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Urea Bags Distributed to ADP Beneficiaries:

As it’s the first phase of Agriculture Development Project (ADP) in district Lasbela (Baluchistan); training and capacity building of the farmers is closely observed. During this phase cotton crop is being grown. So far, 2 training sessions have been organized by OSDI’s district Lasbela team in which senior agro experts were invited to deliver the awareness sessions on crop maintenance and yielding procedures.

After the successful disbursement of DAP fertilizer bags, cotton seeds and tillage amount on 3rd June 2019 (Monday), OSDI facilitated the 20 ADP farmers with 3 bags per beneficiary of Urea. It is a most important nitrogenous fertilizer that is a white crystalline organic chemical compound. It facilitates the plants with suitable amount of nitrogen so the plant looks more green and healthy.

Each farmer has grown the crop on 3 acres of land. One bag per acre shall be utilized to benefit the crop. The second round of urea bags shall be distributed after 15-20days time period after which the third round of urea bags shall be given.


Distribution of Hygiene Kits in village Tangoo:

The vulnerable people of village Tangoo in district Mardan (KPK), had become victims of an outbreak of diarrhea infection in the community. 100 people had gotten severely ill. Due to the timely assistance provided by OSDI’s Mr. Sajjad Said – Head of District Mardan; the District Health Officer (DHO) – Dr. Abdul Basit was informed after which a free medical camp was set-up in the community.

The courageous doctors, paramedical staff and concerned government authorities extended their full support in facilitating the ailing people. Mr. Atif Khan a resident of U.C. Bazar had customized hygiene kits prepared for each of the 24 households in village Tangoo and handed them to Mr. Said for distribution purpose. Each hygiene kit contained a towel, dish wash bar and sponge, a water bottle and 6 glasses, 2 tissue paper rolls, a nail cutter, an anti-bacterial soap, Dettol liquid and Dentonic powder for oral hygiene.

Mr. Said also conducted a detailed orientation on the use of all the hygiene products. The villagers were educated on the necessity of personal hygiene to live a healthy life.


Diarrhea outbreak in Tangoo community:

Nearly 100 people fell ill due to a severe outbreak of diarrhea in the small mountainous community of village Tangoo, U.C. Bazar, Tehsil Rustam, district Mardan (KPK). There are approximately 24 households within this community comprising of 189 individuals. Upon knowing OSDI’s Head of District Mardan – Mr. Sajjad Said played a proactive role in informing the concerned authorities on the severity of the issue as a 6 year old girl had lost her life. The index case out-broke on 4th June 2019 (Tuesday) whereby, more number of people started complaining of the issue.

Since, the village is high up on the mountain there isn’t any health-care facility available and to bring so many patients down was a matter of grave concern. Understanding the urgency an immediate action was taken by the District Health Officer (Mardan) to set-up a free medical camp in Tangoo community on 15th June 2019 (Saturday). Medicines were carried up the mountain on camel back.

The selfless efforts of Dr. Waseem Mughal – Medical Officer at Al Khidmat Mashal Medical Complex Mardan and Dr. Saad – Medical Officer at Category D Hospital Rustam are worthy of appreciation for treating the patients. Altogether, 52 males and 49 females including children were diagnosed. On the other hand, Mr. Asghar – District Food Inspector along with his team collected water samples from 6 different locations for microbiological tests. Upon the advocacy of Mr. Said, aqua-tabs (chlorine) were distributed amongst all the families by the provincial directorate as a precautionary measure until the water test results are received. Health & hygiene session was conducted by Mr. Said in which 40 community members were educated on importance of hygiene.

Moreover, the community has also been facilitated with hygiene kits per household which includes soap, nail cutter, towel, shampoo, tooth brush and tooth paste, etc.


Enrollment Campaign in TLC Arab Seray:

On 27th May 2019 (Monday), the teachers of OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in Arab Seray community along with the support of field staff of district Mardan (KPK), organized a one day enrollment campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to motivate the parents and community elders to have the out-of-school children enrolled in the TLC.

As a result of OSDI’s counselling 6 out-of-school children were enrolled in school in primary classes. Each child was interviewed and had to pass through an elementary level test prior to admission.

Due to OSDI’s efforts more and more parents are being eager to educate their children for a better tomorrow!


First Financial Literacy Training held in Lasbela:

To facilitate the educated and unemployed youth of district Lasbela (Baluchistan); OSDI has initiated its Small Rural Enterprise Project (SREP) during the month of May. As of now, 6 beneficiaries have been selected to initiate their small businesses.

To train and educate these beneficiaries on the basic principles of accounting, a one day training session was held at OSDI’s field office in district Lasbela on 30th May 2019 (Thursday). Mr. Rashid Butt (Team Leader – Lasbela) and Mr. Sheeraz Ahmed (Social Mobilizer – Lasbela) taught the beneficiaries about basic details on financial management and handling, recording of day-to-day finances and keeping a check on profit and loss.

All 3 male beneficiaries have chosen to open grocery shops in their respective vicinity, whereas; the 3 females have shown an interest to open embroidery and tailoring shops in their homes.


Second Farmers Training held for ADP beneficiaries:

Moving a step forward from the initial training delivered to the Agriculture Development Project (ADP) beneficiaries in the previous month; OSDI organized an advance level training on 15th May 2019 (Wednesday) in Sayarani Goth, district Lasbela (Baluchistan).

Mr. Abdul Samad – Lecturer in Entomology Dept. at University of Lasbela delivered the training session. He carries a hands on experience in organic cotton.

Altogether, 16 participants attended the learning session. Farmers were briefed about the advance farming methods involved in yielding of cotton crop. After the session, queries pertaining to the technicalities involved in increasing crop production and safety procedures were also answered. Mr. Samad also visited the fields to check upon the crop health and guide the farmers in case of need.


Youth supported in Sudham Cricket Tournament:

Cricket is a game which captures the heart of not only youth but people from all walks and ages of life. Engaging the youth through this sport to realize the importance of a healthy life, this year OSDI supported the cricket match held on Friday, 31st May 2019. Since, this day is regarded as World No Tobacco Day, OSDI’s Head of District Mardan – Mr. Sajjad Said briefed the audience on the side effects of Naswar (Tobacco) and Cigarette smoking on health. He also shared introductory details about OSDI and benefits of technical and vocational training.

Every year, 70 teams from Tehsil Rustam participate in this annual tournament; in which more than 2500 people are spectators per match. The series of matches continues till eid until the final winning team has been announced.

On behalf of OSDI, Mr. Said distributed trophies and cash prices amongst the winning teams along with promotional caps and certificates as a token of appreciation.


OSDI and NCHD Join Hands for Poverty Alleviation:

On 28th May 2019 (Tuesday), Mr. Aasim A. Siddiqui – Founder Trustee of Organization for Social Development Initiatives (OSDI) signed an agreement with Col. (Rtd.) Dr. Amirullah Khan Marwat – Chairman, National Commission for Human Development (NCHD); becoming their first local partner to work towards poverty alleviation in the country. The event was witnessed by Mr. Sheheryar N. Khan – Manager Programs and Mr. Babar Junaid – Senior Associate Manager (LAP) from OSDI and Mr. Shafqat Ali Janjua – Director Education, Mr. Habibullah Khan – Deputy Director, Syed Rizwan Ali Shah – Assistant Director (Education) and Khawaja Ahmed Hussain - Assistant Director (Education) from NCHD.

Both the organizations have mutually agreed to collaborate on improving the lives of the vulnerable people through engaging in education, health-care and livelihood programs in the focused communities of district Mardan (KPK), Thatta (Sindh) and Lasbela (Baluchistan).

OSDI shall construct and renovate Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) and Feeder Schools; along with donation of necessary school equipment to facilitate the students. NCHD on the other hand shall, appoint and train teachers in all the educational facilities intervened by OSDI. Moreover, both the organizations shall support each other in School Based De-Worming program (SBDW), Ear, Nose and Throat (E.N.T.) tests, setting up Free General Medical Camps (GMCs) in the focused communities and provide vocational trainings to empower the youth. Besides this, NCHD shall also facilitate in training of farmers in Livelihood Assistance Program (LAP) of OSDI.


Free GMC held in Village Council Biroch:

In district Mardan (KPK), lies village council of Biroch within the union council of Bazaar. This village is deprived of any basic health-care facility. On 11th May 2019 (Saturday), OSDI organized a one day free General Medical Camp (GMC) in this area along with the support of the local community members and district health department in the Community Hujra. A total number of 216 patients were facilitated with free consultation and treatment during this GMC by OSDI’s appointed doctors and paramedical staff. Free medicines were also provided to the ailing people upon primary diagnoses. One severely ill patient was referred to Mardan Medical Complex for further treatment. OSDI’s district team informed the local communities of Lower Baizad Banda, Upper Baizad Banda, Boday Qabar, Parrang Dara, Sher Abad, Shany Zangal and Biroch through loud speakers of mosque regarding the one day free GMC, a day prior to the activity.


DHO Lasbela visits OSDI’s supported schools:

On 11th May 2019 (Saturday), the Honorable District Health Officer (DHO) of Lasbela (Baluchistan) – Dr. Ahmed Baloch along with a representative from People’s Primary Health-care Initiatives (PPHI) visited OSDI supported schools to conduct a health & hygiene awareness and eye care session. The activity was carried out in Government Boys High School in Wayaro and OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of Chib Sheikh.

Being a qualified eye specialist Dr. Ahmed, closely checked the eyes of students and briefed the students about the importance of health & hygiene. Moreover, the students were also informed about necessary steps to safeguard their health & vision.

Iron supplement syrups were also distributed amongst the students by the district health department; as a remedy to treat the low blood levels of iron in the body. Iron is a necessary mineral which the body needs to produce more red blood cells in order to stay healthy. OSDI also donated 2 jerry cans in the TLC of Chib Sheikh to facilitate the students with safe drinking water.


DAP fertilizer given to ADP beneficiaries:

First phase of Agriculture Development Project (ADP) has begun in the focused communities of Siyarani Goth and Miru Suleiman Goth, district Lasbela (Baluchistan). Altogether the 20 selected beneficiaries have been nominated to grow cotton crop during this phase. Almost all the beneficiaries shall cultivate 3acres of farmland on an average.

In the previous month, OSDI distributed tillage amount in cash along with seeds to all the farmers. From 29th April – 3rd May 2019, OSDI facilitated the farmers with DAP bags. 3 bags per beneficiary were given. Diammonium phosphate (DAP) is the world's most widely used phosphorus fertilizer. It's made from two common constituents in the fertilizer industry, and its relatively high nutrient content and excellent physical properties make it a popular choice in farming and other industries. It is an excellent source of phosphorus and nitrogen for plant nutrition; as it helps plants grow quickly and improves the leaf quality along with increasing the production of seed and fruit size.

The farmers were grateful to OSDI for its support and assured they would work hard on their farmlands to avail positive results.


Jerry Cans Distributed in Feeder Schools:

OSDI constructed 2 Temporary Learning Centers in the vulnerable communities of Faqeera Goth and Hashim Goth as per the agreement with NCHD. Both the TLCs had been built and handed over in the month of April 2019. Later on, necessary school equipment was also given to both these schools by OSDI. Equipment donated included teacher’s table, chair, floor mats, white boards and water coolers.

On 9th May 2019 (Thursday), OSDI’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt along with our partner Mr. Zahid Baloch – Deputy Director from NCHD visited the 2 classrooms based Girls Feeder School in Faqeera Goth and 1 classroom based Boys Feeder School on Hashim Goth. There are more than 60 students currently enrolled in the girl’s school and 35 students acquiring education in the boy’s school.

OSDI donated 2 jerry cans in the girl’s school and delivered 2 sessions on health & hygiene in this school training almost 50 students present on that day. Since most of the students had left for home due to late arrival of our team in the boy’s school so only 12 students were present in the health & hygiene session awareness class. 1 jerry can was donated in this school.

NCHD has appointed 2 full-time teachers in the girl’s school and 1 male teacher in the boy’s school; besides managing the administrative and academic operations of both these schools.


OSDI Participates in DEG meeting:

On 8th May 2019 (Wednesday), OSDI’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt attended the follow-up meeting organized by the District Education Department, Government of Baluchistan. The meeting was chaired by the Honorable Deputy Commissioner (Lasbela) - Mr. Shabir Ahmed Mengal.

This purpose of this meeting was to be aware about the ongoing developments in the education field. District Lasbela has been under the limelight by the Government of Baluchistan to improve its educational standards and focus on 100% enrollment of all out-of-school children to increase the literacy ratio. Moreover, aggressive efforts are being made at both the district and private level to increase the female literacy in the region. During the meeting issues pertaining to government schools, teachers and students absenteeism were also discussed.

Representatives from WANG, NCHD, NRSP and OSDI along with Education Support Programme officials attended this meeting.


Second Free GMC organized in Sayarani Goth:

In the Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of Sayarani Goth, district Lasbela (Baluchistan) OSDI organized a one day free General Medical Camp on 4th May 2019 (Saturday). It was the second free GMC in this community. Representatives from NRSP were also present during this medical camp to facilitate the patients against Malaria disease.

Altogether, 381 ailing people were facilitated with free medical check-up and consultation by OSDI’s appointed doctors and trained paramedical staff. Patients diagnosed with health issues were provided with free medicines by OSDI. One severely ill patient was referred to the DHQ in Utthal for further treatment.

NRSP’s representative conducted Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) on 25 people amongst which 2 people were identified as Malaria positive. Appropriate medication was given to the patients as per requirement.


OSDI participates in Malaria Awareness Workshop:

In district Lasbela (Baluchistan), OSDI has collaborated with National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) to mutually work towards eradication and controlling of Malaria disease. To serve the purpose both the organizations have joined hands to conduct extensive awareness raising workshops and trainings within the district. The primary target for awareness being the students and community females.

On 3rd May 2019 (Friday), OSDI’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt attended the Malaria Awareness workshop organized by Malaria/Vector Borne Diseases Control Program, Health Department - Lasbela and supported by NRSP in Lasbela. Doctors, Lady Health Workers (LHWs), Health care providers and representatives of NGO were also invited to attend this workshop.

Mr. Ijaz Paracha – Director Malaria Unit (Baluchistan) for Malaria/Vector Borne Diseases Control Program and Mr. Ali Ahmad - District Health Officer (Lasbela) delivered awareness sessions on Malaria, Dengue and other vector borne diseases.


BBCM conducted in Pini Ladhoo:

On 29th April 2019 (Monday), OSDI conducted a Broad Based Community Meeting (BBCM) in the focused community of Pini Ladhoo in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The purpose of this meeting was to create a School Management Committee (SMC) and identify land for the construction of a Temporary Learning Center (TLC).

The community elders nominated SMC members based on their repute and credibility within the village. Land identification for the construction of a TLC was also done during this meeting.

More than 25 students have been enrolled in the temporary school area that has been provided by the community members to begin classes as of now. NCHD has also appointed a male teacher here. OSDI has facilitated the students with course books to avoid any further delay in the learning process.


H&H session conducted in Chamasara:

In the revenue village of Chamasara, U.C. Kehnwari, district Lasbela (Baluchistan), OSDI conducted a health & hygiene awareness session on 26th April 2019 (Friday). The session was held at the community hall which has been provided to OSDI on temporary basis by the villagers to be used as a school facility until the construction of formal Temporary Learning Center (TLC) takes place.

More than 35 students have been enrolled in this school by OSDI so far. 6 elderly members of the community along with the students enrolled attended this awareness raising session on H&H.

OSDI distributed life saver jerry cans to the community members after completion of the activity.


World Malaria Day celebrated in GGMS Khaskeli:

OSDI has collaborated with National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) in district Lasbela (Baluchistan) to create awareness against “Malaria”. It is a life-threatening mosquito borne blood disease which is mainly caused due to filthy or contaminated water. Its symptoms include shivering, body pain, high fever, vomiting and severe headache.

On 25th April 2019 (Saturday), OSDI and NRSP organized a joint awareness session against Malaria disease in Government Girls Middle School located in Khaskeli Jamat Khana. The school lies at a distance of 1km, almost 10 mins drive from OSDI’s district Lasbela office.

Nearly, 250 female students attended this training session. Ms. Nasreen – Social Mobilizer at NRSP delivered the session on Malaria Prevention and Awareness.


Second Phase of SBDW activity in GBHS Wayaro:

Government Boys High School in Union Council Wayaro, district Lasbela (Baluchistan) was in a devastated situation upon OSDI’s initial intervention in this region. The school was reconstructed and refurbished by OSDI in 2017 on the request of the district government.

GBHS Wayaro has been termed as the best school in the entire district by senior government officials on multiple occassions. The enrollment ratio has increased from 376 to 446 students. Since inception, OSDI has held several awareness raising activities in this school to not only boost the morale of the students but also to educate them about the importance of health & hygiene.

On 27th April 2019 (Saturday), the second phase of School Based De-Worming activity was conducted in this school in which 396 students were present out of 446 students. The activity was carried out under the supervision of Mr. Hassam – OSDI’s Health Assistant and a female Social Mobilizer. Each student was facilitated with a dose of de-worming medicine and a 250ml milk pack. OSDI’s appointed Social Mobilizer educated the students about safe health & hygiene practices.

De-Worming medicine for the absent students had been handed over to the school headmaster. DEO (Lasbela) – Mr. Hashmi graced the occasion with his valuable presence on this day.


Senior Management of OSDI meets NCHD team:

On 15th April 2019 (Monday), senior management of OSDI – Mr. Sheheryar N. Khan (Manager Programs) and Mr. Babar Junaid (Senior Associate Manager – LAP) met the senior management of National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) in Islamabad. Chairman NCHD - Col. (R). Dr. Amirullah Marwat accompanied by Director of Education - Dr. Shafqat Ali Janjua, Deputy Director - Mr. Habibullah Khan and Personal Secretary to Chairman – Mr. Naveed Iqbal attended the meeting.

During the meeting, matters pertaining to mutual interest between both the organizations were discussed. The gathering explored opportunities for further expansion of projects in focused communities.

The key objective of both the organizations remains the same; as to uplift the rural communities; through provision of improved health-care and education along with creating opportunities for capacity building for human development. Partnership details shall soon be shared upon finalization by both the parties.


Earth Day celebrated in TLC Chib Sheikh:

Students of OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in Chib Sheikh community, district Lasbela (Baluchistan) celebrated the International Earth Day in their school. The activity took place on 22nd April 2019 (Monday). It was for the first time such an interactive activity had been held in this school.

Mr. Rashid Butt (Team Leader – Lasbela) and a female representative of NCHD discussed about the importance of mother earth with the students. As it was hot outside, so an indoor activity was planned for the students; in which, the children drew images of mother earth and nature’s blessings in their rough notebooks and colored it.

Representatives of the OSDI’s School Management Committee (SMC) were also present during the occasion.


Government provides Course Books for TLC Arab Seray:

On 19th April 2019 (Friday), OSDI’s Field Assistant – Mr. Ibrar Ali received course books from the Head Teacher of Government Primary School in Sajawal Banda Goth. This small village is located at a distance of 4kms from Arab Seray community in the mountainous region of district Mardan (KPK) in Union Council of Bazaar.

Mr. Mehboob Ali – Head Teacher of GPS in Sajawal Banda Goth acknowledged the continuous efforts of OSDI in playing a positive role in highlighting the cause of education in the poverty struck community of Arab Seray. The course books consist of English, Urdu, Pashto, Maths, Islamic Studies and General Science subjects.

All 70 students of OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in Arab Seray community shall be facilitated with these course books.


OSDI and NRSP join hands for Anti-Malaria Program in Lasbela:

OSDI organized a one day Free General Medical Camp (GMC) at Chamasara Behri stop, U.C. Kahenwari, Tehsil Utthal, Lasbela district (Baluchistan) on Wednesday, 17th April 2019. The GMC was held in collaboration with the District Health Department.

Nearly, 387 patients were treated and consulted for free during the medical camp. OSDI appointed 2 male and 1 female doctor to facilitate the ailing people.

NRSP joint hands with OSDI in the month of February 2019, to mutually make efforts towards eradication of Malaria in district Lasbela. Under Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria project (GFATM), NRSP set-up an anti-malaria drive by conducting Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) during the GMC. Patients traveled from upto 10 kms on average to visit the GMC on foot and motorbikes.

100 females and 60 males were educated on the importance of health & hygiene on this day.


First Phase of ADP in district Lasbela:

In district Lasbela (Baluchistan), OSDI has initiated the first phase of Agriculture Development Project (ADP) in Sayarani and Miru Suleiman Goth. During this phase, 20 beneficiary households have been selected to grow cotton seeds.

In the previous month, an agro training had been conducted by OSDI to educate these beneficiaries about the technicalities involved in crop production. Between, 10th – 14th April 2019 (Wednesday – Sunday) the farmers were facilitated with cotton seeds and tillage amount PKR 5,400 in cash for land preparation.

Each beneficiary has been assisted to harvest 3 acres of land. Urea and DAP shall be distributed in near future.


Health check of LDP animals:

On 13th April 2019 (Saturday), OSDI’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt accompanied by Dr. Kareem, a senior veterinary expert visited the focused communities of Mangyani and Sayarani Goth to check upon the health of animals distributed under Livestock Development Project – Phase 2 in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). During this phase, 20 beneficiary households have been facilitated with 40 pregnant does and 8 bucks.

OSDI’s appointed vet not only checked the health of animals distributed by OSDI; but, also examined the health of other animals owned by the community members. Details related to animal weight and size were also recorded.

It was reported that due to the change in weather, 5 animals were currently suffering from cough and 2 animals had suffered from diarrhea few days back. In order to protect the health of all the animals’ vaccination was provided.


Construction of TLC’s in Faqeera and Hashim Goth:

OSDI has constructed one classroom based Temporary Learning Centers in the rural communities of Faqeera Goth and Hashim Goth in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). Both the TLCs have been built as a part of mutual collaboration between OSDI and NCHD to promote the cause of education in this region.

Construction of both these TLCs was completed on 7th April 2019 (Sunday). Currently, the strength of students in Girls Feeder School of Faqeera Goth in revenue village of Retalara is 60. Students in Boys Feeder School of Hashim Goth in revenue village of Watori is 30.

NCHD has facilitated both these schools with male teachers. It is expected that the number of enrollments in both these schools shall rise in the upcoming days.


OSDI’s Teachers Attend an Elementary Level Training:

From 1st – 13th April 2019, 3 male teachers of OSDI’s built Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) in Chib Sheikh and Sayarani Goth attended the training session organized by Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in collaboration with Provincial Institute for Teacher Education (PITE), UNICEF and European Union. It was an elementary level training in which teachers were taught about various pedagogy tools to enhance learning; and making it a two way knowledge-sharing process.

AC class concept, Disaster Risk Management and Multi-grade teaching were the main course of this training. The teachers were also taught on assessment types, methods of interactive learning, school safety plan, school development plan and ensuring physical and mental health of the student.

Master trainers Mr. Sheraz Khan and Mr. Muhammad Asif conducted this 12 day course in Government College of Elementary Education in Utthal. Certificates were distributed amongst all the participants after completion of this course.


Bore Drilling in Chamasara Goth:

For the provision of safe drinking water in the revenue village of Chamasara in U.C. Kehnwari in district Lasbela (Baluchistan), OSDI has initiated to do bore. The drilling work began on 6th April 2019 (Saturday) and is still under process.

30 vulnerable households located in 3-4 scattered settlements of this community; shall now be able to avail fresh and clean water after completion of this project. Previously, the villager’s availed water from a natural spring located at an average distance of 5 kms. The water was fetched on donkeys by female members of the family. Due to the long travelling distance; fetching water was a tough job. Females had to make atleast 2-3 rounds per day to fetch water in order to meet the daily water requirements of their families.

After completion of the drilling work, installation of Solar Water Panels and a water storage tank shall be placed by OSDI.


OSDI Donates Equipment to NCHD schools:

As per the MoU signed between the senior management of OSDI and NCHD, last year to support each other for the cause of education in district Lasbela (Baluchistan); on 8th April 2019 (Monday) OSDI donated school equipment to 4 schools of NCHD. These equipment’s were handed over to NCHD’s representative Mr. Mehboob Shah Rashidi by Mr. Sheeraz - Social Mobilizer at OSDI’s Lasbela office.

5 Teacher tables, 5 Teacher chairs, 20 Floor Mats, 4 White boards with stand and 4 Water coolers were donated for NCHD’s built Girls Feeder School at Faqeera Goth in U.C. Wayaro, Girls Feeder School in Sain Goth at Gaddani, Girls Feeder School in Muhammad Channa at U.C. Kehnwari and Boys Feeder School in Watori at U.C. Wayaro.

Together, NCHD and OSDI shall support more schools in the upcoming days for the promotion of education in district Lasbela (Baluchistan).


Construction of TLC in Sayarani Goth:

In the distant village of Sayarani Goth, OSDI has recently constructed a two classrooms based Temporary Learning Center (TLC) along with a washroom facility. There are 6 small settlements within this vicinity with nearly, 150 out-of-school children. The construction work has completed on 3rd April 2019 (Wednesday).

As there is no school available within the radius of 4 kilometers; OSDI selected this area to construct an educational facility. The enrollment ratio is expected to be more than 70-80 students in the initial phase; of this TLC’s functioning.

Currently, NCHD has appointed a full-time male teacher for this school. An active social mobilization activity shall soon be initiated in this revenue village for the enrollment of all the out-of-school children after which a formal inauguration ceremony shall also be conducted. In the near future, OSDI shall facilitate the students with course books, stationary items and sports accessories.


International Sports Day Celebrated in District Lasbela:

On 6th April 2019 (Saturday), OSDI in collaboration with NCHD organized the International Sports & Peace Day in Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of Chib Sheikh. It’s for the first time such a fun-filled and thrilling day was celebrated in this vicinity.

Students of TLC in Chib Sheikh enjoyed every moment of the event with cheerful faces. OSDI’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt arranged for various outdoor games such as Lemon on Spoon, Sack Race, Skipping Rope Race, Three Leg Race and Relay Race. A skit was also played highlighting the importance of Hand-Wash by the school children.

OSDI distributed goody bags amongst all the students present on this activity day. Mr. Butt gave promotional caps with OSDI’s logo to all the participants and team players. Exclusive gift items were also given to the winners. .


OSDI Supports All Pakistan Volleyball Tournament:

Celebrating the International Sports & World Peace Day on 6th April 2019 (Saturday), OSDI supported a volleyball match in district Mardan (KPK). This match was held in continuation with All Pakistan Volleyball Tournament series that is currently being held amongst 23 teams. This tournament is held every year to engage the youth in sports.

2 teams consisting of 6 players (each) participated in the one day series that was supported by OSDI. The event was organized by Selaab Volleyball Club in Volleyball Ground of Rustam. OSDI’s Head of District Mardan – Mr. Sajjad Said distributed trophies amongst the winning and runner-up team. All the players were given special gift hampers consisting of T-shirts, caps, OSDI’s annual report and yearly wall calendar. The winning team members were awarded with medals and certificates.

Acknowledging the hard work of the management in training and engaging the players in physical sports, Mr. Said gave a cash prize of PKR 5,000 to the officials.


First Agro Training Takes Place in District Lasbela:

Prior to initiating the Agro project of OSDI, an Agriculture Management Committee (AMC) was formed last week in Sayarani Goth. Representatives of this AMC were democratically nominated by the community members themselves.

On 30th March 2019 (Saturday), OSDI organized a formal training of all the selected Agriculture Development Project (ADP) beneficiaries, to become familiar with the technicalities involved in land preparation and crop sowing. Having 2 years of experience in Organic cotton Mr. Adeel Samad – Lecturer (Entomology Dept.) and Mr. Qaiser Habib – Lecturer (Horticulture Dept.) at University of Lasbela were invited as trainers by OSDI. Since it’s the first phase of this project in Lasbela district, OSDI has selected 20 beneficiaries to participate.

Cotton would be the grown in this phase.


BBCM held in District Mardan:

Under the supervision of Mr. Sajjad Said, OSDI’s district Mardan (KPK) team held Broad Based Community Meetings (BBCMs) with the villagers of Boday Qabar, Prang Dara and Baizad Banda. These meetings were held for three consecutive days from 27th – 29th March 2019.

It was ensured that atleast one representative from every household of these selected communities was present during the BBCM. Matters pertaining to enrollment of all out-of-school children, construction of Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs), eradication of water poverty issues, initiation of Small Rural Enterprise Project (SREP) and Livestock distribution were discussed in these sessions.

OSDI has guided the community members to form various project management committees which shall ensure smooth functioning of their respective projects. The management committees were also asked to collect Community Development Funds (CDF) from the villagers to increase and promote the sense of responsibility and ownership amongst the community members.

The villagers appreciated the efforts of OSDI in helping them improve their lives.


Enrollment Awareness Walk in GBHS Wayaro:

The government officials in district Lasbela (Baluchistan) are very keen to improve the literacy rate of the district; by having all the out-of-school children enrolled in schools. An education emergency has been declared in this locality. District education department has aggressively engaged all concerned authorities to play their role significantly in ensuring 100% enrollments for primary classes.

In lieu of this an enrollment awareness walk was held on 29th March 2019 (Friday) at Government Boys High School in Wayaro. The event was graced by the newly appointed District Education Officer (DEO) Lasbela – Mr. Ameer Bux.

Other dignitaries including DO – Mr. Haji Naveed, DDO (Uthhal) - Mr. Ghulam Rasool, Chairman Parents Teachers School Management Committee (PTSMC) - Mr. Wadeera Kareem and representatives of NCHD, WANG and UNICEF-ESP were also present during the enrollment awareness campaign.

On behalf of OSDI, Mr. Rashid Butt attended the event.


First AMC Formed in District Lasbela:

The first phase of OSDI’s signature Agriculture Development Project (ADP) is soon expected to commence in the newly selected focused community of District Lasbela (Baluchistan). In Sayarani Goth an Agro Management Committee (AMC) has been formed on 28th March 2019, (Thursday). OSDI’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt formally visited the village and discussed about the positive waves of change that would be created after initiation of this project. He motivated the participants to whole-heartedly share their learnings with other people as well; to create a multiplier effect. Altogether, 16 members of the community attended the event.


LDP Beneficiaries Trained in district Lasbela:

On 28th March 2019 (Thursday), beneficiaries of Mangyani and Sayarani Goth were trained by OSDI’s appointed veterinary expert – Dr. Kareem. The purpose of this training was to educate the beneficiaries supported under the Livestock Development Project (LDP) regarding best practices for goat management.

During this session, Dr. Kareem guided the learners about basic tips and techniques that if taken care of could help in maintaining a healthy livestock. Farmers were also informed about various type of diseases and how they could result in ill-health of the animal if ignored.

26 participants attended this informative session.


Joint Monitoring Visit by NCHD and OSDI in TLC Chib Sheikh:

On 25th March 2019 (Monday), a joint team led by senior officials of OSDI and NCHD paid a visit to the OSDI’s Built Temporary Leanirng Center (TLC) in Chib Sheikh community in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). The purpose of this visit was to monitor the overall functioning of the TLC.

From NCHD, Mr. Zahid Baloch (DD), Mr. Rafique (DPM), Mr. Najeeb (Coordinator Adult Literacy) and Ms. Khairunnisa (Field Coordinator) came and on behalf of OSDI, Ms. Munal (M&E Co-ordinator) and Mr. Rashid (Team Leader – Lasbela) were present. Course books that were received from the DEO’s office were handed over to the TLC teachers on this day.

Moreover, the sports material that was donated by NRSP was also provided to the teachers. Representatives of both NCHD and OSDI seemed satisfied with the TLC’s smooth functioning.


World Water Day & Pakistan Day celebrated in TLC of Arab Seray:

According to the United Nations, globally 2.1 billion people live without having access to safe drinking water. To train and educate the minors regarding the significance of clean water and the necessity to save every droplet that they use; OSDI conducted an awareness raising session in the Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of Arab Seray in district Mardan (KPK). Another important activity that took place on the same day was the celebration of Pakistan Resolution Day. The event took place on 23rd March 2019 (Saturday), to celebrate both the significant days together i.e. World Water Day & Pakistan Day.

OSDI’s Head of District Mardan – Mr. Sajjad Said held a thorough session with the students in which he briefed them about various ways to avoid wastage of water. Students were also informed how their eco system and natural habitat could remain intact if unnecessary wastage of water is taken care of. The students and teachers enjoyed the awareness session and vowed to be careful about water leakages and unnecessary consumption.

Mr. Said also highlighted the countless efforts made by our ancestors to build an Independent state. Students gave speeches and sang patriotic songs together.


Final Year Exams conducted in TLC of Arab Seray:

OSDI constructed a Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in the susceptible rural community of Arab Seray in district Mardan (KPK) to overcome illiteracy issue and provide quality education to the less privileged. Nearly, 47% of the children were out-of-school due to unavailability of any educational facility in this area.

The TLC was officially inaugurated on 23rd January 2018 (Tuesday) after which the percentage of school going children increased from 53% to 88% in this community. For the first time, final year examination has been conducted in this school from 16th – 22nd March 2019.

Successful achievers shall soon be awarded with prizes on the Results Day scheduled in the end of this month.


Enrollment Awareness Raising Walk in Ahora:

The district education department of Lasbela (Baluchistan) is very keen on enlightening the masses about the significance of education in order to improve the literacy rate within this region. For this purpose, several meetings, activities and follow-ups are consecutively made by the concerned district authorities. On 21st March 2019 (Thursday), an enrollment awareness walk was held in the Government Boys Middle School (GBMS) in Ahora. The campaign was well-attended by students, teachers, government officials, representatives of social sector and others. On behalf of OSDI – Mr. Rashid Butt participated in this walk.

Due to OSDI’s active advocacy, funds worth of PKR 200,000 were previously provided in cash to this school for shed and washroom construction. Besides this, the school’s management also had a water line installed to bring clean water from a distance of 2000 ft. after which a small garden was created in the school’s backyard.

As a positive outcome of this enrollment awareness raising walk, 70 new students have recently been enrolled in this school. The current strength of students has now reached to 220.


World Forestry Day celebrated in district Lasbela:

Humans cannot survive without trees. Their survival has always been closely linked to forests. Each year, the International Day of Forests or World Forestry Day is celebrated around the globe to create public awareness on the need, values and contributions of trees and plants in our lives.

On 21st March 2019 (Thursday), OSDI participated in the plantation activity held at the prestigious Baluchistan Residential College (BRC) in district Lasbela. The event was graced by the Honorable Deputy Commissioner of Lasbela – Mr. Shabir Mengal. OSDI’s Team Leader – Mr. Rashid Butt also planted a tree on the occasion. Dignitaries from media, academia and government officials were also present during the ceremony.

More than a 1000 plants have been distributed by OSDI since its intervention in this district under the Natural Resource Management Project (NRM); to turn our focused communities into greener societies.


LDP Phase 2 initiated in Sayarani & Mangyani Goths:

There are 5 little settlements scattered around the community of Sayarani Goth. These settlements comprise of Saleh Goth, Yousuf Goth, Bilal Khaskheli Goth, Umrani Goth, and Sayarani Goth. OSDI selected beneficiaries from 14 households of this community and 6 beneficiaries were chosen from the community of Mangyani Goth to participate in the second phase of Livestock Development Project (LDP) in district Lasbela (Baluchistan).

Both the settlements i.e. Sayarani Goth and Mangyani Goth are located in the revenue village of Retalara, U.C. Wayaro in this district. 12 pregnant does and 2 bucks were distributed to the beneficiaries of Manyani Goth and 28 pregnant does and 6 bucks were given in Sayarani Goth on 14th March 2019 (Thursday).

Prior to distributing the livestock all the 48 animals were de-wormed by OSDI’s appointed veterinary expert. 11 female beneficiaries and 9 males have benefitted from this project.


Sports & Stationary Items Donated by NRSP:

The earnest efforts of OSDI have been acknowledged at every platform in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). On 9th March 2019 (Saturday), Mr. Arshad Iqbal – District Project Manager at National Rural Support Program (NRSP) generously donated sports and stationary items to OSDI.

Sports tools shall be handed over to the management of Temporary Learning Centers (TLC) in revenue village of Chib Sheikh and the stationary items shall be kept for the students of Sayarani Goth. The TLC is scheduled to be built soon in Sayarani community; however, due to the recent floods in the region, a delay in its construction has been witnessed. Extensive efforts shall begin towards student’s enrollment upon completion of the TLC in Sayarani Goth.

Water Management Committee formed in Mardan:

Scarcity of water is a major issue in the rural areas of Pakistan. In response to overcome water poverty in the newly selected focused communities of district Mardan (KPK), a meeting was held under the supervision of Mr. Sajjad Said on 12th March 2019 (Tuesday). Representatives consisting of 5 members in each team were invited from Prrang Dara, Lower Baizad Banda and Boday Qabar villages.

Mr. Sajjad began the meeting by highlighting the water scarcity issues and multiple ways to overcome it. He informed the committees about OSDI’s sustainability creating approaches. Mr. Said, asked the committee members to ensure PKR 100 per month is collected from each household of their village. This amount would be used in the repairing and maintenance of the bore or solar panels. WMC members were also asked to collect 1/5 percent of community’s contribution to meet the bore expense. The committee members nominated their WMC chairman’s themselves to proceed futher with this project.

30 households from Lower Baizad Banda, 25 families from Boday Qabar and 30 beneficiary homes from Parrang Dara would be facilitated with clean water. Currently, the residents of Lower Baizad Banda avail water from a spring nearby, people of Boday Qabar fetch water from a well which is located at a distance of 2kms and families of Parrang Dara either take water from the tube-well of Mr. Khan (located in a garden) else have to visit another village name “Sherabad” which is 2kms away.


Transfer of OSDI’s built TLC to NCHD:

On 22nd November 2018, OSDI signed a MoU with National Commission for Human Development in its Head office, to collectively work towards the betterment of education in the under-privileged rural district of Lasbela (Baluchistan). According to the contract OSDI shall identify localities deprived of education and construct 2 classrooms based Temporary Learning Centers (TLC) in them. Focus shall be primarily made on 100% student enrollment; especially that of girls within the selected communities by OSDI’s field staff.

Secondly, the community youth shall be proactively engaged to attend the Adult Literacy Classes in the evening. Proceeding further with our commitment the TLC built by OSDI within the revenue village of Chib Sheikh has been formally transferred to NCHD on 13th March 2019 (Wednesday). Students who obtained high scores during the final exams were awarded with prizes.

In near future, more TLC’s would be handed over to the authority. Mr. Wahid Shakir – DEO (Lasbela) was also present on the occasion and stated that, “Efforts would be made by him to have this school adopted by the government in the coming days. However, it is based upon approval by the senior management of the government.” Mr. Shakir was mesmerized by meeting the Adult Literacy class students and thoroughly appreciated OSDI’s efforts. These illiterate youth are now able to read newspapers on their own. Representatives of School Management Committee (SMC) and ex-counselor – Mr. Khan were also present during the event.


OSDI arranges Course Books for PCS students:

In the revenue village of Sangal, Union Council Layari, district Lasbela (Baluchistan) is a small school being operated by the management of Hingol National Park (HNP). As previously there was no school available within this community; so nearly all the children were out-of-school.

Currently, there are 35 students enrolled in this educational facility. The management of Primary Community School of Hingol requested the Team Leader of district Lasbela – Mr. Rashid Butt on 8th March 2019 (Friday) to help them arrange course books for these vulnerable students from District Education Officer (DEO) – Lasbela.

Upon Mr. Rashid’s pledge the course books were arranged by Mr. Wahid Shakir (DEO - Lasbela) and handed over to the school’s management.


Livestock health check-up in district Mardan:

On 8th March 2019 (Friday), health of animals distributed under Livestock Development Project (LDP) was checked. OSDI’s Field Assistant – Mr. Ibrar Ali went to all the 19 beneficiary households of LDP for weight monitoring and checking upon the physical condition of calves distributed during the previous year.

Since, one animal had died due to a life-threatening disease previously; hence, OSDI had all the animals vaccinated against Septicemia, a serious blood stream infection to avoid any further animal mortality.

All the animals weighed were in healthy condition and have matured now. They shall soon start bearing kids. One cow is already in the first month of its fertility. Beneficiaries shall soon be trained by veterinary doctor to educate them about various animal diseases and appropriate measures to safeguard them from getting infected.


Plants donated by Hingol National Park:

100 plants were generously donated by Hingol National Park on 8th March 2019 (Friday) to OSDI in district Lasbela (Baluchistan). These plants consisted of Conocarpus, Jamun (Black Plum) and Peepal (Fig Tree) species.

Facilitating the 20 susceptible households of Kareer Goth, OSDI distributed 5 plants per household within this community. The plants have been distributed under the Natural Resource Management (NRM) project of OSDI; which aims to not only to help lower the climatic temperatures but also beautify the area.

Kareer Goth has also been bestowed with a water facility and water storage tank by OSDI, last year.

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