the 20 susceptible households of Kareer Goth, OSDI distributed 5 plants per household within this community. The plants have been distributed under the Natural Resource Management (NRM) project of OSDI; which aims to not only to help lower the climatic temperatures but also beautify the area.

Kareer Goth has also been bestowed with a water facility and water storage tank by OSDI, last year.

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