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Organization for Social Development Initiatives (OSDI) aims to improve living conditions for under-privileged communities in the rural areas of Pakistan through sustainable poverty reduction strategies

OSDI has a unique approach to sustainable development in rural villages with a three-pronged policy that works towards enhancing incomes through the Livelihood Assistance Program, reducing expenditures through the Community Development Program and preventing chronic hunger through the Food Security Program.

OSDI has partnered with several international and local partners to conduct high-quality research, design and implement social development initiatives, create awareness and advocate policies that help improve the standard of living for the financially impoverished in these areas.

The ultimate goals of OSDI are asset creation and community ownership of projects in order to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty.

Latest News:

•   OSDI organized a two days GMC during Hinglaj Yatra

•   OSDI officials visit F.C. Public School

•   OSDI conducts a Baseline Survey in Lasbela district, Baluchistan

•   614 ailing patients treated at OSDI’s one day GMC

•   Sindh Education Foundation signed the Memorandum of Understanding